Following recovery week including a cruisey ride along Beach Road on Saturday and enjoyable trail run in the hills on Sunday with Coach Greg, athletes should all be pumped for a solid couple of weeks of training ahead. Coach Ollie is finalising next months programs as we speak and communication about this will be out before next week. Things are starting to slowly ramp up now though so those who have done the technique and base conditioning over the past few months will reap the rewards as their bodies adapt and grow to the increased training loads. We are very pleased with how most athletes are tracking. If  you are worried that you are falling behind or are still missing the motivation to train consistently. Contact us straight away. The sooner you can get on top of this the easier it will be later on.

Was great to see Caroline Houston on Saturday at our post ride coffee at 2 Doors Down. Caroline got knocked off her bike a couple of weeks ago and is on the road to recovery, word is she will be back at training VERY soon!

Best wishes go to Coach Bernadette as she heads in for the first of her two hip operations over the next month tomorrow. Bdette will be out of action from coaching for a few weeks as she recovers just in time to go in time for her second op! We wish you well for a speedy recovery!

Ever wonder what keeps us motivated as Coaches? This is just one example of why we love what we do. Thanks Michelle…

“To all at Tri-Alliance: today is 1 year exactly since I joined TA. While there is a much, much more important anniversary tomorrow that will involve many emotions, I wanted to pause and take a moment to thank all of you.

Ollie, Sarah, Emma and all the other coaches, together with everybody else who is part of the TA family. Too numerous to mention, but you all know who you are. 

I am very proud of what I have achieved over the last 12 months, but none of this would have happened without all of you. The passion, the commitment, the love, the care, the support, the determination, the fun, the celebration, that you all show each other and have showed me is truly inspiring and humbling. I feel very privileged to be a part of the TA family. Thank you to all of you – you have each made a huge impact on my life and I look forward to many more fantastic shared experiences with all of you.”
TA Athlete Michelle Grocock

We had a huge turn out on Saturday for our group ride and JC Tribute Ride.
An emotional weekend for many and it was fantastic to see everyone together and supporting each other. Well done on a safe ride – and what a magnificent day for it. It was also great to see Janine – Johns sister over from Tassie and spend some time with her. On Sunday night we reluctantly removed the Ghost Bike from his site, we will keep athletes posted on permanent memorial as we continue discussion with council. Stay safe.

Our training timetable for the coming month has been updated. So ensure you check out session details over the next four weeks as some times and locations have changed slightly. And if you haven’t figured it out yet – the timetable is interactive – so click on the individual sessions for more details. We are still working on developing a windtrainer and/or additional run at the North/West area so stay tuned for this also.

Changes to the timetable starting next week include:
Tuesday 6.00pm windtrainer start for long course athletes
Wednesday 5.45am swim start for advanced athletes
Thursday 6.00pm run start for long course athletes

*If you are not able to make the start times for any of these sessions, do not stress. Arrive when you can, ensure you complete an easy warm-up and then join in the main set. 

We are excited as we are about to release our new clothing range! New Partners, new manufacturers, new design and a whole new look! We will have a bigger range of apparel available including one and two piece race suits for both male and female and we will also have an Elite range – for those who are after technical racing gear. The quality, look and feel of our gear is going to be of a high standard but at the same time within a price range everyone can afford. Stay tuned in the next week for pre orders and we get ready for the season ahead.

We are introducing a new initiative – New Athlete Inductions for our new athletes to attend each month, with our first one being held on Sunday 19 August. These inductions will help ensure our athletes settle into the squad, know and understand their training programs, how our training and phases work and answer any questions you may have as a new athlete. We believe this will be a great addition to athletes starting their training with us during the season. If you commenced with Tri Alliance in the last 6 weeks keep an eye out on communications to you on this. And if you started earlier than 6 weeks ago but feel you would benefit from this induction please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Athlete Induction’ so we can put you on the list.

We have arranged for the Olympics Opening Ceremony to be replayed from 10am at the BikeLab on Saturday.  So after your ride, make sure you hang around for a coffee, feed and see if you can spot TA athlete Nathan Sims sneaking in with the Australian athletes for the team march! And we here he has been training with some of the marathon runners – so look out when he gets back! 🙂

We currently have 35 athletes who will be competing in the Melbourne Half Marathon and another 30 in the Full Marathon. So we will have a big team running into the G in October! Communication about training for the Half/Full Marathon will be out tomorrow.  If you are competing in an event at Melbourne Marathon and haven’t completed the following survey ensure you do ASAP.  If you do not complete this survey you will not receive the training information. CLICK HERE to complete the survey

Our next Team Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 August 6pm. Location TBC.
Lock this date in your diaries and we have a plenty of info to share with you prior to heading into the final few months before race season.

Planning is already starting for our Pre Season Camp scheduled for the weekend of 21-23 September. We are just finalising details including location and costing but it will be similar to last year – around $250 for 2 nights, training and accommodation. This is our second biggest camp for the year and is perfect timing leading into the start of the triathlon season. Expressions of interest to be sent to [email protected] with the email subject line ‘Pre Season Camp’.

With busy lanes at MSAC it is important for all athletes to request feedback from coaches if they are concerned about their technique/stroke. Coaches strive to observe all swimmers and correct their technique faults however with larger numbers this becomes more difficult. Coaches are here to educate and assist athletes in developing a competent swim technique and reaching their potential

No questions are right, wrong too big or small – so if you feel you need some additional feedback don’t hesitate to ask one of our experienced coaches, they are more than happy to help out.

We have a number of athletes who have already locked themselves in for this years genovese Kinglake Ride on SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER. As partners of the event, Tri Alliance has again been able to secure a great discount for all Tri Alliance Athletes – 10% off either the 70km or 115km events. So if you are keen to enter, simply email [email protected] and we will provide you with a unique code to enter.

We are starting to plan heavily around the time that Coaches Ollie and Sarah are away in the USA for the Half Ironman and Ironman World Championships. Both Coaches will be away from 30 Aug returning 18 Oct (7 weeks). During this time Coaches will be on email however will have limited contact with athletes. If you feel you need to schedule in time with either coach prior to they depart make sur eyou look at booking in early as their diaries are already filling up. Contact the office on 9645 2223 or email [email protected] if you would like to discuss further.

With the new financial year, comes the new Triathlon Membership year. Your 2011/2012 Triathlon Victoria membershipas are now no longer valid and you will need to renew for the 2012/2013 Season. By being a member of a Triathlon Squad/Club your membership fees have actually DECREASED this year – only $120. Simply nominate Tri Alliance as your squad when renewing. CLICK HERE for more information and to renew your membership today!

Please find below programmed rides for this weekend. Please ensure you follow your program distances and attend the ride group that is to your ability, level and what you are training for. Coaches will provide briefs on the ride, but will not necessarily be on each of the ride distances. All riders should now be confident and comfortable to ride in a group, and know road rules and signalling. We have worked extremely hard over the past few months to educate riders on safe riding and we expect all Tri Alliance athletes to abide by not only the road rules, but also safe riding ettiquette and riding ethics. Next week we will commence beginner specific rides again.  If you are unsure of which group you should be riding in please contact us in the office on 9645 2223.

Group 1: Advanced Riders Busselton
Meet: Cnr Oaklands Rd and Sunbury Rd, Bulla
Time: 6.45 brief for 6.50am start
135km Wildwood > Romsey > Mount Macedon > The Cross

Group 2: Advanced Riders, Shepparton/Canberra & Worlds
Meet: Cnr Oaklands Rd and Sunbury Rd, Bulla
Time: 6.45 brief for 6.50am start
110km Wildwood > Romsey > Mount Macedon > Return

Group 3: Intermediate Riders Busselton
Meet: TAHQ@BikeLab 90-92 Inkerman Street StKilda
Time: 6.50 brief for 7.00am start
120km TAHQ@BikeLab > Frankston > Mornington > Mount Martha Return

Group 4: Intermediate Riders Shepparton/Canberra & Olympic Distance
110km TAHQ@BikeLab > Frankston > Mornington Return
Meet: TAHQ@BikeLab 90-92 Inkerman Street StKilda
Time: 6.50 brief for 7.00am start

Group 5:  Intermediate & Beginner Riders Sprint/Olympic Distance
50-90km TAHQ@BikeLab > Mordialloc (50km) Station Street (70km)Frankston Return (90km)
Meet: TAHQ@BikeLab 90-92 Inkerman Street StKilda
Time: 6.50 brief for 7.00am start
Post ride coffees will be at TAHQ@BikeLab – including the replay of the Olympic Opening Ceremony from 10am. So make sure you hang around for a coffee or feed and enjoy!

Safe Riding!
Team Tri Alliance

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