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Race Day Tips and Tricks

Race Tips – Knowing Your Race Day Kit

It’s important to know all of the pieces on your race day kit or pack. Included in your kit is a race belt, timing chip, swimming cap, bike sticker and helmet sticker.

Bike Rules for Triathlon Racing

It’s important to follow the rules and know how to keep everyone safe when on the bike.  Here are our top 10 bikes rules to obey when triathlon triathlon racing.

Transition Set Up with an Olympian 

Ever wondered how the pro’s set up their triathlon transition? Our transition tips & tricks provides you with everything required to have a quick and easy transition.

Triathlon Bike Racking Tips

Racking your bike for a triathlon can be a daunting experience. Our bike racking tips covers all the essentials to ensure you a fantastic race day experience.

Triathlon Transition 1 Tips

Transitioning from the swim to the bike (T1) in a triathlon can be a tricky experience. Our latest video provides you with inside tips and tricks required for T1.

Triathlon Transition 2 Tips

Transitioning between the bike and run leg of a triathlon is called T2. Our latest video production provides you with simple and handy tips for T2.

Beach Starts and Exits for the Swim

Triathlon swims usually start from a line on the beach and end with a run up the sand.  Here we share some tips on the swim start and exit of a triathlon swim.

Warm Up for a Triathlon Race

You need to be ready to race as soon as the guns goes off.  And for that, you need to be warmed up.  Learn how to sufficiently warm up for a triathlon swim with our pre-race tips.

Basic Triathlon Bike Tips

Beginners in triathlon have a lot to think about and if you’re new to the bike, this may be daunting.  Here’s our  basic triathlon bike tips for beginners.

Training Tips and Tricks

Open Water Swimming Tips

We provides 3 tips for open water swimming.  It’s usually one of the most daunting areas of triathlon.  Watch this video to put your mind at ease.

How to Correctly Put on a Wetsuit

Believe it or not, there’s a right way and a wrong way of putting on your wetsuit.  Here we take you through a step by step process of how to put on your swimming wetsuit.

How to Wash Your Wetsuit

Wetsuits can be expensive,  so you want to look after it.  Learn how to wash and dry out your wetsuit correctly with our easy and simple tips.

Flying Mount & Dismount in a Triathlon

Head Coach Ollie Allan takes us through how to flying mount your bike in a triathlon. Remember to practice on grass before advancing to road/concrete surfaces.

Flying Mount & Dismount in a Triathlon 

Part 2 of our Flying Mount and Dismount Series discusses the use of Triathlon shoes.  Head Coach Ollie Allan takes us through the steps involved.

Flying Mount & Dismount in a Triathlon

Part 3 of the series demonstrates the dismount from the bike. The scooting method is also put forward as an alternative to the flying mount.

Cramping Whilst Swimming

We discuss 3 reasons why athletes cramp when swimming. Topics include correct hydration, developing sound flexibility and the importance of muscle conditioning.

Benefits of Using a Swimmers Snorkel

The swimmers snorkel is a fantastic tool to improving your swimming technique, stroke efficiency and increasing your lung capacity.  Take your swimming to a new level.

Triathlon Equipment Basics

How to Change a Bike Tyre

All the tips you need to know including, using a C02 canister or a hand pump, removing the rear wheel, using tyre leviers, looking for the puncture and replacing the tube.

5 Pre-Race Bike Checks

Ever wondered how to get your bike ready? Head Coach Ollie Allan takes us through 5 important bike checks to ensure your bike is safe and ready to race on race day.

Descending and Cornering Skills

Tri Alliance has some red hot tips on bike skills.  This video talks about descending on those tricky corners and descents on the time trial bike.

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