Congratulations to our 18 athletes that competed in Auckland on Monday.  As expected the weather and conditions made for a hard honest day’s racing.  The results for the Tri Alliance athletes were:


Dean Thurgood 7th 20-24 M

Merinda Eckart 20th 25-29 F

Taryn Swan 23rd 30-34 F

Pat Dall 36th 30-34 M

Shannon Dooland 37th 30-34 M

Todd Gibbons 35th 50-54 M

Leigh Grigaluinas DNF due to calf injury 35-39 M


Alissa Williams 17th 25-29 F

Chris Bierton 20th 25-29 M

Tom Hogbin 32nd 25-29 M

Ivan Shimats 68th 25-29 M

Suz McCarthy 31st 30-34 F

Michael Zink 76th 30-34 M

Sam Beh 20th 35-39 F

Yas Grigaluinas 30th 35-39 F

Darren Lockhart 78th 35-39 F

Heidi Sowerby 17th 40-44 F

Jan Avery Spoor 23rd 55-59 F


After Worlds last weekend we continue with Port Macquarie 70.3IM this weekend and a massive 7 weeks of racing.  The Port race is a crucial lead up event for many of our long course athletes preparing for Busso on December 9th. We can follow their progress on Sunday on the www.ironman.com

After Port we’re off to Noosa which is always a massive weekend and again some are using it as a lead up race for Busso. Some of our World Champs team are backing up and for many others it is a chance to again test themselves over the Noosa course again while for some it is their first Noosa and first Olympic Distance race.

The Tuesday after Noosa our next 6 week beginners course starts before we head to race 2 of the Queensland Tri series at Robina on the 18th of November.  From there it is only 3 weeks until our 27 strong representation head to Busso for the IM.

And to finish the year off is race 3 of the Queensland Tri Series and graduating race for the beginners at Raby Bay on December 16th.  Then it’s time for a break and no training over Christmas!


The end of the month is approaching so keep those training photos coming in.  We have had some great shots so far.  The winning photo will receive a $50 voucher from Shoes Feet Gear at Paddington.


With Noosa next weekend this week represents our last hard week of training before the usual easy week leading into a major event such as Noosa. With many of the long course athletes recovering from Port Macquarie 70.3IM also next week will be a very light week.

Even for those athletes not racing Noosa we still need to have a recovery week as part of the overall program.  Post Noosa we’ll go back into a maintenance phase for the short course athletes while the long course will be into the very last stage of their preparation for Busso.


As outlined previously in the last couple of newsletters we have arranged a buffet breakfast on Saturday morning after training and then the after party on Sunday after the race.

Traditionally we have always had breakfast somewhere on the Saturday morning after the easy ride.  However with large numbers it is not possible for anywhere to cater for the group unless we book a venue ahead.

It is the same for the after party that unless we book somewhere we wouldn’t be able to secure a venue that would allow us all to celebrate together.  The full buffet breakfast is at the Noosa surf club is $25 per person and the after party at the Hogs Breath Café is $35 which again is catered for.

For catering purposes we need payments by next Wednesday the 31st of October into the social club account and using your name as a reference.


Due to circumstances outside our control the entry level tri suits won’t be ready in time for Noosa.  We are very disappointed that they won’t be ready but it is beyond our control, but hopefully they’ll be ready very soon after.

The elite range from Rocket Science should at this stage still be ready for Noosa.  Once we have the exact date of delivery we’ll let everyone know.

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