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This is your home for all your training needs.  Tri-Alliance Triathlon Training has been helping triathletes achieve their goals for almost 2 decades.  Catering to athletes of all ages, ranges and abilities, triathlon coaching is simply in the DNA. So whether you are after a training program, group training sessions, one-on-one coaching consultation, health assessment, the perfect bike fit or body maintenance services,  Tri-Alliance Triathlon Training has it all!


Triathlon Training Camps

Triathlon Training Camps are ideal for those athletes looking to take their training and racing performance to the next level, or for those who need to include a spike in their program, get some real marginal gains and advance themselves as an athlete through true immersion in triathlon training.  Training camps provide athletes with opportunities to live, eat and sleep triathlon in optimal training environments, whilst challenging not only your body but your mind.  The support, inspiration and motivation from coaches and fellow athletes will allow you to reach limits you never thought possible!

Tri Alliance - TriShop

Tri Alliance – TriShop

Tri-Alliance Tri Shop has everything you need for triathlon training and racing.  The shop stocks a large range of apparel, merchandise and triathlon training and racing clothing.  There is a range of swimming gear, equipment, nutrition, services and programs for all levels of athletes.


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