Tri Alliance would like to acknowledge a recent media article in regards to John Cornish receiving a 2 year sanction by Cycling Australia.  Tri Alliance suspended John from coaching duties upon notification of the ban. Tri Alliance is currently seeking further clarification from relevant authorities regarding the full extent of the suspension.

Further details will be released on Wednesday the 29th of June. Please see our website for this information.

(UPDATED 11/7/11)
Tri Alliance would like to apologise for the delay in communicating further details regarding this matter.  We have been in consultation with Triathlon Australia on a number of occassions in order for them to provide us clarification around the sanction imposed on John Cornish. Triathlon Australia informed us last week that they are still waiting on information from ASADA before they can provide clarification to Tri Alliance. Until this clarification occurs, John Cornish remains suspended from coaching duties with Tri Alliance. Further details will be communicated once they have been received and confirmed by Triathlon Australia.

End Note.

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