The ‘Weekly Transition’ 10/03/11

If you were at the Gatorade/Active Feet Race on Sunday, you could have been forgiven if you thought the race for was Tri Alliance. What a presence we had at the race! With 110 athletes racing including our 25 TRY-the-TRI’s who completed their first Triathlon, the atmosphere was amazing. Add to that the perfect weather and conditions and you could not of had a better day for a race!! Make sure you read our full race wrap up as we had plenty of awesome results including podiums, top 10 finishes, massive PB’s, first timers, and those who stepped up to the Sprint Distance. Well done to EVERYONE who competed.

A huge congratulations also goes to our 3 athletes who competed in the touhest conditions in New Zealands Ironman on Saturday. Each of the athletes had great leadin to their big event, but as with any Ironman – anything can happen on the day (or the day before in Mike Murray’s case!) Well done to Mike and Nick on completing their first Ironman, and Arial on getting another one under his belt!

Swim Bike Run Total
Ariel Grana 1:07:54 6:17:51 5:05:45 12:49:43
Mike Murray 57:37 6:17:09 4:56 12:24:39
Nick Sissons 1:04:03 5:20:52 4:04:33 10:42

Make sure you read Mike Murray’s account of his first Ironman (below) – his effort to get to the starting line following the events 48hrs leading into the race is an achievement within itself!

Training tonight at Elwood will be minus the swim due to the EPA rating the water quality as poor. If it is raining we will also NOT run a windtrainer session, so make sure you bring your running gear! This is because the water ruins windtrainers, so we will be be bringing them if it is raining. Stay tuned to our facebook page for further updates later today. There is also a run session being held, so if you want to mix up your training, or don’t have your bike then make sure you are there at 6pm to join in the run session.

Bike Skills Session – last session next Tuesday Night! If you have not attended one of Coach John’s Bike Skills sessions, then make sure you lock it in for NEXT TUESDAY 15 MARCH. If you want to learn ques and techniques to held with your pedaling, corner and bike handling then make sure you book in a spot with John. Email John to ensure you reserve yourself a spot – limited places remain!

New Supporter Tee’s! – our long awaited supporter tee’s are arriving next Friday in time for next weekends race. So if you have one of our old tee’s, make sure you bring along with you on Saturday or Sunday and we will swap the tee over for you. If you are a new athlete this year, we will be districuting these to you also! 🙂

End of Season Presentation Night

Endof Season Presentation Night – This is one you won’t want to miss!! Saturday 14 May. Details are currently being finalised with an official invitation and details sent out next week. Make sure you lock this date in the diary, as this is the only place to be on the 14th May!!

Lorne Training Camp – Our most popular training camp at Lorne is on again this year, Queens Birthday Weekend. We are currently finalising details but make sure you put this one in the diary! Our spots WILL sell out this year, so make sure you Full details will be available by 1 April.

Noosa Accommodation – weam currently taking interest for anyone who wants to stay with the squad in Noosa this year for the Noosa Multi Sports Festival in Oct/Nov. Accommodation is for 7 nights from Wed 26 Oct – Wed 2 Nov. With Melbourne Cup Day Celebrations held up there. Limited spots avaiable, so if you want to put your name down please email sarah. Make sure you keep an eye on flights as there are also cheap ones going around this time of the year (fly into Moorochydore)

Lost Property – our lost property box increased three fold after the weekend, and we still have a few items remaining. If either of these are yours, please email Sarah to claim. Any unclaimed items after next week will be donated to the Salvo’s.


We are in the final processes of producing our new Athlete ID’s.

For those who did not have a photo taken at our last team meeting, the next opportunity will be at our goal setting session on March 26. These ID’s will be required at every Tri Alliance training session, and will also need to be shown to receive discounts with our partners – all will be revealed shortly!!!



Tri Alliance is in the final staging of rolling out our new and exciting Website! Below is a sneak peak of what the website will look like. With a completing new look, feel and functions we can’t wait to release to our athletes. There will be a number of new functions and initiatives rolled out at the same time, (due to be released April/May) – so stay tuned!


*Monday Swims at MSAC* We are fully aware of the congestion in lanes at MSAC on Monday Night’s. We are currently working with MSAC in sourcing additional lane, however unfortunately we cannot get any additional lanes on Monday’s. At the moment we may be looking at a Tuesday Night beginner swim session – which will focus more on technique rather than fitness/speed to alleviate the congestion on Monday nights. Further communication about any change will be made, in the meantime we appreciate your understanding and patience.


We are finalising a full event / race calendar which will incorporate race dates and when they open. So stay tuned! Below are a couple of races to be aware of though:


Run Melbourne is a great fun run over winter. Entries are now open. Held on Sunday 17 July, incorporating Half Marathon, 10km and 5km events. Great race to get involved in over winter, with around 50% of our squad (70-80 athletes) looking at participating in the event. If you need any advice on how this may fit in with your training please contact us in the office on 9645 2223. /home.php


For those who are planning in racing Ironman New Zealand in 2012, make sure you have nothing in your diary at 8am next Tuesday 15th March as entries open! If you have not completed an Ironman but were thinking about doing this event, he HIGHLY ADVICE for you to speak to one of our coaches before entering. Phone us on 9645 2223.

MELBOURNE MARATHON – OPENS MAY 10 Put this one in your diary!


Stay tuned as they are still finalising event date and details with the event now on the 70.3 IM calendar. We will provide information as soon as we know!



7.00am: Core Squad

9.00am: Try-the-Tri Participants

SUNDAY 13 MARCH (also Kids Weetbix Try-athlon

7.00am Long Ride – meeting at ELWOOD LIFESAVING CLUB.

Be ready NO LATER than 6.55am for a pre ride briefing. Every rider needs to be self sufficient, including bringing your own tubes (x2), air/cannisters, tyre levers (x2) plus sufficient nutrition/fluids.


Well as I wait to board the my flight back to Melbourne, I should sum up my first Ironman experience.

While I have participated in my first Ironman, it was a far from being a race for me. It all started going downhill when my roommate at the hotel asked me to take him to the ER at 4am on Thursday morning with severe food poisoning. I was still feeling fine, until early Friday evening, the day before the race when I started having some similar symptoms, and my roommate, who was now recovering said I should go to the ER before it gets any worse, so for the second time that week, we loaded into a cab to go the ER. Thankfully I don’t think any of the same nurses or doctors were on. Anyways, I got back to the hotel 8 hours before race start, not sure if I would be able to line up for the race, I would be reassessing in the morning.

Race day morning, the alarm goes off at 4:45am to the sound of a steady rain falling outside. This was to become a common theme for race day. Feeling ok, I make myself some breakfast and finished packing everything for the big long day ahead. I make my way down to the transition area, make sure the tires are pumped up, relube my chain, then go to the big tent to get number marking and get my wetsuit on. As I make my way down to the swim entrance, I hear the big cannon go off for the pros, and it is my 15 minute warning for my race start.

Somewhere nearby there were some Maori doing the huka and a giant 40 man canoe out in the water keeping the age groupers from going past the start line. I headed out to the start line between the two start buoys, positioned myself about 10m from the line, and had no other swimmers within 5ft of me, which is pretty good when you consider there are 1500 other swimmers in the water. The lights go off, and the cannon fires again, and off I go, for a little 3.8km swim. I get into my rhythm and swim at a nice easy pace to warm up. I try to stay clear of too many other swimmers and just watch as the lake bottom goes by, 20 feet below. After 10 minutes I see a scuba diver sitting below the swimmers, then the golf balls from the Hole in One challenge on Lake Taupo. I try to not push it too hard, breathe every 3 strokes, and stay well within my comfort zone. After about 1.5k’s into the swim, my stomach  decides it isn’t too happy with me, and I ‘feed the fish’ just a bit. Anyway, around the turn buoys some of the swimmers get a bit excited and try to swim over me, so I just kick a bit harder and they disappear behind me. On the return leg, still 2km to go, I decide to conserve some energy and sit on some toes, and just keep the arms turning over. At the last turn buoy, 300 meters from shore, I head for the lights and the arch and pick the kick up a bit to get the blood flowing again. Out of the water I come, look at the clock and see 1:12…which was a bit disappointing, until I realize it is the pro time, so I had swum 57 minute! Little did I know as I ran out of the water that this would be the dryest and warmest part of the day.

Up the road then up the stairs to transition, a solid 400m run, I make it to the transition bags, and as I run by, a volunteer hands me my bag, packed with all my bike gear. Running into the change tent, I find a seat, and a volunteer comes up and lays out my gear from my bag, helps me out of the wetsuit, and then puts everything away for me. Great system!

As I run out and grab the bike, it is just a solid rain, but I just keep going…what else can you do? The bike starts out as a flat 3k along the lake, right next to the swim course, until it turns uphill and you begin the climb out of Taupo. It is straight into granny gear and just spin it up the hill, no reason blowing up 4 k’s into a 180k ride. As I get out of town, I get comfortable on the TT bars, and just start covering the miles, drinking, getting a gel down every 30-45 minutes and trying to stay comfortable. Past the turn around 45k’s in, and back towards town. As I begin the long decent into town, I am loving the speed, but beginning to fill the chill in the air soaked to the skin In the city center proper, I feel like I am riding in the tour. Even in the pouring rain, there are people lining the entire course cheering for everyone, barricades up to ensure an uninterrupted ride through town, and music blaring from race HQ. As I begin climbing out of town again I feel the energy fading. It begins to get harder to get food in, as my stomach is not wanting any of it, and my teeth begin to chatter. At the first aid station, I stop in and ask for a poncho. I pull it on, which is actually quite difficult wearing an aero helmet, and try to make it fit as tight as possible, not too successfully. So hear I am wearing a 10 cent rain poncho, flapping in the wind, wearing an aero helmet on S80 deep dish wheels, doesn’t quite work out. Anyway, I keep riding to the next aid station where I have warmed up some, rip the poncho off, and keep going. I already know I am fading fast, but just keep riding along.  I begin counting down the miles, first it is just to Frankston and back, then just the short morning ride to Black Rock and back, then as I crest the hills leading into town it is just riding down to MSAC for training. At the last aid station I throw off my two old water bottles and pick up 2 fresh Ironman water bottles, while I didn’t need the drinks, fresh water bottles are always appreciated.  The ride is almost over.

After transition I just have a marathon to go. I begin plodding along, it is still raining, it actually had never stopped raining. I begin the run at around a 6:00 pace, then pick it up to around a 5:30 pace. It fluctuates around between the two, walking through the aid stations, and running the 2.5k’s between them. I get to the turnaround point and begin the 10k run back to town. I continue the run/walk combo, except the pace has probably dropped to around a 6:30. My current goal is to keep from getting lapped by Barry, one of the other racers I know, which i just managed by about 5 minutes. As I began the second lap, the toll on my body was starting to set in. I tried eating part of an Ascend Recovery bar, but my stomach was not having any of it. I then tried a cookie and some pretzels, and those weren’t settling much better either. I began adding a short walk between the aid stations now, and the thousands of spectators lining the run course, in the pouring rain, really began helping me move. They would see me walking towards them, read my name and start cheering for me. They would yell at me to start jogging, keep in it, one guy even said why would you come all the way to New Zealand from the US just to walk the ironman. As I began to jog again, the entire group would start cheering and clapping, it kept me going for at least a km. At the last turnaround point I just had 10km to go, I thought to myself, this is just a morning run, nothing to it. I can do it.  I kept the jog/walk/stop at port-a-potty/walk/jog etc. all the way back to Taupo. The sun was setting…actually I didn’t see it set, I didn’t see the sun the entire day, but it was getting darker, and I didn’t want to be issued with a glow-stick, that means you have been on course too long.

With less than a km to go, I knew I was going to make it, and began reflecting back on the journey, the 1000’s of km biking, the 100’s of km’s running, the countless early morning in the pool swimming back and forth. While I didn’t feel like I had a great race, or really even a good race, I had completed my first Ironman. As I ran down the finish chute, I gave a few people hi-5s, and ran towards the line. Mike Reiley, ‘The Voice of Ironman’ called me across the line with, “Mike Murray, YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” I collected the medal, the towel, got checked out by medical, and went to the recovery area. I grabbed a cup of tomato soup, and just sat down to think about the day.

It was a tough day.  The conditions were horrible. It rained 69mm, over 2” during the day.  It never got much above 17c (~64f). My neck and shoulders were so tight from riding on the TT bars, my left knee hurt, my little toe had a blister on it, and my stomach was still not wanting to eat. It had been a long day, I ended up with a 12:23, about an hour slower than I was shooting for, but seeing how my lead up to the race wasn’t ideal, I was happy to just be out there.

Well, I have probably written enough on the race.  The entire week was a great experience.  The motivation and inspiration I gained from the carb party was great, and I am looking forward to racing my next Ironman. Thanks for all your support during the year and out on the course.

Well before my flight leaves I should probably grab some gelato.




Looking out the window now it’s hard to recall that summer has just passed. Sunday however was another story, what a great day for a race! The sun was shining the wind was…well there was no wind! For our core athletes Sunday was a reminder of why we train through winter to race in the beautiful sunshine. For the Try the Tri’s hopefully it put them in good stead to continue training and smash their already awesome effort on the weekend.

The TA Taj was buzzing with activity and bags as our athletes scrambled to get their wettie’s on. This would be a good time to mention that with some of our more creative athletes we are working on a solution for bag storage to free up room in the tent!

Down at the water those who took the opportunity to get down early and check out the elites or earlier wave starts would have benefited from seeing just how far you could run into the water. Great for those who don’t love the swim leg 😉 A few lessons were learnt though, as getting a good start out in front may have resulted in the stronger swimmers catching up and swimming over you. One of the great aspects of this sport is that there is always something to take from race day giving us opportunities to improve.

The bike leg was a dream, flat and wind free wahoo!! Coach JC was hardly able to contain his excitement as he saw those who attended his skills session  move around the corners with stealth and style, great work guys. For those who think they could use some help with cornering and riding technique make sure you check out the newsletter for details on how to get on board.

Conditions once again provided for a super fast run course and out to prove that was Claire Gifford & Sean Fleming both putting in a solid effort.

In transition the Try the Tri’s strutted their stuff looking like pro’s, they may have reminded the rest of us to polish up on our own prowess.

A great effort had by all including the cheer squad, so overwhelmed by the sheer number of Tri alliance kits on the field. Their memory for names was challenged but thankfully you can always fall back on “GO TRI ALLIANCE” leaving all of the spectators wondering who Tri Alliance is and why aren’t we involved?

So many athletes to mention so little page space left. If we miss you make sure you email us with how you went.  We love to hear how you are going!

PB’s all round

Jason Fisher solid work

Amnon Trebish by 11mins!!!!

Narelle Crooks had a great hit out on the bike whilst still recovering from injury

1st Timers on Fire

Ashlee Good taking out 1st place

Jess Evans loving the distance won’t be looking back

Kerensa Sneyd coming in 4th so close to that podium already

Pam Tunas such an inspiration and already planning to smash the next one

On the Podium

1st Ashlee Good 1st timer

1st Emma Donati to take out the series

2nd Alison McCormack makes her well deserved debut

2nd Geoff Taylor ever consistent, imagine the competition!

3rd Susan Greaves makes a come back

So Close

4th Lisa Macfarlane

4th Karensa Sneyd

4th Coach Greg

5th Claire Gifford

Once again congratulations to all Tri Alliance athletes who raced on Sunday as you continue to make us proud and prove “Triathlon – it’s not just a sport, it’s a lifestyle!”

CLICK HERE to check out all of Tri Alliance athlete results



There are HEAPS of other races/events coming up in the next couple of months that we still have athletes training for, including:

6 March Gatorade/Active Feet Race 5
20 March Gatorade/Active Feet Race 6
27 March Mooloolaba Olympic Distance
27 March Tri X Series – Angelsea
3 April Zoot Triman, Torquay
10 April Sydney ITU Olympic Distance
10 April Ironman South Africa
1 May Port MacQuarie Ironman (Ironman Australia)
7 May Busselton Half Ironman
29 May Ironman CHINA
5 June Challenge Cairns

** If you are racing in either MOOLOOLABA, TRIMAN TORQUAY, SYDNEY or CAIRNS we ask for you to please email Sarah so we are away which athletes are racing which races. As these races fall outside of our normal training program we will be providing seperate programs/sessions to accommodate for these races but we need to know who/how many athletes are racing in these races. So make sure you let Sarah know to ensure you receive all relevant communication.


Want to get the most out of your training?

Find it hard to get out on your bike when it’s dark and cold?

Then make sure you get your hands on a new wind (mag) trainer OR Cycleops PowerTap!

MAG TRAINERS (windtrainers)

Mag without Adjuster $199 – best value for money!!

Mag + with Adjuster $229

Magneto $279

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complete rear wheel – includes Joule 2 Computer

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Complete rear wheel – no computer supplied (use your Garmin instead)

SL+ Wheel  32 spoke wheel $1449

PRO+ Wheel  32 spoke wheel $1149

ELITE+Wheel  32 spoke wheel $949

Hub System – Includes Joule Computer

SL+ Hub with Joule $1599

PRO+ Hub with Joule $1349

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Hub System – No Computer (use your Garmin)

SL+ Hub  $1249

PRO+ Hub  $949

ELITE+ Hub  $749

CLICK HERE to read more about these products

To purchase one of these items or to discuss how they can improve your training, contact us in the office 9645 2223.


Strictly NO Bikes on Pool Deck at MSAC (for swim sessions)

We received an email from MSAC Management this week to inform us that some of our athletes are taking their bikes onto the pool deck at Swim training and leaving them there while training. MSAC have a strictly NO bikes policy, so if this is you be aware that you will be asked to either remove your bike immediately if you have been able to sneak it in OR you will not be allowed access. There are plenty of storage places outside of the facility, if you do not wish to lock your bike up outside, then make sure it is left at home. There are trams that run regularly past MSAC if you need another mode of transport. Thanks for your cooperation on this.

Run Training on Thursday nights

Thursday nights at Elwood we are now catering for those who just want to do a run as part of their training (rather than bike/run/combo session). Run session will leave the transition area at 6.05am sharp and will conclude at 7.00am in time for an open water swim. If you are keen on doing the running, contact us in the office if you want to find out more, or simply come prepared to run!


MSAC Club Cards – it has been brought to our attention that not all athletes who swim at MSAC as part of our swim squad are either taking the MSAC Club Cards with them OR do not have one at all. We have informed MSAC that NO Tri Alliance athlete can enter MSAC without an MSAC Club Card. If you do not have one on the night, then you will be required to pay  the casual swim rate. If you have yet to purchase a Club Card, then please ensure you do so at your next swim session – these can be purchased at the reception desk. Once you purchase your card, simply email Sarah your membership card number and you will be able to use the card to enter for FREE at any Tri Alliance session at MSAC.

Wednesday Morning / Night Sessions

Our Wednesday Swim sessions at MSAC have been split into two separate sessions – AM and PM for a good reason. Due to the large number of swimmers at MSAC, we have had to split the session into advanced swimmers (morning) and beginner and intermediates (evening).

Mornings: Anyone who swims under 2min per 100m

Evenings: Anyone who is a beginner or intermediate swimmer who swims 2min+ per 100m.

If you are unsure which session you are supposed to attend, please seek advice from one of our coaches. Athletes will be turned away from sessions if they are attending the wrong swim session.


Australian Pro Triathlete Matty White joins the revolution of Altitude Training.

” I have recently signed on with Altititude Technology Solutions and am really excited about the sudden increase in performance since utilising the product. After consulting woth the guys at ATS I have implemented the system into my program by just doing steady state riding for no more than an hour about 4-5 times a week. Since using the product 4 weeks ago I have noticed a few sudden changes:

* Resting Heart Rate has dropped 8 beats from 41 to 33bpm
* My overall training times and power output have increased by about 10%
* My skin and general well being has improved dramatically and feels fantastic.
* I also have dropped about 2.5kg in lean body weight in the 4 weeks of use.”

CLICK HERE to read more….

The Altitude Training Unit Matty White uses is the same unit available to you through the Tri Alliance Testing and Training Facilities in Port Melbourne.

To find out how Altitude Training can benefit your training and racing, contact us on 1300 680 874 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1300 680 874      end_of_the_skype_highlighting.

SUPER SUNSET SERIES – This Wednesday 2nd March 7pm THE TAN 4km & 8km


Calling all Tri Alliance athletes, as the season FOR SOME is coming to a close here’s an opportunity to squeeze in one more event or


* A chance to challenge/support a friend or family member

* Because your bored

* You just ate a doughnut and this will SO make up for it

* You’ve never run through Princes Park before

* 4 & 8km fun run is a walk in the park compared to the Triathlons you have conquered this year!

* You need to justify buying a new pair of runners and the 20% you save on entry can go towards those runners????

That’s right Tri Alliance members receives a 20% discount on race entry to any (or all) of the Super Sunset Series Fun Runs.


PRIZES UP FOR GRABS FOR TOP 3 Finishers in each age group!

Prizes include:
Brooks performance packs valued at $150 & $100
3 month YMCA memberships
5 issue subscription for Runners world Magazine
Original Source Prize Packs


Original Source will be distributing sample size shower gel products at the end/beginning of the event. Great for the Swimming Bag!!!!
Emma & Toms Juice Samples
Shotz Sports Nutrition
Free Sausage Sizzle
Click here to Register online today!
(contact [email protected] for your unique discount code before entering)


Event 3: Wednesday 2nd March – Tan Track, Royal Botanic Gardens
Event 4: Wednesday 23rd March 2011*- Docklands Dash (4km only)

Registrations for the 2011 Super Sunset Series are now open!

Click here to Register online today! (contact [email protected] for your unique discount code before entering)

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Tri Alliance have joined forces with an online sports nutrition and supplementation company AustralianVitamins to help supply you with all your sports nutrition, vitamins, supplements and superfoods! So to save time why not drive online


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Please feel free to either contact us if you need your questions answered.

During business hours:

Local call: 1300 680 (874)TRI

Interstate/International: 03 9645 2223

Fax: 03 9645 4448

[email protected]

Out of hours / emergency:

Ollie 0425 731 036

Sarah 0438 358 841


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