RideYet another great weekend of sun for us while out training with the numbers on the increase again. Although it is nice to ride in a big group when it does get too large safety becomes an issue and we need to split it up. That being the case smaller groups were formed and riding back from Frankston was more controlled.  In these smaller groups working rolling turns and formation is key to keep things rolling smoothly. From the start of this Saturdays ride we will split into smaller groups (10-12) based on distance and speed – this should ensure we do not aggregate into a huge peloton making a potential hazard to ourselves and other road users. As Greg encouraged at Frankston it is also vitally important for all riders to check over their shoulder and be aware for all riders safety throughout the entire ride. Please have a read of our articles below to refresh yourself and ask a coach if you are unsure.



This weekend we will again encourage everyone to have a go on the front of their group and begin working on their time-trial pace as we get towards the beginning of race season which for some is not very far away. Read all about the weekends training here.

PDM_CrowieLast week one of our long course athletes Paul deMan was on a SENSEGO / Triathlon Research Training Camp in KONA and being coached by the legend in our sport – Craig Alexander (Crowie).  It was great to hear Paul’s feedback that our methods and programming are bang on with the best in the world.  Kona Camp Reflection – “It has been a great week. I have been with some great people this week, but as I went thru the week it also reaffirmed to myself the benefits of getting right in amongst the training sessions available to me through Tri-alliance. I found a lot of what was discussed and covered at the Camp relating to all aspects of training echoed and mirrors the sessions we do back home with Tri-alliance, and in that I was really pleased.”

***PLEASE NOTE – There will be no Friday morning swim at MSAC this week due to the Public Holiday.  MSAC opens from 7am should athletes want to complete their swim in their own time. ***

With daylight savings taking place early this coming Sunday morning (4th October) next week sees the welcome return of our summer timetable and the combo sessions at Elwood. Check out the full timetable here to see what’s happening.


NOOSA FACEBOOK GROUP We have another mass exodus from Melbourne to Noosa this year with around 50 plus athletes. If you’re coming to Noosa this year join the group and get the low down on everything that’s being planned. Remember there are several hold the dates for in Noosa, Race day TA Taj, drinks and festivities, Tri Alliance Race Day After Party, Mad Monday @ Noosa Life Saving Club and Melbourne Cup in the Sun at a venue TBC!




This week it was race #4 of the Victorian Duathlon Championships which also doubled as the state championship race.  We had a strong contingent racing with our boys coming away with 4 podiums.  Well done to Jonney Yeates, Scott Memory, Joe Mead and Wright Patterson putting in some cracking times.  Great effort also to our other athletes who raced – these events hurt and coming at the beginning for many getting that speed work in will help in the season ahead.

20150927_111547 20150927_111007 20150927_111201 20150927_110901

We now have a few weeks break from racing as we build for Yarrawonga, Noosa and the Gatorade Series of which details can be found below.

For those who are still planning their racing season there are plenty of opportunities with entries now open for the Gatorade Triathlon Series 15/16.  The 5 race series comprises of Sprints, Olympic Distance and mini races.  Elwood and St Kilda host the Bayside races with Portarlington hosting it’s 30th anniversary race.  Don’t forget Tri-Alliance members receive a 10% discount when they enter and select us as their club.

Another popular event is the Yarrawonga Mulwla Multisport Festival over the weekend of the 17th/18th October.  If you are not racing the Melbourne Marathon (same weekend) then get on board for this great event.  There is the flagship Olympic Distance, Sprint, Aquathon, 5 and 10k fun runs along with Kids and mini events.  Swim in the freshwater of the lake and ride and run through the countryside.  We will have a tent available for athletes at this race. If you are after accommodation we have some people looking to share so please get in touch or post on FB. http://www.ymmf.com.au/


3.Try the Tri – 1st 100

With our first 100 filling up now is the time to encourage others to get on-board and join in. Do you have a friend, colleague or family member who want to get into Triathlon? Starting on the 24th of October we have our first Try the Tri of the season which will be free to the first 100 entering the Active Feet or Gatorade Series or race 1.

  • Up to 5 coached training sessions a week, designed to cater to all abilities and confidence levels
  • Learn all the essential triathlon skills, including bike handling, run technique, transitions and open water swimming
  • Access to some of Melbourne’s best triathlon coaches, all keen to support you to achieve your goals
  • Access to fantastic sponsorship discounts usually reserved for Tri Alliance athletes, such as bike discounts, Wetsuits, Triathlon and cycling Gear, health supplements and sports health care
  • On race day, it’s the simple things that make all the difference! As a special Tri Alliance guest, you and your supporters will be invited to hang out in the TA Taj (the biggest tent on race day, equipped with warm up facilities, massages, bean bags, storage space and a gourmet BBQ afterwards!)

Last year we had a big group of which many are now fully immersed into the club enjoying the culture we have. So please pass the message on – the more the merrier. For more details on this course and subsequent Try the Tri courses click on the link below.




image1Our new cycling gear is now available – we have the new style jerseys and bib-knicks in stock and pre orders being taken for our new vests and socks.

Be ready for the new season in some stylish new kit. For those who attended the Lorne camp we have contacted you with a coupon code for your order – sizes are the same as the existing Elite gear so get onto the shop and place your order.

We do still have some of the previous cycling gear in various sizes still available which is on special to make way for our new stock. Check out the TriShop here to see what we have.



As we get closer to full race season have a read on some reflections from last season from Coach Greg and start to get yourself in the right mind-space this year from the get go. Racing is very much a mental battle and conquering those demons is often the difference between an average performance and a great one.

Jan 2015 –

I was reflecting on Sunday’s Race 2 of the Gatorade Series and the day itself and realised that as athletes we can be mentally intimidated, not by others, by our own thought processes, so here is something to think about.

How many of you were worried about the race being a duathlon, be honest, I heard a couple of athletes speak about this at the Thursday Combo session and saw comments posted on Facebook.

How do you think that thought process affected your preparation, were you disappointed, ecstatic that you didn’t have to swim because it is your weakest leg, worried about how many kilometres the run would be before you got on the bike, feel disadvantaged because you are a strong swimmer. Did you lose sleep over it, don’t laugh some people do, particularly the organisers.

And what of race day when the wind picked up, how many of you thought about the head wind, that brutal head wind that you had to confront on the ride, the one that surely mucked up your perfect race. (There is enough commenting in Social Medium forums about the brutality of the head wind over the course of a season as it is which indicates that we are always concerned about this facet of the weather)

I didn’t hear one athlete come out and celebrate the kick ass tail wind they were going to have during the race, generally it is the woe is me, this is going to be harder than I thought.

Yet results can tell a story, first time podium finishers in their first Olympic Distance event, top ten performances, they were all there and for other athletes they will have let the conditions get the better of them. Mentally they will have allowed a weather condition to affect their race.

We train in all conditions (when it is safe to do so), we train in those conditions so when the time comes and you are confronted with a situation that isn’t ideal, you have an experience bank to draw on, that’s one of the reasons why it is important that we train in those conditions and you are not just a fair weather performer.

It is always a good time to reflect after an event, were you a mentally intimidated athlete? Even just a little? Take stock and make sure you don’t allow an uncontrollable to intimidate you in the future.

Coach Greg



falls-creek-trip-3-6-1-12-186Our next home based training spike is Hell Week (just before Christmas) and the next Camp is Falls Creek at the beginning of January.

For those who wonder what Hell week is read about last year here – this year it will be from the 19th-27th December.

For the Falls Creek camp (1st-8th January 2016) we have a very limited number of spots left (3 in our accommodation to be precise) so please email Scott to get your name down on the list.  We will then be contacting these athletes within the next few weeks regards a deposit to lock in their place.



PKcycleOn Friday 4 December, Joel Knott will begin his epic journey from Melbourne to Bunbury – on a bicycle.

Why?  He’s raising money for and awareness of Motor Neurone Disease, a tragic illness that is slowly claiming the life of his dear father Percival (Val) Knott.

Sadly, there is no cure for MND. Currently 1,900 Australians have the disease, which attacks the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, causing the muscles that control movement, speech, breathing and swallowing to weaken.

The PK Cycle is named in Val’s honour.  It starts in Melbourne, Joel’s home for the past 11 years and ends in Bunbury where Joel grew up and where his parents still live.  The 3700-kilometre trip across the unforgiving yet spectacular Nullarbor Plain and via Perth will take Joel 20 days.

At 38 years of age, Joel is an accomplished cyclist, but this challenge of endurance will push even him to the limit.  He plans to cycle 200 kilometres a day, with the help of a small support crew and a few friends who’ll ride with him along the way.

For more information on this worthy cause and to get involved please read more on the following document: PK Cycle – Sponsorship Request.








2015-triathlon-calendar-12 Please ensure you check the calendar regularly to ensure you know where and when sessions are. This weekends highlights (please ensure you check your program or consult a coach so you attend the appropriate session and know your distances – remember you are accountable too!):

  • Friday 2nd – NO SESSIONS – please follow own program
  • Saturday  3rd – Elwood – First group to roll @6:30am.  Distances based on programs and abilities. Coaches will group you on the morning based on athlete attendance. From 55k to 150k. Facebook group here. Please post your planned ride to assist with groupings.
  • Sunday 4th – Running at MSAC @8am with Ollie and Fairfield long run with Coach Greg @8am

When out riding please do so safely and pay attention to all the road rules and others using the road.  Read on for a guide to cycling etiquette and bike road safety and ethics.

When riding on a Tri-Alliance coached road ride it is a requirement to wear team colours. This helps keep and identify the group together and provides more safety in the fact that other riders from outside the group are less likely to join in the group – we do not know them or their riding abilities.


Safe & Happy Training 

Tri Alliance

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