Saturday 6 August
With just under 6 weeks to go until the Genovese Kinglake ride, official training partner Tri Alliance is excited to announce the Will Walker Training Challenge!

Will Walker was a professional cyclist from Western Australia who powered up the Kinglake climb (7.2km) in a super-fast time of 15 minutes and16 seconds.

On Saturday 6 August, in conjunction with SuperSprint and Video Splits, Tri Alliance is offering you the opportunity to give Will a run for his money and have your Kinglake climb timed and recorded! This is a fantastic way to check in on your training progress and direct any questions you may have to our experienced cycling coaches. For Tri Alliance athletes, this will form part of your training ride for the weekend, already schedualed for Kinglake.

Want to know what you are up against?
Will Walker Stats:
Total Time: 15min 16sec
Average Speed: 28.3km/h
Average Heart Rate: 178bpm
Average Cadence: 88rpm
Average Watts: 387.8

The Challenge!
7.2km timed ride up Kinglake.
All ride groups will head out from their designated ride starting points (see below) and all will regroup at StAndrews Tennis Club (around 8.30am), where you will be instructed on the challenge by our coaches and head out in smaller groups (approx 10 riders) to the start line. *Note the start line is NOT at St Andrews, it is around 5km past StAndrews (and past the steep initial climb of Kinglake). All riders will then regroup at the top of Kinglake (bakery). Once groups have reformed you will then continue the remainder of the training ride.

Timed Starting Point: “Winding ride sign” approx 5km out of St Andrews towards Kinglake. This will be clearly marked. Make sure you start your watches at this point! Any rider with a GPS Device (ie garmin watch/computer) will have their ride timed. You just need to have it turned on before the start line and your time will automatically be recorded!
Timed End point:
60kph sign before reaching top of Kinglake. This will be clearly marked. Make sure you stop your watches at this point! If you have a GPS watch/computer it will automatically be recorded.
Once you have crossed the finish line, we ask for you to hang about on the side of the road to cheer on the rest of the riders. This will make for great video footage too! Coaches will then let you know when you can then head off to the bakery and regroup there to finish the remainder of your training ride.

Ride Groups, Distances & Details
Group 1:
Strong cyclists, have recently being riding 110+km rides in the hills. Confident in bunch riding. Studley Park > Kinglake > Whittlesea > StAndrews Return 145km Approx 6 hours of riding.
Group 2: Intermediate cyclists, have recently been riding 80-100km rides in the hills. Confident in bunch riding. Studley Park > Kinglake > Whittlesea > Return 120km
Group 3: Intermediate cyclists, have recently been riding 60-80km in the hills or up to 90km on the flat. Hurstbridge > Kinglake West Return 70km
Group 4: Beginner cyclists / those new to bunch riding. Hurstbridge > Kinglake Return 45km. Note: Group 4 will be enjoying a coffee and feed at the Kinglake Bakery and heading back to Hurstbridge with Group 3 once they Group 3 complete the remainder of their ride to Kinglake West. If you do not want to wait at the top of Kinglake, we have a beginner ride taking place at Studley Park at 7.30am (Group 5).
Group 5: Beginner riders – new to cycling, or just getting back into it, need to gain confidence on the bike or learn hill climbing. 30-45km. Note – will not be completing the Kinglake Ride/Will Walker Challenge.

Ride Meeting/Starting Points and Times:
Groups 1&2: Meet at Studley Park Boat House Kew, 6.45am for a 7.00am start
Group 3&4: Meet at Hurstbridge train station, outside toilet block, Main Street Hurstbridge 7.30am for a 7.45am start.
Group 5: Meet at Studley Park Boat House Kew, 7.20am for a 7.30am start.
All ride groups will ride easy to St Andrews, regroup at StAndrews, complete the timed Will Walker Challenge, regroup at Kinglake Bakery and then continue on the remainder of their ride.

Wear: Your 2011 Genovese Kinglake Cycling Jersey! These have been posted out to those who entered early. If you have not entered or have not received yours yet, wear any Tri Alliance gear OR a non ‘ride’ branded top (ie do not wear last years Kinglake jersey). Also wear essential items for winter riding such as gloves, booties, head band, glasses etc.
Bring: Sufficient food/hydration to cover you for the duration of the ride. Factor in 1 gel or half a bar/banana (or equivalent) for every 30-45min. (Better to have more than not enough!).
Compulsory: Front & rear lights, 2 x spare tubes, 2 x tyre levels, air/cannisters/pump, spare money, phone and emergency contact details are a must.

Register here to participate in this FREE Tri Alliance coached ride incorporating the Will Walker challenge! (Note Tri Alliance athletes must also register so we can plan according to numbers)

Group 1 & 2: 7.00am, Coach Emma. Long Course Athletes (stronger riders left in Melb) and more experienced Olympic/Sprint distance Athletes (strong riders)
Group 3
: 7.15am, Coach Darren. Some new Long Course Athletes and the rest of Olympic/Sprint distance Athletes
Group 4
: 7.30am, Coach Stan All beginner athletes / riders and new to the squad.

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