The 1st of August. Not only is this day the ‘horses birthday’ it also marks 3 months until the start of the season for most athletes. 3 months – 12 weeks. Not long when you look at it. We have a large group of athletes who have been consistently training consistently. Not too hard, not above the line, but consistently following the program, advice from Coaches, asking questions, seeking more and it is these athletes who are going to have a great season. Have a look at your training and see if you fall in this category? If you don’t it is not too late to get into your routine, map out the next three months and set yourself for the start of the season. So if you have been doing more thinking than doing, NOW is the time to make the switch. Start your consistent training now – the longer you leave it the harder it will get….

Join us for our Monthly Athlete Dinner – a post run feed only 2ks from the start/finish line at the Tan!! Pizza, Pasta, Steak, Chicken & Fish of the day, what more could you ask for?

We are back at Cafe Rosco this month and this time we can PRE ORDER YOUR MEALS! Thanks to the team at Cafe Rosco who don’t like athletes to go hungry :)

Please ensure you RSVP to this event here so we can cater for numbers. Details on how to pre-order your meal are also included
See you all Thursday Night!

We have rolled out the next month of programs to athletes and it’s a solid month of training ahead. Information went out yesterday on the email, if you missed it make sure you email us as there is some valuable information to ensure you are on track for a solid months training ahead.

This weekend we have 33 athletes and support crew heading down to Apollo Bay for our second camp for the season – our Long Course Training Camp. Our athletes are in for a big weekend of training, with athletes clocking up to 300+ on the bike and up to 50km of running. Thanks toShotz Sports Nutrition and GIANT Bicycles for supporting this annual camp. Now let’s just to hope for not too much rain!

Sydney City To Surf – 12 Aug
We have a few athletes heading up to Sydney next weekend for the Sydney City to Surf. For those who have done this race it is a great event to be a part of with literally thousands of runners winding through Syndey streets including the famous ‘Heart Break Hill’. Good luck to Evalin Ling and Paul Rafferty who are heading up there next weekend.

Yeppoon Half Ironman – 19 Aug
Located in Queensland, the Yeppoon Half Ironman can be a great lead-in race for anyone racing Ironman early in the season or simply just to escape the Melbourne Weather during winter! Goodluck to Marina Jurjevic, Nick Sissons, Paul O’Dowd who are racing as preparation into later Ironman races.

Sandy Point Half Marathon – 19 Aug
The Sandy Point Half is a good practice race for those doing Melbourne Marathon, and times better than Run Melbourne as it’s a little later in the season. It’s also a great chance to get out and have a nice run along the beach – as long as it’s not windy that is! ;)
Good luck to Brianna Scarlett, Mark Skilton, Sarah Grove and Chris Ormston for are all running.
(If you are racing in these events or any others coming up in the next month, email [email protected] to let us know!)

Our third time trials for the season kick off next week beginning Monday 6 August. Time Trials are an important part of our training structure as they allow you (and us!) to monitor your progress over the winter to ensure you continue to develop and improve. It is important for you to attend each 6 week time trial during the year – without these measures, it is hard to know how your training is progressing.
to read our Time Trial information and know which sessions you should  attend next week
 (beginning Monday 6 August).

We have all types of athletes in our squad, some who are vying for podiums, others searching for PB’s, many looking at being the best they can be and then there are those who have something to prove. Not to others, but to themselves. That what they set out to achieve they achieve, that when the going gets tough they will push through and it is these athletes that we can all learn and draw inspiration from. They don’t have to be the fittest or fastest athletes, but they can be the most determined and dedicated.  So next time you are training with your fellow atletes don’t just see them as someone ‘faster or slower than you’, ask yourself, I wonder what motivates them? I wonder what their background is? What challenges do they face everyday? As you may just be surprised on what choices people make to reach their goals. We have athletes that….

  • Get up at 4am to be at swimming in time because they live 50+min away
  • Have family, work 50+ hours a week and still make training 99% of the time
  • Have arthritis, cerabral palsy, returning from sruvery, or
  • Are studying VCE, Uni Exams,
  • Run their own business, CEO for major companies,
  • Are ‘surrogant’ mums, expectant mums or even a new mum!
  • Are new to the sport, new to fitness and are intimiated by other ‘fit’ athletes…

But dedicted driven athletes don’t use these as excuses, they use these challenges as a source of motivation. They choose which direction they want to take – sometimes it’s the hard way, but that’s what makes it more satisfying….. They choose to turn up to training, choose to remain consistent because they choose to reach THEIR goal – whatever that goal may be. So if you are feeling the pressure at home, work or training or the motivation has gone missing, why not chat to others, you may just discover that in fact you are not alone….

Our training timetable for the coming month has been updated. So ensure you check out session details over the next four weeks as some times and locations have changed slightly. And if you haven’t figured it out yet – the timetable is interactive – so click on the individual sessions for more details. We are still working on developing a windtrainer and/or additional run at the North/West area so stay tuned for this also.
Changes to the timetable starting next week include:

  • Tuesday 6.00pm windtrainer start for long course athletes
  • Wednesday 5.45am swim start at MSAC
  • Thursday 6.00pm run start for long course athletes
    *If you are not able to make the start times for any of these sessions, do not stress. Arrive when you can, ensure you complete an easy warm-up and then join in the main set.

Our next Team Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 August 6pm. Location TBC.
Lock this date in your diaries and we have a plenty of info to share with you prior to heading into the final few months before race season.

Planning is already starting for our Pre Season Camp scheduled for the weekend of 21-23 September. We are just finalising details including location and costing but it will be similar to last year – around $250 for 2 nights, training and accommodation. This is our second biggest camp for the year and is perfect timing leading into the start of the triathlon season. Expressions of interest to be sent to [email protected] with the email subject line ‘Pre Season Camp’.

The much anticipated dates for the Gatorade & Active Feet Tri Series were launched last week. This year it is a 6 race series, and SuperSprint have also announced that the Falls Creek Long Course will only be held every 2 years – so a break this year before it comes back in 2014. SuperSprint have some great initiatives being launched this year and we can’t wait to be a part of their events again. Tri Alliance athletes will also be lucky enough to receive exclusive discounts into supported races including the Gatorade Series, so stay tuned for details. CLICK HERE to view the event calendar and start locking dates into your racing calendar!

One for the ladies!! Tri Alliance will again be supporting this fantastic event and we’d love to see as many of our female athletes eneter this race for some fun! With 5 and 10km run distances available, and we’ll have a ‘girls only’catch up after the event, so keep an eye out for this one! (Boys if your lucky you might be invited).
6 female Tri Alliance athletes will also be ‘pace runners’ for the event – so keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks as we give you a sneak peak who might be doning the bright Brooks gear and runners to help you around the course.
So check out the event here and put it in your diary!

We have a number of athletes who have already locked themselves in for this years genovese Kinglake Ride on SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER. As partners of the event, Tri Alliance has again been able to secure a great discount for all Tri Alliance Athletes – 10% off either the 70km or 115km events. So if you are keen to enter, simply email [email protected] and we will provide you with a unique code to enter.

We are introducing a new initiative – New Athlete Inductions for our new athletes to attend each month, with our first one being held on Sunday 19 August. These inductions will help ensure our athletes settle into the squad, know and understand their training programs, how our training and phases work and answer any questions you may have as a new athlete. We believe this will be a great addition to athletes starting their training with us during the season. If you commenced with Tri Alliance in the last 6 weeks keep an eye out on communications to you on this. And if you started earlier than 6 weeks ago but feel you would benefit from this induction please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Athlete Induction’ so we can put you on the list.

With the new financial year, comes the new Triathlon Membership year. Your 2011/2012 Triathlon Victoria membershipas are now no longer valid and you will need to renew for the 2012/2013 Season. By being a member of a Triathlon Squad/Club your membership fees have actually DECREASED this year – only $120. Simply nominate Tri Alliance as your squad when renewing. CLICK HERE for more information and to renew your membership today!

We have a number of our Coaches in Apollo Bay on the weekend for our Long Course Camp, so there is limited coached sessions. Athletes are recommended to follow their ride and run distances in their programs.

Advanced/Top Intermediate:
7:00am Meet at Studley Park Boat House, 1 Studley Park Road Kew
Head to Kinglake via Eltham. (Non-coached)
Low Intermediate & Beginners:
7:00am Meet at Studley Park Boat House, 1 Studley Park Road Kew.
Coach Darren will take you through a session including improving your hill riding skills. Session will start at 7:15am with skills in the carpark and then commence riding at 7.30am.
If you want to improve your hill riding and skills don’t miss this one!

No coached runs in Melbourne, follow your own programs for distances.

Safe Riding!
Team Tri Alliance

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