This time of the year you can’t go past a weekend without some form or type of race on and last weekend was no different.
Well done to the small group of athletes who raced at the Team Up Event at Elwood on Sunday – an Enduro (swim/bike/run x 2) is a tough format to race, but a great day for training. Top marks go to Daniel Kelly in continuing his stellar season in placing 3rd M30-34 and Mark Skilton 4th M30-34. Harry Spartels landed himself a podium 3rd M20-24 and Luisa Orta also had a great day out racing, and an even better one afterwards as she won a set of race wheels! Well done team.
Next race: Race 3 Gatorade Series, Elwood Sunday 16 February, which is also the Australian Sprint Distance Championships.

THURSDAY COMBOAustralia Day Elwood
Tomorrow Night is looking to be an awesome night for our next Combo session at Elwood. Last week the weather cooled off nicely for us to ensure a magnificent sun set while training. And a big thanks to the team from Mizuno and Running Fit for coming down with their new range of shoes for athletes to try on. Can we just say – the new Wave Hitogami Light weight racing shoe looks and feels amazing. And we can’t wait to get our feet in a pair!

This week we will have Scott from Rocket Science Sports / Xosize Active down with a range of wetsuits for athletes to trial. If you are in the market for a new wetsuit, you can not look past the Rocket Science suits in technology and comfort. If you want to trial a suit, please email your height and weight to [email protected] so we can ensure Scott has a size for you.

For anyone keen for a breakfast or coffee post swim at MSAC this Friday, then jump on board and come and join us at Mart 130, 107a Canterbury Road. Just around the corner from MSAC. With this week being recovery week we thought it the perfect time to get to gether post swim, PLUS we’ll be saying a small ‘farewell’ to Brianna ‘Breeza’ Scarlett. We can’t get rid of her completely, but she will be scaling back her triathlon post Challenge and taking on new challenges on the bike! So come and join us approx 7.30am kick off post swim.  Click here to RSVP.

WEDNESDAY SWIMS AT MSAC: Please note that for the month of January, Wednesday PM Swims at MSAC will start at 7.00PM in the OUTDOOR pool. MSAC apologies for the confusion last week as they dealt with the ‘heat wave’ and had to move things around last minute. Please then keep an eye on the training timetable for any changes to the February timetable.

This all females Triathlon and fun run event is being held at MSAC on Sunday 25 January. We are looking for another couple of girls who may be able to assist/ volunteer in the transition/compound at triathlon Pink – an all female Triathlon. Most girls racing this event are new to triathlon and assistance would include helping setting up transition areas, bike racking, numbering, answering race queries. Basically helping the girls ensure they have a fun and enjoyable race! We are looking for help any time between 5.30-9.30am would be amazing. If you are keen, please email [email protected] More details on the event here.

The Inaugural Challenge Melbourne Event is being held next Sunday 2 February from Green Point, Brighton. Tri Alliance has 48 athletes racing and we are encouraging as many of our other athletes to come down and support either cheering or helping out at our aid station (see below)/.

  1. AID STATION VOLUNTEERS: Tri Alliance will be manning an aid station on the run at Challenge Melbourne, so if you aren’t racing, then we’d love for you to come and support our athletes who are (and the 1000+ others!) by helping us at our aid station. We are looking for enthusiastic and encouraging supporters to help us hand out drinks, etc at our station and generally create an awesome vibe! If you think you can help please email [email protected] so ore details can be provided.
  2. COURSE OVERVIEW AND WALK THROUGH: Tri Alliance will be holding the offical course overview and transition walk through on the Saturday before the race. For more information and to register, please register your details here.


Swim Stroke Correction starting Mid Feb – Sessions will either be Friday evenings or Sat afternoons. More details here. Express your interest to [email protected]

Do you know about the fantastic benefits you receive simply through being a Tri Alliance member? Check out our great offerings from our affiliated partners, including Giant Bicycles Australia, Mizuno Running, Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre, Fuel Right Nutrition, Rocket Science Sports, plus more!Click here to read more!

Tri Alliance is in initial discussions with key stakeholders in WA for the potential launch of Tri Alliance in Western Australia. We are currently seeking interest from potential athletes, coaches or supporters who would like to join the passionate and vibrant multisports community in Perth.
If you know of any one who may be interested, please share the following link and information with them. As we are looking at holding an informational evening (held in Perth) surrounding these opportunities next Monday 27 January.

Athletes racing Challenge (as their A Race) will continue training through this week as a build week 3 (we will have Tuesday and Thursday AM sessions for you), before a 1 week taper next weekend.

Those racing Geelong will enjoy recovery for the first half of next week before a final 1.5week build, then taper.
For any athlete that missed our Long Course seminar last Thursday and needs to chat to a Coach about their final training plans and/or racing and nutritional plans, please ensure you contact the office for a coaching consult asap. This is particularly important for those who are racing this distance for the first time. Ph 9645 2223

Over the next few weeks there will be some big training ahead for our Long Course Athletes, with key sessions being the Long Ride and Long Run on the Weekends. So for extra motivation, and to improve make sure you get along to our weekend sessions. Full details will always be posted down the bottom of our newsletter.

We encourage athletes to form groups on the rides and push each other and work together. There is a time and a place for individual TT efforts and this can form part of your long rides, but no one should need/have to ride their whole long ride by themselves. You will find you will actually improve more by riding with others – particularly if they are slightly faster than you.

Long Course athletes completing either Challenge or Geelong as a train through in preparation for their Ironman race will build and taper as per the normal program (recovery this week).

We will also be holding an Ironman Seminar after Geelong, to assist with your final 4-5weeks prep for your big race. So keep an eye out for details on this. If however, you are concerned with where your training is at at the moment, make sure you contact one of our Coaches in the Office so we can ensure you are back on track and prepared for the next 2 months of training. DON’T leave it until it is too late.

‘Racing weight’ is just one of the many areas that athletes con work on and improve to gain improvements in their training and racing. If you have been interested in knowing what your body composition is (body fat/lean weight) then keep reading – as our Dietitian Margaret is looking for athlete volunteers to have their body composition measured. This includes the sum of 7 skinfolds through the caliper pinch test method. Margaret needs to complete the body composition profiles of 20 athletes to complete her final project of her ISAK Level 1 Anthropometry course. Results will be sent to the ISAK course coordinator so athletes can be kept anonymous if they so wish. Athletes will receive a copy of their report and the opportunity for a follow-up skin fold assessment in 4 weeks with Margaret.
Please contact Maraget directly via email [email protected].

You only get one body in your lifetime, so make sure you take good care of it. And this is even more important for you as triathletes/athletes as we continue to push our bodies to the extremes. Staying on top of your nutrition, hydration and body management/maintenance is key to staying injury free and improving. Our qualified Nutrition: Dietician Margaret Mielczarek has already been working with a large number of athletes, from those wanting to lose weight, make race weight, improve their eating habits, to those with intolerance. So if you need to speak to someone about your nutrition, then contact Margaret today for a consultation.
Hydration: During the warm/extreme weather that we can get in Melbourne is also a big key in backing up from sessions and putting in quality training sessions. So make sure you hydrate before, during and after sessions and all throughout the day to ensure you stay adequately hydrated. This includes with electrolytes such as the Shotz Tabs – which have NO sugar unlike most other electrolyte drinks you will purchase.
Maintenance: Body maintenance for athletes is crucial to reduce the risk of injury, and/or manage injuries and to reach peak performance. Make sure you contact the team at Lakseside Sports Medicine Centre for regular massage and/or physio to ensure your body can continue training at it’s optimum. And also ensure you include regular self massage and rolling into your training week. Never under estimate the power of a foam roller! :)

< < CHALLENGE ROTH > > Are you up for the Challenge??
We have had a number of athletes chat to us about an Ironman ‘destination’ race for next year. A place to race an Ironman over seas rather than continuing to race the domestic races in Australia. And what other place than Roth, Germany! Challenge Roth is the worlds largest long distance triathlon with 5,000 athletes, and around 180,000 spectators come to witness this amazing race.
Roth is renowned for its thousands of enthusiastic spectators lining the course with hotspots such as the Beer Mile and the famous Solar Hill where athletes can hear the crowd before they see them. Up to 30,000 people line this famous hill – you can’t see the road for the people but as each cyclist approaches, the crowds separate like the parting of the Red Sea and the athletes are carried up the hill on the noise alone! This race is touted as ‘the biggest triathlon festival!’.
Tri Alliance is currently seeking interest on who may be keen to race this event (Full Ironman Distance) in July 2015. Please express your initial interest (no commitment) by emailing [email protected]Click here to read more about the race.

NEW TRAINING LOCATION IN BAYSIDE!Tri Alliance Bayside Triathlon Training
Tri Alliance is excited to announce our expansion into the South-Eastern Suburbs and Bayside area of Melbourne!
Our newly structured program will offer swim, bike and run sessions based out of Bayside Aquatics in Mentone and is an ideal location for those living or working in the south-east and bayside area.
Sessions in Mentone will include Monday and Wednesday PM Swim Sessions, Tuesday AM Run, Tuesday PM Windtrainer, Thursday Combo at Elwood plus our regular weekend sessions.

Any existing athlete in the area are encouraged to join these sessions and we are also offering a special of 1 month FREE training to any new athletes joining the Bayside squad. For more information click here.
*If you plan on attending these sessions – can you please email [email protected] so we can gauge numbers.

FACEBOOK – more than a ‘social network’
Tri Alliance utilises Facebook on many levels (like millions of other businesses / clubs /groups) and one of the reasons, is it allows for direct communication to our athletes in an instant. Any changes to training, updates in sessions, new events etc are all delivered via the Facebook medium. We also use it to share pictures, stories and allow athletes to interact with each other.

So if you have yet to embrace Facebook, we encourage you to at least set up an ‘alias’ account and follow Tri Alliance so you don’t miss out on any important or noteworthy information directed to our athletes which may not communicated on email. And make sure you ‘like’ each of our pages to ensure you are getting the relevant information you need.

Happy facebooking…

After the huge success of our ‘Aid Stations’ at Ironman Melbourne over the past two years, we are again putting a call out for athletes, friends, family who would like to volunteer some of their time to help at our Tri Alliance Aid Stations on the Run Course of Ironman Melbourne. With around 50 Tri Alliance athletes competing in Ironman Melbourne, it’s going to be a huge event again for Tri Alliance and so we are looking for your support!
What we need!
Around 80 athletes/friends/family who can spare 2-4 hours on Sunday 23 March (Ironman Melbourne Race Day) to assist on one of two aid stations, handing out drinks and food and generally providing support to athletes as they run past.
We are also in search of two people who would be willing to help us with the organisation of the volunteers. You don’t need any experience – just some good organisation skills! Email [email protected] if you would like to volunteer OR be an Volunteer Organiser and we’ll provide more information! Thanks, Sarah

SPORTS DIETITIANFuel Right Nutrition
Tri Alliance Sports Dietitian Margaret Meilczarek has launched her new Facebook Page and Website Fuel Right Nutrition. fuel right NUTRITION is a nutrition and sports nutrition consultancy aiming to provide comprehensive nutrition guidance to clients and athletes, maximising health, both now and in to the future, and optimising athletic performance. All Tri Alliance athletes receive exclusive deals from Margaret. Make sure you check out Marg’s Facebook page and Website and enquire today to take the first step in improving your health.

This weekend everyone can enjoy a long weekend in the sun – what a perfect way to finish off recovery week!
Please ensure you are aware of the following changes to this weekends training:

  • Saturday 25 January
    Long Group Ride: Easy/moderate ride on the flat for all athletes. Distance from 50-150+km. Athletes will be sent off in small groups.
    Meet: West Beach Bathers Pavilion
    Roll out: First groups will roll out from 6.30am. Will head up to Pt Melb first.
    Coffee/breakfast: Back at West Beach Bathers Pavilion
    **NO Session at Elwood Beach. We do however have a beginner session at 9.30 for our Tri Challenge group for any beginners who may like to attend this
    LIV Giant Ride: For those girls who don’t feel comfortable riding with the group, we encourage you to head along the the LIV Giant ride leaving from Cafe Racer at 7.30am. Easy pace, so no one get dropped and the girls will help you gain your confidence with group riding. Ride to Mordi return 40km.
  • Sunday 26 January
    No Coached Sessions: There will be no coached sessions on Sunday, however we encourage athletes to join in one of the many Australia Day Swims around the bay, including the Great Aus Day Swim, Brighton or Williamstown Australia Day Swim. Ensure you don’t miss gettnig your long run in also if you have in your programs. Otherwise enjoy the Australia day festivities!
  • Monday 27 January
    No Coached Sessions: As with any public holiday, there will be NO Coached sessions, but athletes are encouraged to follow their programs, or meet up for other athletes for a session. Enjoy your day in the sun!
  • Tuesday 28 January
    Training resumes as normal

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