The second weekend in October on the Triathlon Calendar is equivalent to the ‘first weekend in September’ for the AFL. It is massive! The weekend includes the coveted Ironman World Championships in Hawaii – this year in it’s 35th year and the hugely popular Melbourne Marathon – also in it’s 35th year.

Tri Alliance this year had 2 athletes in Kailua, Kona racing the Ironman World Championships and around 65 athletes in Melbourne in the Full/Half and 5/10km events at Melbourne Marathon. And in both events, we had amazing results from athletes of all levels and abilities. A testament to our athletes themselves and the Coaches and team behind them that support each of you.

Coaches Ollie and Sarah have arrived back in Melbourne and have already been seen out training and coaching over the weekend. If you have any specific questions for either Coach we ask if you can please PHONE the office.  We still a number of emails to get through after travelling back last week. Contact the office on 9645 2223 10-4pm. See you at a session or two this week!

The time has arrived for a group of our Short Course athletes to take on some of the best in the world at the Olympic/Sprint Distance World Championships in Auckland this morning.

Tri Alliance has 19 athletes racing, including 3 of our very own from Victoria and 16 from Queensland.
To Geoff Taylor – the amazing, humble, gracious and generous ‘professor’. May a few more seconds be on your side this year to help you step up that rung that was so narrowly missed last year.
To Emma-Lise Donati – one of our amazing Coaches. The enthusiasm and dedication show in your training while sharing your passion for triathlon cannot be mistaken. Own that race tomorrow. May you have no fear, just the desire to get the result you are searching for.
To Michael Grau-Veliz – the quite achiever. Enjoy what is your first World Championships in representing Australia. Not everyone can get to where you have in such a short time. So enjoy what the race has to offer.
* Michael has now completed his race Swim 17:33, Ride 37:18 Run 20:27 on a tough course. Well done Michael!!
So take the support and encouragement of those around you into your races tomorrow, give it everything you have and be proud of what you have already achieved.

“May each of you have the races you have worked so hard for.”
Team Tri Alliance
Stay tuned for results – we will post as soon as we hear!


Tri Alliance Triathlon Coaching Melbourne recently announced the introduction of a newAmbassador Program which aims at providing support to a male and female individual in the squad who shows dedication, enthusiasm, lead by example, support for fellow athletes, and openly support the TA Way. The Ambassador Program is proudly supported by new Tri Alliance Partners Mizuno Running and Rocket Science Sports.

At the Launch of the Tri Alliance Summer Training Program last Night at Elwood Lifesaving Club, Coach Greg Nugent made the announcement to the large group of athletes and partners Mizuno and Rocket Science. With a large number of quality entries, it was a hard decision for our Coaches to choose just one male and one female, but in the end we welcomed Lisa MacFarlane and Andy Wood-Rich as our Inaugural Ambassadors for the 2012/2013 Triathlon Season.
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CONGRATS to our Ironman boys in Mandurah yesterday in racing the Inaugural Mandurah Half Ironman in which they both had great races. Nick had what looks like a flawless race and put together his best race to date with a 4:30.18 9th in age group and secured himself a place in the Half IM World Champs next year in Vegas. And Paul had a solid race also clocking in at 5:01.14 for a PB. Well done boys!


In Yarrawonga, Xavier Flynn took first place in the Inaugural Yarrawonga triathlon Spring Distance Race for his first podium. “Still can’t believe I placed, pretty happy, thanks to my training crew and kick ass coach Ryan who tore up the Olympic distance. Grinning on the inside!, these braces are a killer look! 😉 “

Coach Ryan had a pearler of a race 6th open male against a quality field and clocking his first Sub-2hr Olympic Distance!

Congratulations to all who competed today and well done.



It has been said that this year was the hardest Ironman World Championships in 8 years. Not since 2004 have athletes said the course was as tough as it was on Saturday 13 October 2012. Kona can be deceiving, you can often have cloud cover created by the Volcanoes in the horizon giving you a false sense of security from the heat.  But not even the clouds can shield you from the humidity of the ‘Big Island’ of Hawaii. Click here to continue reading….


Melbourne is an amazing city, you can get all four seasons in one day and you never really know what the day will serve up to you. As Melbournians we love an event, particularly a sporting event and Sunday 14th October was no exception, over 30,000 people, 30,663 to be exact competed in one of the Marathon (7,127), Half Marathon (10,991), 10km run (9,018) or the 5km run (4,427) and what a day Melbourne turned on for the event. You could say that the conditions were perfect, the Sun was shining and there was a very slight breeze that confronted competitors across all the events, very conducive to putting your best foot forward and that’s just what Tri Alliance did.

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As with every major event on the racing calendar, athletes need to ensure they recover from the racing ‘stress’ you put your body through. And the Melbourne Marathon/Half Marathon is no different – even if it was a ‘B’ or ‘C’ Grade race on your racing calendar. So please ensure you listen to your body (and Coaches) on your recovery sessions this week to ensure your body recovers/adapts and grows from the event.

So take as much time as needed to recover with the focus on ‘freshening’ and ‘flushing out’ the legs of the waste/by-product. The best way to do this is to walk, swim, bike and massage.

How do I know if I have recovered?

  • The ‘sore’ feeling has dissipated from your legs (some will be worse 48hours after the event so be aware of this)
  • If your times/paces at sessions are ‘off the pace’ then this is a good indication that you have not recovered fully. If this is the case, back off and use the session as another recovery session.
And remember: 
  • You DO NOT have to follow the program as it stands. The program is there as a guide and can be varied, so seek Coaches advice if needed
  • Every athlete is different on how they recover from a race/event so don’t just follow what someone else is doing. Ask Coaches if you are unsure
  • Eat good clean nutrition (food) to help with the recovery process. This should have started immediately after the event.

It really does come down to the athlete though, so have them to track how they are feeling,

And don’t be worried that you will lose fitness/miss training, you won’t. You will actually  GAIN MORE from the recovery and allowing the body to adapt. If you are still unsure or concerned about your recovery process or any niggles or injuries thatarise  please seek advice from Coaches.


Our first group of Try-the-Tri’s have started their training in preparation for the first race of the Gatorade/Active Feet Series. We have a big group on board, with around 35 participants learning the art of triathlon from our beginner coaches. Coach Bdette is heading up our beginner group with the help of Des, Dazz, Amy, Evalin and Paddy.

Our next Try-the-Tri group starts on 10 November, so if you know of anyone who may be interested, make sure you let us know, the program is already half full. Click here for more information.


We will be commencing our Summer training program in October – which means our famous Combo sessions at Elwood. To ensure you are organised, now’s the time to sort our your Elwood Lifesaving Club Membership. For just $85 you will become an associate member of the Club, allowing you to use their facilities (including change rooms and hot showers!) and for a smaller extra fee you will be able to apply for a foreshore parking permit. Which means you can park for FREE! Every year we have athletes who are caught without tickets and a single parking fine is $80+. So make sure you get yourself sorted.

At our first Combo session we will have a representative from the Club to sign off of parking permits. So be prepared and sign up with the Club early!
Click here to read moreElwood Lifesaving Club Membership Details 2012



**Please note there will be a separate email this week regarding training. Outlining in more detail about what sessions athletes should be attending to gain maximum benefit for their goals and what they are training for. Please keep an eye out for this in the next couple of days. 


Long Course
28 Oct – Port Macquarie Half Ironman, Goodluck Natalie Methven & Nick Sissons!
4 Nov – Murray Man LC, Barmera SA
18 Nov – Shepparton Half Ironman
9 Dec – Ironman Western Australia – Busselton
9 Dec – Taupo NZ Half Ironman
16 Dec – Canberra Half Ironman
20 Jan – Auckland Half Ironman Asia Pacific Championships

Short Course
4 Nov – Noosa Olympic Distance
25 Nov – Gatorade Race 1, St Kilda
16 Dec – Gatorade Race 2, Elwood

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