Our Try-the-Tri Program is our most popular and successful beginner Triathlon Training Program.

If you are the absolute beginner wanting to give a triathlon a go, or you have done a few races already, our introductory program will provide you with all the skills and confidence you need to race in our local triathlons!

Tri Alliance checks in with ELOISE JAMES during her time with us in our 2011 Winter Try-the-Tri Program. Follow Eloise as she progresses through our Try-the-Tri program….

WEEK 2 – 8 Aug 2011

Name: Eloise James
What training/sporting background do you have (if any!)
I’ve always played netball and a bit of tennis. But apart from that I haven’t had a great deal of experience with sport.
What prompted you join this program?
My housemate told me about it and we both joined, thinking it would be a good way to get fit.
What are you looking to get out of the program?
Fitness! I want to be able to run without being in pain! And I’m also hoping to complete a mini triathlon this summer.
What bike do you ride? An old hand-me-down Avanti. It’s my first road bike 🙂
What is your favourite leg? (swim/bike/run) – Run
Do you have any bad training habits?
It doesn’t take much for me to convince myself to sleep through sessions. I also tend to ease off a lot when things are getting tough.
Who motivates/inspires you?
My friends are all very active and are encouraging me to get into exercise. And Cadel Evans, of course.
What are you enjoying the most so far?
I’m enjoying actually being up and seeing the morning. I’ve never been much of a morning person, but having done your days worth of exercise before 7am is a very novel and satisfying feeling! Im also enjoying meeting new people and exercising in a group.

WEEK 4 – 27 Aug 2011

How is your training going?
Good, slowly beginning to see some improvements.
What has been your biggest improvement so far?
My running capacity – I’m finding it much easier to run further distances now, and up hills!
What have you enjoyed the most?
Learning all of the different techniques that are involved with running, swimming and cycling. Who knew!?
What have you found the most challenging?
Starting to struggle getting out of bed on the weekends. But in regards to training, definately the hill rides.
What gadget or piece of equipment would you LOVE, but can’t afford (YET)?
I don’t even have a stopwatch yet! So that would be a good start. Maybe one day a fancy GPS watch would be nice.
What is the most interesting part of triathlon you have learnt so far?
Transition from swim to bike, much practice is needed!
How are you feeling about your race in a few weeks?
Mixed feelings. Kind of excited to see how I will go, but not quite feeling ready to compete.
Anything else you would like to share about your training?
I just bought some new bike shoes and pedals, and if anyone is willing to help me put them on my bike that would be much appreciated :p

WEEK 6 – 5 Sept 2011

How better prepared do you feel for your race now?
I would never have been able to do this race 6 weeks ago! Now I’m actually looking forward to give it a go.
How do you feel about your first race?
Still a bit nervous. But I am interested to see how I will go. And looking forward to post-race celebrations!
What are you most nervous about?

Probably just the start line, I should be fine once I get going.
Any tips for other beginners racing?
Try not to stack during transition :p. Nah I don’t really know yet! Ask me in a few weeks.
Any superstitions that you hope will help you?
Not at this point. I’m sure I will acquire a lucky pair of undies if I do well though.
What will be your pre-race meal?
Probably eggs.
How will you celebrate?
A high callorie lunch and a big saturday night 🙂
What do you plan to do following your first rae (more training/racing?)
I’m hoping to keep it up. I think I’m onto a good thing! My housemate and I are contemplating a few triathlons this summer.

 We look forward to hearng how your race goes Eloise – Good Luck!

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