Now that was a cold and wet weekend!!  The forecasters got it almost correct with the rain and cold temperatures coming a little later than expected.  The coaches took the decision to cancel our Saturday rides due to safety concerns with heavy rain and thunder storms forecast.  It is rare that this is done and the few that did venture out turned back soon after departure.  As much as we want to get out in all conditions (some of us do) #safetyfirst. For those dedicated enough it was inside on the wind trainer and a 2.5hr set simulating the hills that would have been ridden.  Well done on getting it done and thanks for the pictures guys. Forecasts for this coming weekend are much better thankfully.  Ride details can be found below.

WT Pic


DuathlonSunday was the first of the Victorian Duathlon Series in Richmond and we had a few athletes racing getting some speed work in pre season.  Congratulations to all those who raced (Jonney Yeates, Joe Mead, Scott Memory and Wright Patterson).  In a cracking time of 59:05 Jonney Yeates grabbed third place in his category and eighth overall – winter form is looking great. For full results click here 2015_Race1_Duathlon_Results. The next round of the series is on Sunday 2nd August – entires and details can be found here.

Our annual membership renewals will be kicking in over the next few weeks for those on automatic payments.  Please look out for this and update your payment details through your account if they have changed.  The $99 fee will ensure you have continued partner discounts, access to race day tent and enable discounted Triathlon Australia/Victoria membership by association.  Once your annual has been renewed you will also receive at $25 coupon for TriShop purchases.

Triathlon Victoria have now released their calendar so you can lock in those dates now and get that season plan sorted – see here TriVic Event Calendar 10 July 2015 for the latest version. Key dates and races are below:

  • 17th/18th October 2015 – Yarrawonga Mulwala Multisport Festival
  • 15th November 2015 – Challenge Shepparton
  • 29th November 2015 – Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 1 – Elwood
  • 10th January 2016 – Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 2 – St Kilda
  • 31st January 2016 – Challenge Melbourne
  • 21st February 2016 – Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 3 – Elwood
  • 13th March 2016 – Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 4 – Portarlington
  • 20th March 2016 – Ironman Asia-Pacific Championships Melbourne
  • 10th April 2016 – Gatorade Triathlon Series Race 5 – St Kilda

These are currently being updated so for the latest calendar go the to Triathlon Victoria website.


Monday and Wednesday MSAC only (St Michaels stays the same) evening swim sessions are changing times and pools. Please check the timetable for all sessions here to ensure you are at the right pool and at the right time. Click the individual session to see the details of the location.


Remember also to keep an eye out on the Tri-Alliance Victoria Facebook page for all important updates and any changes regards training.  Also regularly



Our new cycling gear is ready for pre-orders.  Be ready for the new season in some stylish new kit.  Orders expected to be ready in 6-8 weeks depending upon demand – so order now to guarantee your gear. For those who attended the Lorne camp we will be contacting you with a coupon code for your order – sizes are the same as the existing Elite gear.




Ex Giant Pro Deal bikes at great prices are available to our athletes. In great condition having been very well looked after. contact us if interested in learning more.

Giant TCR Advanced 0 2012 – Male Small, Dii2, 10 speed Ultegra – $2300TCR_Advanced_0_double

Giant Trinity Advanced 1 2014 – Male Small, Dii2, 10 speed Ultegra – $3500


Contact [email protected] or chat with Ollie if you are interested.



We still have places for our Advanced Camp so check out the details here and ask a coach if you are interested in coming along.

  • Advanced Camp (invite only) Friday 31st July-Sunday 2nd August. This is at the same location as last year – Broadbeach – InverlochCamp over half full. Expressions of interest please email [email protected]

Shop ImageThe pre-season camp at YMCA Queenscliff Friday 11th September- Sunday 13th September is now open for bookings – BOOK HERE NOW. $349 for the entire weekend including accommodation, training and breakfast and lunch.  This camp is perfect for all levels of athlete with flat and challenging options available leading into race season so book in now. Any questions please drop us a note [email protected].



As we focus on our running at the Tan we have mentioned a lot about the importance of the cadence of your feet.  We do this a lot on the bike but less so on the run.  Check out the below article to see why it’s important and some tips to get it quicker.

We often say to people getting into the sport of triathlon there is running for running and running for triathlon.  Despite what people might think they are quite different and this is especially hard for people coming into the sport with a running background.

When you compete in running events such as road races, cross country events and track racing you start the race fresh.  Fatigue sets in over the duration of the event but in terms of your form, energy levels, running cadence and technique you’re starting the race fresh.

Triathlon however you have already done a swim and bike over different distances and at different intensities. By the time you start the run your body is quite fatigued which obviously affects your overall performance. For this reason it is important you run as efficiently as possible and with a nice high cadence.

A high cadence prevents over-striding which is often the triathletes worst enemy.  Over-striding creates excessive braking forces when their foot does not strike under their centre of mass. By increasing cadence these excessive braking forces are minimised and the foot strike is more likely to be under the centre of mass.

If you watch the good triathlon runners they look like they are hardly touching the ground.  Their foot contact time with the ground is minimal and often they are actually air born during part of the running action.  Their cadence is quite high at around 90-95 foot strikes per minute on each foot.

However if you look at a lot of age group triathletes their cadence is quite low, often around 80 and under.  At this cadence it is likely you’re over striding, with the risk of injury and lower leg complications higher due to those excessive braking forces.

One of the main reasons many age group triathletes over stride and have a low cadence is they are already in a state of fatigue when they start the run.  By improving your cadence you will be able to run faster even while in a state of fatigue.

Therefore to improve your cadence try the following:

  • Start counting the amount of foot strikes you have in 60 sec.  It is best done on a flat surface without too many corners or interruptions such as lights, curbs, steps, corners etc.

Once that is achieved and we have a number the next step is to naturally try and increase it. Aim for a small (2-5%) increase to start with until that becomes comfortable and then try and increase it another few %.

Try and aim for the 90-95 foot strikes per minute.  A cue we use is to listen to your feet.  The less you can hear them the better.  Aim for quiet feet which produces more glute engagement, decreases stride length and therefore increases cadence and speed.

  • Running with a metronome which syncs to your Garmin watch can also be beneficial if you prefer not to count.  The beep of the metronome can help by listening to the pre programmed beeps and ensuring your cadence is in sync with the beep.
  • Many sports watches can now be used in conjunction with a footpod which will transmit your cadence from a small device on your shoe to your wrist displaying your foot strikes.  Much easier than counting.


Happy running.



Racing Sprint or Olympic distance? Fancy a trip to Mexico to race?  Then check out the Australian national calendar for all the qualifying races.  Also Duathlon, Long distance, aquathon and many more. Get your diary and start planning.






Please ensure you check the calendar regularly to ensure you know where and when sessions are.

This weekends highlights (please ensure you check your program or consult a coach so you attend the appropriate session and know your distances – remember you are accountable too!):

  • Saturday 18th July – Advanced ride – Kinglake leaving Studley Park Boathouse car park @6:30am. See Facebook event for details.
  • Saturday 18th July – Beginner and Intermediate recovery ride – Elwood @7am. See Facebook event for details.
  • Sunday 19th July –  Long Run 8am @MSAC
  • Sunday 19th July –  Long Run 8am @Fairfield Boathouse Car Park


Safe & Happy Training 

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