ironman cairns champs carouselimage 1600x980 newGood luck this coming weekend for all our Cairns Ironman and 70.3 athletes. With most taking it easier and working technique these guys have been putting in long hard hours which will culminate on Sunday morning in North Queensland. Racing IM we have Brett, Michelle B, Gary, James, Jane and in the Half Ian, Dan, Michelle G, Andrew and Ryan. Have great races all – track their progress at this link on race day.


It has been brought to our attention that some people have been using the Tri-Alliance name to gain access to MSAC swimming pools hours before any of our timetabled sessions or on days when we don’t have a booking. Please note that if you are swimming in one of our squad sessions you will only be allowed into the pool area a short time before the session is due to start otherwise you will be asked to pay for a casual swim as it is obvious you are not swimming in the members session. We hire lanes for our members to swim specific times and please ask that these are respected and you do not use the squad name to get access to the pool outside of those. Thanks.


Whilst the guys are racing Cairns our winter camp down at Lorne will be taking place with many athletes taking on the Ocean Road. With plenty of riding the rolling roads, some trail running, swimming in the bay alongside Yoga, Nutritional and sponsor seminars, this is going to be one action packed weekend which those attending will come out of far stronger and more knowledgeable for the season ahead. If you are coming to camp and need some gear or nutrition please order asap via the TriShop and we can bring your order down with us if we can’t get it to you before.


Swimming-facilty-asia-Thanyapura-1024x341Thanyapura – Thailand 
Ideal prep for Kona Ironman, Sunny Coast 70.3 and ITU Mexico World Championships! 30th of July to the 7th of August.  All inclusive!

The Thanyapura Triathlon Training Camp Thailand (Advanced Camp) this year is one not to be missed!  We have tailored this camp for the upcoming Ironman World Champs (Kona), Sunshine Coast 70.3 and Cozumel ITU World Championship events, as a lead-in for Kona Ironman or as a springboard to the 2016/17 season.

To read more about this amazing camp read on below  and to book now click here.


As an affiliated club, Triathlon Victoria requires that all our members all also have current memberships with themselves. When signing up for Tri VIC a club discount is offered when selecting Tri-Alliance. Before the renewal of memberships due at the beginning of July we are confirming with Tri VIC who is actually a paying member with Tri-Alliance. If not then for the forthcoming year the discount will not apply. Please ensure you are both current with Tri-Alliance and Tri VIC as these membership cover racing and training insurances.


Please note that Advanced and Intermediate riders will be heading to the hills this coming Saturday though the ride will be non coached as many of our coaches are at the Lorne Camp. See below for more information on this weeks sessions – all rides to leave Elwood at 630am Saturday morning. 

Next Sundays (12th) run from MSAC will also be non-coached.

Reminder that there will be no swims next Monday evening (13th) due to the Public holiday.

From next week – w/c 13th June MSAC swim sessions will return to 1hr duration with Wednesday and Friday mornings starting at 6am. Tuesdays run from the 14th will also revert to 6am start for the time being until volume is sufficient that we require more time.

Please can athletes arrive on time and be ready for the start of each session. If you miss the beginning you may miss important information regards the session, the warm-up and briefing. This can also disrupt other athletes who have arrived on time and begun their session already. Junes sessions are up so please do ensure you check the timetable and our Victorian Facebook page for training sessions and updates.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATri-Alliance welcomes OLA to the team working out of Lakeside Sports Medicine at MSAC. Ola will be working with a number of our athletes helping them with their sports nutrition and building to important races.

Ola is an Accredited Practising & Sports Dietitian who graduated from the Master of Dietetics at Deakin University. APD, Acc. SD, BSci (Psy), MDiet. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the University of Central Florida, USA, where she was awarded a full tennis scholarship for the duration of her studies.

She has always been drawn to working with motivated people who want to make positive changes to improve their health and sporting performance.

Ola is an active member of Sports Dietitians Australia and delivers all nutritional services to the Maribyrnong and Gippsland Sports Academies. She has worked with elite and junior athletes across a range of sports and clubs including Knox Tri Club, Nunawading Swimming Club, Langwarrin Running Group, Tennis Victoria, National Theatre Ballet School, Accelerate Elite Performance Program (AFL) and has had exposure to working with both Melbourne Victory and St. Kilda Football Clubs.

Ola takes pride that she once swam 20 metres freestyle, without stopping, when training with a triathlon club. However, her true strengths lie in her doggy paddle technique.


  • Masters of Dietetics – Deakin University (2008)

  • Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition – Deakin University (2006)

  • Bachelor Science (Psychology) – University of Central Florida (2005)

  • Sports Nutrition Course – Australian Institute of Sport (2009)

  • ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry (skinfolds) Course – Exercise Research Australia (2009 & 2016 re-accreditation)


  • MAXIMISE ENERGY LEVELS | ensure your day-to-day diet is fuelling your training sessions

  • COMPETITION FUELLING & RECOVERY | race day nutrition plans

  • BODY COMPOSITION | decrease body fat levels or increase lean muscle tissue (skinfold monitoring available)

  • SPORTS FOODS & SUPPLEMENTS | tailored advice to give you a sporting edge

  • OPTIMISE HYDRATION | hydration strategies to improve performance and recovery

  • MINIMISE GUT ISSUES | identify possible causes of symptoms and provide management techniques

  • PLANNING | provide nutrition planning advice for time poor individuals


Ola Luczak: 0402 259 555 | [email protected]

To book an appointment, please call:

Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre (MSAC, Albert Park) 03 9682 6029



“There’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing choices.”

What do I wear for winter cycling?

When you’re riding on a cold, wet and windy day you want to be as warm and comfortable as you can. This is a guide for those newer to Winter riding to help you avoid learning from a very cold and miserable experience of your own…..


  • Head Band – Not just for keeping hair off your face, a head band is a great way to keep your ears warm and the noise of the howling wind out. They can be found in cooler or thermal materials and often have tiny holes near the ears so you can still hear the rider next to you. Good because the hot air can escape from the top of your head.
  • Scull Cap – Like a beanie for riding. These are great to keep your whole head warm, and also come in a range of materials to suit any climate.
  • Head Scarf – Now these are a cool idea. There are many different types but some can be worn on the head, around the neck and are great to pull up over your mouth and nose to avoid popsicles on the dreaded descent. :)
  • Sunglasses (not just for the sun!) – Most cyclists will have sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. This is not so you can dress to match your mood. Eye wear is an important safety issue, protecting your eyes from the sun, UV and flying bugs and debris. A cyclist must be able to see at all times! There are a wide range of coloured lenses for different conditions, but in Winter as a bare minimum it is advisable to have a pair of clear or orange lenses. These will allow you to see on a dark morning and the orange ones can protect your eyes from the sunrise.

Tri-Alliance-Male-Leg-Warmers-Front-300x300BODY: It’s all about the layers!

Base Layer One:

Riding tee/singlet – Look for a singlet or short sleeve one and ensure it is made of good quality moisture (sweat) wicking material to keep you dry.

  • Good old thermal top – For the coldest of cold days –  thermals. Good quality thermals are moisture wicking and temp controlled.

vestSecond Base Layer:

  • Short sleeve cycling jersey – Flying your team colours not just to us in business but to keep unwanted or inexperienced guests out of your Peloton.
  • Arm/Leg Warmers – Layers, layers, layers. These are available in different materials of varying warmth and are easy to pull down to your wrists when you’re overheating and straight back up again when you cool down.
  • Long sleeve fleecy cycling jersey – Again, your team jersey is best! No need for arm warmers with this option (personal experience here it’s difficult to get under your jersey to pull them down = hot hot hot
  • Top Layer
  • Wind vest – There are different kinds on offer but get one with wind stopper material at the front and mesh at the back to let hot air escape. You might prefer to keep the rain out at the back and go for a full wind stopper.


  • Spray Jacket – A full sleeve option of the above with varying levels of rain protection. Be mindful in heavy rain you will eventually get wet. Some avoid these jackets as they can act as a sauna trapping hot air and causing a shower on the inside. Once you’re wet you can’t take it off!


  • Inner Gloves – A trusty ski shop can come in handy here, or your local bike shop will also have a great range. A nice thin full fingered glove made from Merino wool otherwise choose a synthetic glove to ensure moisture wicking and quick drying.
  • Cycling-Gloves-Soft-Shell-300x296Outer Glove- The best mofo winter cycling or skiing gloves you can get your hands on. A must have when selecting these is sufficient grip on the fingers, feel and movement as you must be able to break safely.



  • Cycling Knicks either long or short – We at TA are avid double knickers! Choose a good quality pair of Knicks to protect your bits. If short then add full length fleecy leggings with a side zip. The zipper is a great way to increase airflow if you heat up.
  • A second pair of cycling Knicks – preferably flying team colours so the Tri Alliance kit is perfect here!!


  • Socks – A very good pair of hiking or thick 6inch cycling socks – to keep your toots toastie warm. You can purchase water proof socks too but ensure they are sealed well at the top otherwise act as a bucket!
  • Cycling Shoes – Obviously (!)
  • Toe Covers – A great accessory to keep the cold air off your toes and great for cold weather racing but for rainy cold days you cannot go past…..
  • Full neoprene/waterproof booties – these beauties are our number one pick for the winter cycling wardrobe. Good quality neoprene booties keep the wind out and your feet dry, no ice blocks here.

So that’s a lot of gear and you can wear some or like me often all of it. The key is layers. Even on the coldest day you will heat up as you grind up the hills and then become freezing cold as the wind slices through you on the descents or you hit a gully where it appears all the cold air was hiding and waiting to slap you almost off your bike.


  1. Use a small amount of lovely scented fabric softener in your Tri gear wash to keep the stinky sweat aromas at bay.
  2. What comes off must go somewhere? In winter a Bento box for your food and phone as well as a bag under saddle for your tyre changing gear and spares. Do this and your cycling jersey can be used to stuff in your spare layers.
  3. Choose high visibility wherever possible to keep you safe from motorists.

We have a large range of cycling gear available online, check out our Tri Shop here for the full range and many winter specials.

Happy Safe Winter riding!!



Thanyapura Triathlon Training Camp Thailand 7 days all inclusive $1600.
Ideal prep for Kona Ironman, Sunny Coast 70.3 and ITU Mexico World Championships! 30th of July to the 7th of August.  All inclusive!Sports-Facility-Asia-Thanyapura-1024x341

The Thanyapura Triathlon Training Camp Thailand (Advanced Camp) this year is one not to be missed!  We have tailored this camp for the upcoming Ironman World Champs (Kona), Sunshine Coast 70.3 and Cozumel ITU World Championship events, as a lead-in for Kona Ironman or as a springboard to the 2016/17 season.

  • Accommodation (twin share)
  • 3 meals a day
  • Sweat testing, Fluid and Calorie loss (Valued $250)
  • Video Analysis for Swim, Bike and Run (Including underwater swim analysis Value $450)
  • Retul Bike Fit (limited to the first 20 signed and paid up Value $295)
  • Nutritional Seminar with Darryl Griffiths author of Sweat, Think, Go Faster and owner of Shotz Sports Nutrition
  • Action-packed timetable of Key Sessions to ensure a solid training spike in your fitness guaranteed

NB: Flights are not included in this price

This initiative was born from the need of many athletes who are looking to take their training and racing performance to the next level.  For those who need to include a spike in their program, get some real marginal gains and advance themselves as an athlete through true immersion in triathlon training in a world class facility.

For full details and bookings click here.



For those athletes looking towards the winter Duathlon series entries are now open on the Triathlon Victoria web site here. We do also have Duathlon programs for those interested so please drop us a line at [email protected] to find out more.

Duathlon Series V2




Please ensure you check the calendar regularly to know where and when sessions are as they do sometimes change (this is especially true for swim sessions at MSAC as these can change and are often unfortunately beyond our control). This weeks highlighted sessions: (please ensure you check your program or consult a coach so you attend the appropriate session and that you know your distances – remember you are accountable too!). When out riding please do so safely and pay attention to all the road rules and others using the road.  Read on for a guide to cycling etiquette and bike road safety and ethics.

  • Thursday 9th June – The Tan Run @615pm, Essendon Run @630pm
  • Saturday 11th June – Elwood Ride – NON COACHED:
    • Intermediate and Advanced Groups should head to the hills from Elwood along North Road.
    • All groups rolling @630am
  • Sunday 12th June – MSAC Run @9am – NON COACHED, Fairfield Run @8am

When riding on a Tri-Alliance coached road ride it is a requirement to wear team colours. This helps keep and identify the group together and provides more safety in the fact that other riders from outside the group are less likely to join in the group – we do not know them or their riding abilities.


Safe & Happy Training

Team Tri-Alliance 

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