Thurs 22 – Thurs 29 Dec

The much anticipated Hell Week has been a tradition over Christmas for a number of years and this year it is back! Hell week is about completing as much as you can during the week between Christmas and New Year. It does not mean that you have to, sessions are not compulsory and there are a number of people away during this time, but it is a chance to challenge yourself above and beyond what you normal do in a week.  It will add a good spike to your training (similar to our training camps) before you have a few days off over New Year and be ready and raring to go in 2012!

During Hell Week there is a Ride, Run and Swim programed for most days. Coaches will be in attendance and will organise the groups, but it is expected that all athletes that attend are competent to ride/run/swim by themself. This is particularly important while riding, ensuring you have necessary gear including nutrition, hydration, spares and equipment for the bike and be appropriately dressed for the weather. REMEMBER Melbourne can produce anything – so make sure you always check the weather forecast and radar before you head out the door.

Everyone will be different in which days they have off work, when they can train and what level of distance and intensity they can complete. Hell Week is based on VOLUME training – and not INTENSITY, so keep this in mind when starting out on Day 1 that there are 6 more days to go! Consistency is the key! The below is a GUIDELINE of distances athletes can try and complete during the week based on their training level. Please seek coach’s advice where necessary – particularly if you are managing an injury or coming back from injury. Click here to recap the 2009 Hell Week in the perspective of one athlete. Have a read and draw some inspiration!


If you are attending the Falls Creek Training camp the first week in January, please be mindful of the volume you complete during this week as we have a big week planned in Falls Creek.

If you are a social athlete – you can attend as many sessions as you like over this time! We will not be scanning athlete ID’s during this period. 10 Session pass holders however are required to bring their pass and see a coach before starting.

Please also keep an eye on our facebook page for any changes to session days/times. Details should only change though due to adverse weather conditions, but please ensure you keep up to date.

Please also remember that the TA Headquarters is CLOSED from Thursday 22 Dec, returning Tuesday 3 January.

: All rides will leave from Elwood Lifesaving Club at 6.00am sharp. Ride will head up to Port Melbourne then back towards Mordialloc, Frankston and return back to Port Melbourne for those doing 100+ kms. Feel free to join the group if you live along the way or start earlier and join in if you need to get away early. Athletes must ensure they have 2 x tubes, levers, air/cannisters and sufficient nutrition and hydration for the duration of the ride. There will be no food stops. Please also ensure you familiarise yourself with our Bike Road Rules and Safety and Cycling Etiquette for riding in a group, to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable ride. There will be various coaches on the rides over the week however they are not specifically coached sessions. They are organised group rides only.

Runs: There are two alternatives, to either complete a shorter run off the bike (come prepared to the ride with your run gear) OR run at lunchtime or later in the day. There are no scheduled run sessions, so be disciplined to try and fit them into your day.  Feel free to chat to others and arrange meet-up times or touch base with others via our facebook page.

Swims: Will alternate between swimming at Elwood Beach, Brighton Beach and Sandringham Beach. This allows us to familiarise and practise swimming at our next Gatorade/Active Feet Race venues (Brighton Race 4, Sandringham Race 5). Please ensure you arrive PRIOR to the start time so you are ready to swim at 6.00pm sharp. Feel free to bring post training food to share and earn big brownie points! 😉











Elwood Beach:
Meet near the Elwood Lifesaving Club. Parking restrictions apply after 8am. There are a small amount of free car parks.
Brighton Beach:
Meet at Green Point Brighton, there is a large memorial and car parking off Beach Road in-between Were Street and South Road, Brighton. This is the race venue for Race 3. Meet in the carpark and then head down at the beach. Bring coins for parking.
Sandringham Beach
: Jetty Road Sandringham. Turn into Jetty Road just after Sandringham Football Club (if coming from the city). Meet in carpark and then head down to the beach. Bring coins for parking.

Any queries?? Please post in comments below!

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