1. WORD FROM THE COACHES END OF SEASON PARTY EOSP_winnersWOW, what a night at the 2015/16 Tri-Alliance end of season party. 80 athletes, friends and family came to Ormand Hall to help celebrate the season. It truly was a fantastic night, with great people, food and lots of dancing. It truly blew us away looking around the room and seeing what a fantastic bunch of people we have in our squad. You guys rock! There were many conversations being had about how genuine our family is; how welcoming/supportive everyone is of one another; how much experience and knowledge we have in our team; the culture of growing our athletes to achieve success and how exciting it is to be part of Tri Alliance right now! We couldn’t be prouder and are really looking forward to working with our athletes over the winter to come back bigger and better than ever!

Congratulations to our award winners: JC Scholarship Award – Pam Tunas Short Course female athlete of the year –  Sonia Tomegros Regalado Short Course male athlete of the year – Jonny Yeates Long Course female athlete of the year – Malise Schmolling Long Course male athlete of the year –  Andreas Koderisch New Comer athlete of the year – Nicole Cliff Best Team Player of the year – Ian Clark Zoolander Award – Andy Wood-Rich A huge thank you must go to Liz Ryan, Scott D’Aucourt and Michelle Bond for all their hard work behind the scenes and in the lead up to this event. It takes many hands to make a night like this a success and we could not have gone ahead and had such a great night without these people. Also many thanks to Sonia for being our photographer on the night – we eagerly await the edited shots!

BIG THINGS ARE COMING We will be having a Team meeting on Thursday the 26th May at Elwood Sailing Club to discuss the season ahead. This is a very important session and everyone is encouraged to attend. LORNE CAMP We have great numbers already signed up for the Lorne Camp over the Queens birthday long weekend of the 10/11/12/13 June. For this all abilities camp we will be staying at the Lorne Life Saving Club giving great easy access to the Great Ocean Road for our rides and the trails and foreshore for a variety of runs. Make sure you are getting the kick start to your season with this great camp. Read more here. TUESDAY WIND-TRAINER TEST SET ANT.PWR.icon.bike.FAFor all athletes not racing Cairns in a few weeks we will be conducting an FTP (functional threshold power) and heart rate test set tomorrow night at our MSAC wind trainer session. This ties in with our swim and run time trials last week and again provides a benchmark for re-testing during the winter. For those with power meters – make sure they are on your bike. For those who have a heart rate monitor – bring it along and make sure you sync it with your computer before you arrive at MSAC as there will be multiple devices and unsynced devices then find it difficult to find their owners computer. For those without power or a heart rate monitor do not worry – you can still use the conventional method of taking your pulse at key stages. Once completed use Tri Alliance HR Zones – Wind Trainer Test to calculate your training zones using your taken hear rates. You can then use these zones for future training sessions and testing comparisons. Arrive in plenty of time too as everyone needs to start at the same time and complete the relevant sections of the set. SESSIONS & TIMETABLE Sunday’s Run at MSAC will be trialed at 9am for the next few weeks after feedback from athletes. Please can athletes arrive on time and be ready for the start of each session. If you miss the beginning you may miss important information regards the session, the warm-up and briefing. This can also disrupt other athletes who have arrived on time and begun their session already. May’s sessions are up so please do ensure you check the timetable and our Victorian Facebook page for training sessions and updates. See below for the main changes for our Autumn/Winter programming. top

2. AUTUMN/WINTER TRAINING SESSIONS 1in20fin1With recovery and transition over it is time to welcome athletes back from their well earned breaks and begin working towards next season. As discussed in the goal setting sessions the season is splits into 5 key phases for most to ensure you get the best possible preparation: May-June – General Base Preparation – Technique & Volume. General development correct technique and developing endurance July-September – Specific Base – Volume & Strength. Development of specific strength and fitness, advanced technique skills October-November – Pre Competition – Strength & Speed. Introduce race specific skills—including transition and bike run combinations November-March – Competition – Race ‘season’. Continue speed, focusing on each race, recovering accordingly April – Transition & Recovery – Recovery, goal setting and planning for next season Sessions are structured for the specific periods and also designed to gradually build you as an athlete from your relevant ability. We will be running and riding hills to build strength and in the pool using swim aids and toys to build you up where required. Time trials will also be held during the next few months about every 6 weeks. This is across swim, bike and run and provides results that can be measured and compared to show how well you are doing in your training and highlight any areas for improvement. Our programs now include the following:

  • Thursday night runs at the Tan and Essendon
  • Sunday runs at MSAC and Fairfield
  • Saturday long rides in May will be Beach Road before hitting the hills come June after the Lorne Camp.
  • Strength and conditioning programs for athletes to follow in their online program and some in session workouts
  • We are also planning some specific road riding skills in addition to some bike maintenance
  • Tuesday am beginners swim will not happen through winter but please attend St Michael’s
  • Wednesday evening swims are now 730pm in May due to MSAC scheduling

Please email us at [email protected] with any questions regards your program or training schedule and we look forward to all getting stronger for next season. top

3. LORNE TRAINING CAMP Lorne_Camp This marks our first triathlon camp and training spike for the 2016/2017 Triathlon Season. This is our BIGGEST CAMP OF THE YEAR with all athletes from various abilities and strengths ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. This Annual Training Camp held in Lorne is focused on kick starting your training for the coming Triathlon Season, while having fun and learning from experienced coaches, sports professionals, guest speakers and awesome sponsors packs and give away’s. This year we are also joining forces with Endurance Team to give you a bigger and better camp. All athletes are encouraged to stay at the Life Saving club so as to reduce travel time to and from other accommodation ensuring sessions are started on time and keeping that squad closeness and camaraderie going. For more information and early bird bookings (including a new design long sleeve running top) check the TriShop out here. Dates: Friday 10 June 2016 (2:30pm onwards – though an optional Tempo Great Ocean Road ride will be scheduled @ 1pm prior to check in.  All levels welcome) Saturday 11 June 2016 Sunday 12 June 2016 Monday 13 June 2016 (departing after lunch and clean-up is complete) Camp Package Options: Both options include Athlete Sports Pack with early bird package only including New Branding Tri Alliance long sleeve running top valued at $69 (A) Full Package: Accommodation, meals and training (breakfast and lunch Sat/Sun/Mon) – $459 (Option C – Early bird price is $399 plus long sleeve running top. ENDS STRICTLY 13TH OF MAY) (B) Training Package: NO Accommodation, Meals (breakfast and lunch Sat/Sun/Mon) – training only – $339 (Option D – Early bird price is $299 plus long sleeve running top. ENDS STRICTLY 13TH OF MAY) Any camp questions please email us at [email protected] top

4.VICTORIAN DUATHLON SEASON 2016 Duathlon - Save the date If you are still feeling the need to race during the winter then the Duathlon season is only a couple of months away. Check out the link here for more details of the Victorian Series. These races will be discussed during the team meeting on the 26th May. top



Please ensure you check the calendar regularly to know where and when sessions are as they do sometimes change (this is especially true for swim sessions at MSAC as these can change and are often unfortunately beyond our control). This weeks highlighted sessions: (please ensure you check your program or consult a coach so you attend the appropriate session and that you know your distances – remember you are accountable too!). When out riding please do so safely and pay attention to all the road rules and others using the road.  Read on for a guide to cycling etiquette and bike road safety and ethics.

  • Tuesday 17th May – MSAC wind-trainer ftp/heart rate set @6pm
  • Thursday 19th May – Tan Run @615pm & Essendon run @630pm
  • Saturday 21st May – Elwood ride – All groups rolling @630am
  • Sunday 22nd May – MSAC Run @9am, Fairfield Run @8am

When riding on a Tri-Alliance coached road ride it is a requirement to wear team colours. This helps keep and identify the group together and provides more safety in the fact that other riders from outside the group are less likely to join in the group – we do not know them or their riding abilities. top

Safe & Happy Training 

Tri Alliance  

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