The first mention of the newsletter can only go to one person – Nathan Sims.  Early on our Sunday morning he began his second assault on the big island of Kona racing in the Ironman World Championships, Hawaii.  And what a hard day at the office it was – even hotter than normal the conditions took their toll on all competing with the professionals being slower than normal.  Nathan’s time of 10 hours 34 minutes in such conditions goes down to his hard work and determination. For much of the winter he has been out training on his own racking up the miles on cold and wet winter mornings while the rest of us were still in bed.  With his biggest supporters (pictured!) at his side watching throughout the day it is great to see the finishing smiles and that is was all worth it. We are massively proud of you Nathan – you deserve all the congratulations you get – now have a rest and put your legs up.  Enjoy the holiday and we’ll hear all about it when you get back.

2015 ADC LogoWhile Nathan gets his break we have a glut of racing in Victoria this weekend with many athletes taking on various types of race.  We have Scott Memory and Wright Patterson racing in the ITU World Duathlon Championships in Adelaide – after warming up in the Victorian series (both being on the podium multiple times) they are ready and raring to go. Good luck guys and for more information and race results click on the logo above.

Website-header-logoOn Sunday there is the challenge of the Melbourne Marathon and Half Marathon for many of our athletes.  Some taking it on for the first time and some repeat offenders. Good luck all racing and enjoy the day – believe in your preparation and training and cross the line with a big smile.  To help celebrate athletes will be heading to the official after party with options to then head on further after depending on how the legs and heads are going!  For more information on the day click on the logo above. For those racing and wanting to meet before: 630am gate 1 of the MCG for Marathoners and 730am Gate 1 of the MCG for the Half.  Note coaches will not be able to take any personal belongings for you so ensure you have friends/family or these are in the bag drop.

YMT+logoAnd 4 hours north of Melbourne another group of our athletes will be getting stuck into the start of the Triathlon season with the Yarrawonga Mulwala Multisport Festival. Both Sprint and Olympic distances being put on with the swim in the waters of lake Mulwala. We will be taking a race day tent up too so those racing will have a place for their gear. We will also have a pre-race session on the Saturday morning with  course familiarisation for those who have not raced Yarrawonga before. Check the Tri-Alliance Vic Facebook page later in the week for details. For race and event information click the logo above.

As we get back into the swing of things at Elwood the parking inspectors will be out – they were there last Thursday which caused a mad dash to the ticket machine! To avoid this and paying $10+ each time you train at Elwood join Elwood Life Saving Club and apply for a foreshore parking permit.  Rachael from the club will be at our combo session on Thursday from 7pm to validate forms so download, fill them in  (links here) and bring them along. For more information regarding supporting the Elwood Surf Life Saving Club and parking permits for the new season please read on here.

For full timetable of sessions please ensure you regularly check the timetable here and ask coaches if you have any questions with regards which sessions you should be attending. http://vic.tri-alliance.com.au/triathlon-training-timetable-melbourne-cbd/ 

***Note to for sessions on on Sunday*** – As the Melbourne Marathon comes past Elwood road closures will be in operation so the short course ride will begin at 0630 from North Point Cafe on North Road.  Coach Des will see you there.  Also bring your runners as you should be doing a short 4k run off the bike to get your legs ready for racing. Read all about the weekends training here. The long run and swim for Long course will not be coached due to coaches being at races and Elwood being closed off. Please follow program whilst supporting fellow athletes racing on the day.


WIND TRAINER SESSIONS – With the past few weeks wind trainer sessions at MSAC being extremely popular we are asking that you bring your own trainer if you have one or consider investing in one.  With Elwood sessions starting Thursday – numbers potentially could also be limited based on athlete attendances. To help us and yourselves out please consider the following:

  • Arrive early to set-up – we start the sessions promptly
  • If using one of our wind trainers pay for it’s hire ($5) and write your name down and the trainers’ number before the session begins. This will be checked.
  • Chocks only available to those hiring wind trainers.
  • Let the coaches know if there are issues with a particular trainer.
  • Ensure you use a correct wind trainer skewer on your bike and that the locking mechanisms are secure on the trainer to avoid any accidents.

NOOSA FACEBOOK GROUP We have another mass exodus from Melbourne to Noosa this year with around 50 plus athletes. If you’re coming to Noosa this year join the group and get the low down on everything that’s being planned. Remember there are several hold the dates for in Noosa, Race day TA Taj, drinks and festivities, Tri Alliance Race Day After Party, Mad Monday @ Noosa Life Saving Club and Melbourne Cup in the Sun at a venue TBC!




With our first 100 filling up now is the time to encourage others to get on-board and join in. Do you have a friend, colleague or family member who want to get into Triathlon? Starting on the 24th of October we have our first Try the Tri of the season which will be free to the first 100 entering the Active Feet or Gatorade Series or race 1.

  • Up to 5 coached training sessions a week, designed to cater to all abilities and confidence levels
  • Learn all the essential triathlon skills, including bike handling, run technique, transitions and open water swimming
  • Access to some of Melbourne’s best triathlon coaches, all keen to support you to achieve your goals
  • Access to fantastic sponsorship discounts usually reserved for Tri Alliance athletes, such as bike discounts, Wetsuits, Triathlon and cycling Gear, health supplements and sports health care
  • On race day, it’s the simple things that make all the difference! As a special Tri Alliance guest, you and your supporters will be invited to hang out in the TA Taj (the biggest tent on race day, equipped with warm up facilities, massages, bean bags, storage space and a gourmet BBQ afterwards!)

Last year we had a big group of which many are now fully immersed into the club enjoying the culture we have. So please pass the message on – the more the merrier. For more details on this course and subsequent Try the Tri courses click on the link below.




Cycling_Sock_6inch_Tri-Alliance-v2Our new cycling gear is now available and – we have the new style jerseysbib-knicks and socks in stock and orders being taken for our new vests.

Be ready for the new season in some stylish new kit.

We do still have some of the previous cycling gear in various sizes still available which is on special to make way for our new stock. Check out the TriShop here to see what we have.



Athlete Todd Peterson has joined The Smiling for Smiddy Team for the Noosa Tri.  Please back him and donate on the following links.

“I’ve joined the Smiling for Smiddy team at Noosa Triathlon 2015. Why Smiling for Smiddy? Because I want my Tri to be about more than just the finish line. I want to help fund a cure for cancer. As part of the Smiling for Smiddy Noosa Tri team I will be using my passion for the sport of triathlon to raise money to fight this devastating disease. More than $5 million has been raised since 2006 but there is still more to do and I need your help to do it.”

1. www.smiddy.org.au

2. Scroll down and select DONATE TO PARTICIPANT

3. Type my name TODD PETERSON to search for me.

4. Once search is done select my name to go to my donation page.

5. Select DONATE NOW and donate the amount you can.





falls-creek-trip-3-6-1-12-186With the season upon us people are asking already about what are our next camps and how they fit into the schedule.

Our next home based training spike is Hell Week (just before Christmas) and the next Camp is Falls Creek at the beginning of January. Hell Week get us volume ready for the months post Christmas where most athletes will have their key races. Falls Creek (aimed at advanced and intermediate athletes) will give that altitude boost and again a training spike in preparation for some long races ahead.

For those who wonder what Hell week is read about last year here – this year it will be from the 19th-27th December.

For the Falls Creek camp (1st-8th January 2016) we have a very limited number of spots left (3 in our accommodation to be precise) so please email Scott to get your name down on the list.  We will then be contacting these athletes within the next few weeks regards a deposit to lock in their place.


6.Elwood Life Saving Club Membership

***Rachael from ELSC will be at our combo session this Thursday to sign and stamp forms***

Tri-Alliance has long had an affiliation with the team at Elwood and this year we will continue to train alongside their facility. The team there supports the Triathlon community by assisting with water based race day support for many of the events we all participate in.  They are also very active in the community providing an extremely valuable service.

To support them many of our athletes take up the associate membership with them giving access to their changing facilities and warm showers for those cooler Elwood swims.  In addition to this you are then able to apply to Bayside Council for a foreshore parking permit which gives free parking (rather than the $10+ a time) at the Club as well as all foreshore parking from Elwood all the way to Port Melbourne which can be used all year – not just for training sessions.

for more information and forms for joining Elwood Life Saving Club please go to their web page and download the documents.  Officials of the club are often around whilst our sessions are on to stamp completed forms.








As our Elwood training sessions have begun and the race season is upon us it is essential to get familiar with transitions – we will be going through them at sessions so come race day they are not an issue and you fly through them with maximum efficiency. This is most important for short course racing so Saturday mornings these will often be our focus.

Most triathletes spend the bulk of their training time focused on the three events: swimming, cycling, and running. But the transition between each event also requires specific training. Each triathlon has two transitions: a swim-to-bike (T1) and a bike-to-run (T2).  If you have never been shown what to do in a transition it can be very daunting! Knowing what to do in transtion is important to ensure you have a good race, PLUS a good transition can improve your position and can even save you minutes on your overall time! So here are some basic tips to help you perfect your transitions.

Setting up your transition area

  • Your gear should be located on the RIGHT HAND side of your bike. So whether you rack by your saddle or bars, always set up your gear on the right.
  • If you don’t already have them – invest in a pair of elastic laces for your runners! Replace your normal laces with elastic ones and presto – you will be in and out of transition in no time!
  • Another good tip is to sprinkle the inside of your shoes with baby powder.  This helps them slide on easier and soaks up any moisture.
  • Line your gear up in the order you will be using it. Ie bike shoes, runners and helmet on top.  Place sun glasses in your helmet if you are wearing them, and always have your helmet unbuckled and straps out to make it easier to put straight on.

Transition 1 (T1): Swim to Bike


  • Stay calm in your transition! There’s nothing worse than not being able to get out of your wetsuit, fumbling around, or dropping your helmet. You want a fast transition, but you also want it to go smoothly.
  • Don’t touch your bike until you have done up your helmet.  It is illegal, so you could get disqualified!
  • Once you have your helmet secure, put your bike shoes on (if they aren’t already clipped onto your bike) and you are ready to roll!
  • Un-rack your bike and run with it on your right-hand side, holding your seat with your right hand.
  • Your bike should already be set in an easy gear, run your bike out to the mount line and jump on. REMEMBER, you can’t jump on your bike until you past the mounting line. There are many ways of mounting your bike, but this needs to be shown and practised.

Transition 2 (T2): Bike to Run

  • Slow down ready to dismount at the dismount line. Remember, you must have both feet on the ground BEFORE the dismount line.
  • Keep your helmet fastened until your bike is racked back where you began.
  • Rack your bike, and take off your helmet – do this FIRST to avoid running out with it still on your head! Put on your runners (if not already on).  If you don’t have elastic laces then you need to get some ASAP!
  • If wearing a hat on the run, don’t put it on in transition – just grab it and go! It’s quicker to put on while running.  (more seconds you will save!)
  • And last but not least – enjoy crossing the finishing line! It’s all about the photo, so remember to smile!

Remember, a good transition takes practice and time to master, use these tips and tricks and practice, practice, practice.



2015-triathlon-calendar-12 Please ensure you check the calendar regularly to ensure you know where and when sessions are. This weekends highlights (please ensure you check your program or consult a coach so you attend the appropriate session and that you know your distances – remember you are accountable too!):

  • Thursday 15th – Elwood Combo – 6:00pm
  • Saturday 17th – Elwood – Long course ride with coach Ollie @6:30am. 
  • Saturday 17th – Elwood – Short course combo with coach Hilario @7:30am – bring all your gear but be prepared to run first so leave everything else in your car.
  • Sunday 18th – Melbourne Marathon, Yarrawonga Triathlon, Duathlon Championships
  • Sunday 18th – North Road Cafe – Short course ride @6:30am with coach Des. Bring runners with you for a short 4k run of the bike.
  • Sunday 18th – Elwood – Due to the events and road closures today this session will not be on but athletes are expected to follow their programs and group together to get their swim and long run together done before/after supporting fellow athletes!

When out riding please do so safely and pay attention to all the road rules and others using the road.  Read on for a guide to cycling etiquette and bike road safety and ethics.

When riding on a Tri-Alliance coached road ride it is a requirement to wear team colours. This helps keep and identify the group together and provides more safety in the fact that other riders from outside the group are less likely to join in the group – we do not know them or their riding abilities.


Safe & Happy Training 

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