Time trial week – you either love it or hate it. But for us as Coaches we can’t reiterate enough how important they are to track how your training is progressing. And this round of TT’s we had some great results across the board. Our beginner athletes continue to make huge grounds and our seasoned athletes putting in the hard yards are also seeing the work pay off posting solid times. For athletes who came off the Long Course Camp – don’t stress too much if you completed the tmie trial and it wasn’t what you were expecting. The residual effects of the camp would still be hanging around, so ensure you get adequate recovery to adapt to the load and the benefits will come in the next couple of weeks and beyond. And for some athletes – that also may mean a lighter week this week also. If you are out running and your times aren’t up to speed, then that is a sure fire sign that you are not receoved. so complete the run session at a lower intensity or cut it short and you will gain more than trying to push the body into the ground. If you are ever in doubt – ask our Coaches for further advice.

To view your results from last weeks Time trials, you can now check them out online in the Athletes Member Area. Login and you can view them under Programs > Training > Time Trials Results and Pace Charts AUG 2012. Check out how you compare to your last TT, and to this time last year and speak to our coaches if you have any queries. Also ensure you review the pace charts to see where your training paces should now be at.

Our Pre Season Training Camp is our third training camp for the year and is help in Apollo Bay – approximately 2.5hours from Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road. This camp is aimed at all levels of abilities, fitness levels and race distances. So whether you are new to the sport, looking for podium finishes or training for Half/Full Ironman, this training camp is for you.
We are lucky enough to have Level 3 VIS Assistant Triathlon Coach Jarrod Evans heading up the camp. His knowledge and expertise is highly sought after and by attending this camp you will have direct access to him!
to read more and to reserve your place! But hurry, as the camp is nearly sold out!


Being held next Tuesday 21 Aug as part of our normal windtrainer session.  Tri Alliance and Darryl Griffiths (Mr Shotz) from Shotz Sports Nutrition will be conducting a seminar on fluid loss and hydration. The purpose of this event is to educate athletes about hydration and its importance for producing optimal performance. Weight in this instance will be used in order to determine how much sweat was actually lost during the training session.
CLICK HERE to read more and to reserve your place.


Our next Athlete Team Meeting for the 2012/2013 Season is fast approaching. Due to numbers expected at this Athlete Team Meeting, we have relocated back to MSAC.
The night will include:
~ Outline of training and training principles for the next training phase
~ Our summer training timetable
~ Exciting changes coming up this season
~ Get up close and personal with the new GIANT Bikes range!
~ Improve your training with Power
~ Training and racing insurance, ideal for those into fitness (ie you!)
~ Giveaways plus more!
CLICK HERE for more info and to RSVP


With our time trials done for another round it is time to review that athletes are attending the correct swim sessions at MSAC. Based on current time trial times, please ensure you know whih group you fit into and which sessions you should attend. If you are unsure please contact us in the office.

Swim Lane Groups: (per 500m Time Trial)
Top Advanced –         7:40min and below (can hold 1:30/100m and below)
Low Advanced –        7:45-8:20min (can hold 1:30-1:40/100m)
Top Intermediate –   8:25-9:15 (can hold 1:40-1:50/100m)
Low Intermediate –  9:20-10:45 (can hold around 2min/100m)
Beginners –                 11+min (holding 2:15+/100m)

Swim Sessions per Swim Groups:
Monday 6.00pm (outdoor pool 2 lanes)  Top intermediate, Low and Top Advanced
Monday 7.15pm (outdoor pool 3 lanes)   Low Intermediate & Beginners
Wednesday 5.45am (outdoor pool 3 lanes) Top intermediate, Low and Top Advanced
Wednesday 7.15pm (indoor pool 3 lanes)  Low intermediate & Beginners
*Friday 5.30am (outdoor pool 2 lanes)     Low and Top Advanced
*Friday 6.30pm (outdoor pool 2 lanes)     Top Intermediate and Low Intermediate

*Our Friday session numbers will be monitored over the coming couple of weeks as we have been having low numbers at the 6.30am session. This may lead us to reintroducing a 5:45am session for top swimmers and a Friday PM swim for low intermediate/beginners. If you have any thoughts around this please let us know by emailing [email protected]


Thanks to Nissan, our Core Admin/Coaching Team will be attending a Nissan Drive Day in Broadford on Thursday to test out the latest and greatest on the Nissan Market.
So please note that we will be unable to respond to emails or calls during this day. We will endeavour to contact you back as soon as possible.  And stay tuned for an announcement regarding Nissan very soon! 🙂


Our Coaches this weekend are on the other side of the fence and being coaches by some of the best in the business. Thanks to Darryl Griffiths from Shotz Sports Nutrition and Dane Barclay from The Performance and Sports Psychology Clinic, on Sunday our Coaches will learn valuable information on all areas of nutrition and Sports Psychology to help provide you with more knowledge and information to get the best out of your mind and bodies. So a big thanks to these guys for providing their time to our coaches so we can continue to provide the best support to you as athletes.



CycleOps are releasing a brand new product called PowerCal. This is a world first power metre calculated from heart rate and is an introductory into power training. These devices are fully compatable with your Garmin and will allow athletes to break into the market of training with Power. Priced at only $100-130, you will not be able to find another power meter in this price range.  Tri Alliance already has a number of it’s best athletes training with Power Metres and we cannot recommend how valuable power can become in your training and racing. More details will be out soon about how you can get your hands on these great new Power devices direct through Tri Alliance! Read more here…



Keep an eye out on the LaTrobe Valley Triathlon Club Website as entries open for the Hazelwood triathlon tomorrow. This race is being held on Sunday 30 September and is a good leadin race for those doing Noosa and focusing on short course races for the 2012/2013 Season.


Victorian Olympic Distance Chmpionships | National Aquathon Championships
The Yarrawongo MultiSports festival being run by Triathlon Victoria is gearing up to be a good race on the triathlon calendar. This is an ideal race for those NOT racing Noosa and want a practise run for Shepparton Half Ironman or a hit out before the start of the main triathlon season. This race also now forms the Victorian Olympic Distance Championships (previously held at Sandringham), so if you want to snare the title of Vic Champ, then make sure you lock this date in your diary! Also hel over this weekend are the Nattional Aquathon Championships (Saturday) and Sprint Distance Race on Sunday also.
CLICK HERE for more information and to enter.

Long Course
19 Aug – Yeppoon Half IM. Goodluck to Nick Sissons, Marna Jurjevic and Paul O’Dowd
19 Aug – Sandy Point Half Marathon. Goodluck to Brianna Scarlett & Chris Ormston
9 Sept – Half IM World Champs, Las Vegas. Goodluck to Ollie & Sarah
13/14 Oct – IM World Champs, Kona. Goodluck to Ollie and Marina Jurjevic
14 Oct – Melbourne Half/Full Marathon
28 Oct – Port Macquarie Half Ironman
18 Nov – Shepparton Half Ironman
9 Dec – Ironman Western Australia
16 Dec – Canberra Half Ironman

Short Course
16 Sept – Duathlon Race 3, Kew
30 Sept – Hazelwood Sprint/Olympic Distance Tri
7 Oct – Duathlon Race 4, Richmond (Vic Championships)
21 Oct – Sprint Distance World Champs. Goodluck to Michael Grau-Veliz
22 Oct – Olympic Distance World Champs. Goodluck to Emma and Geoff Taylor
21 Oct – Yarrawonga MultiSports Festival – Vic Olympic Distance Champs
28 Oct – Noosa Olympic Distance
25 Nov – Gatorade Race 1, StKilda
16 Dec – Gatorade Race 2, Elwood

The much anticipated dates for the Gatorade & Active Feet Tri Series were launched last week. This year it is a 6 race series, and SuperSprint have also announced that the Falls Creek Long Course will only be held every 2 years – so a break this year before it comes back in 2014. SuperSprint have some great initiatives being launched this year and we can’t wait to be a part of their events again. Tri Alliance athletes will also be lucky enough to receive exclusive discounts into supported races including the Gatorade Series, so stay tuned for details. CLICK HERE to view the event calendar and start locking dates into your racing calendar!

One for the ladies!! Tri Alliance will again be supporting this fantastic event and we’d love to see as many of our female athletes eneter this race for some fun! With 5 and 10km run distances available, and we’ll have a ‘girls only’catch up after the event, so keep an eye out for this one! (Boys if your lucky you might be invited).
6 female Tri Alliance athletes will also be ‘pace runners’ for the event – so keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks as we give you a sneak peak who might be doning the bright Brooks gear and runners to help you around the course.
So check out the event here and put it in your diary!

We have a number of athletes who have already locked themselves in for this years genovese Kinglake Ride on SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER. As partners of the event, Tri Alliance has again been able to secure a great discount for all Tri Alliance Athletes – 10% off either the 70km or 115km events. So if you are keen to enter, simply email [email protected] and we will provide you with a unique code to enter.


Please read the following details for training this weekend:


Please find below programmed rides for this weekend. Please ensure you follow your program distances and attend the ride group that is to your ability, level and what you are training for. Coaches will provide briefs on the ride, but will not necessarily be on each of the ride distances. All riders should now be confident and comfortable to ride in a group, and know road rules and signalling. We have worked extremely hard over the past few months to educate riders on safe riding and we expect all Tri Alliance athletes to abide by not only the road rules, but also safe riding ettiquette and riding ethics. Next week we will commence beginner specific rides again.  If you are unsure of which group you should be riding in please contact us in the office on 9645 2223.

Ironman Advanced & Intermediate
Meet: Cnr Oaklands Rd and Sunbury Rd, Bulla
Time: 6.45 brief for 6.50am start
135km Wildwood > Romsey > Mount Macedon > The Cross

Half Ironman Advanced & Intermediate, Olympic Advanced
Meet: Cnr Oaklands Rd and Sunbury Rd, Bulla
Time: 6.45 brief for 6.50am start
120km Wildwood > Romsey > Mount Macedon > Return
(same ride as above but NOT The Cross)

Ironman Intermediate & First Timer
Meet: Elwood Lifesaving Club
Time: 6.50 brief for 7.00am start
120km Beach Road > Mornington > Mount Martha Return
Post ride coffees at ‘Sails on the Bay’, Elwood Beach.

Half Ironman Intermediate & First Timers,  Intermediate Olympic
Meet: Elwood Lifesaving Club
Time: 6.50 brief for 7.00am start
110km Beach Road > Frankston > Mornington Return
Post ride coffees at ‘Sails on the Bay’, Elwood Beach.

Sprint/Olympic Distance Intermediate & Beginner Riders
Meet: Studley Park Boat House, 1 Studley Park Road Kew.
Time: 7.00am for a 7:15am brief.
Details: Coach Darren will take you through a session including improving your hill riding skills and strength. Distances from 40-80km. if you want to miprove your riding skills, strength and pace then ensure you come alnog to this session!

8.00am at Fairfield or 8.00am at MSAC as per the training timetable

Safe Riding!
Team Tri Alliance

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