Our first time trials for the season kick off this week. Time trials are an important part of our training structure as they allow you (and us!) to monitor your progress over the winter weeks/months to ensure you are continually developing and improving. It is important for you to attend every time trial during the year – without these measures, it is hard to know how your training is progressing.

Please read below to know which time trial sessions you are to attend this week. *Please note this information differs to what is in the May Training Timetable.

Time Trial Distances:

  • Beginners: 200m swim, 5km bike, 2km run,
  • Sprint / Olympic: 500m swim, 10km bike, 5km run
  • Half/Full Ironman: 500m-1km swim, 20km bike, 5-10km run
    *Coaches will advise distances for athletes

Times and days for timetrials:

MONDAY 14 MAY (Swim time trials)
6.00am Northcote
– beginners (those who swim in first lane) AND low intermediate (swim towards the back of middle lane.
7.00pm MSAC
Beginners (swim Monday mornings) & lower intermediate swimmers (swim in the back of first lane on Monday night.)
**Please note: NO 6.00am session at MSAC**

TUESDAY 15 MAY (Normal session)
6.30pm MSAC Windtrainer session

WEDNESDAY 16 MAY (Swim time trials)
6.00am Northcorte –
Intermediate & advanced (those who swim in top of lane 2 and all of lane 3)
6.00am MSAC –
Top Intermediate & Advanced (anyone who swims in fast lane or front of middle lane of Monday PM.
7.15pm MSAC
– Low intermediates. (those who swim at the front of the first lane or back of middle lane on Monday Night.)

THURSDAY 17 MAY (Run time trials)
6.15pm MSAC – All athletes

Please ensure you are on time for time trial briefing. If you are late, time trials start at MSAC end of Albert Park Lake near the Rowing Club.
**Please note: NO time trial at Northcote**

FRIDAY 18 MAY (Normal Swim session)
6.00am Northcote – all levels
6.00am MSAC outdoor pool
– intermediate & advanced*
*Additional swim session added to the timetable for intermediate and advanced athletes only. Beginners to have day off.

SATURDAY 19 MAY (Ride time trials)
5 time trial groups, click here for full details.

SUNDAY 20 MAY (Long Run)
8.00am MSAC
– meet inside main foyer
8.00am Northcote
– meet at Northcote YMCA

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