Word from the coaches….
The Tri Alliance family has been in deep shock and disbelief after losing not only a great friend, but a coach, collegue and training partner. To say that the last week has been tough one for Tri Alliance is an understatement. Losing someone is a hard thing to accept, but when it affects so many people it is even harder. One thing that has come from this difficult time though is the support within and around our amazing squad. We are extremely proud and honoured to have so many fantastic, caring and supportive people around us, that has made the grieving process that little bit easier. The one thing that has been consistant in the conversations we have had with athletes is the fantastic memories people had of JC, even if they didn’t know him that well, along with how Tri Alliance is a ‘second family’ to them and they can appreciate even more in being a part of our squad.

Thank you to everyone who attended the gathering on Saturday at both venues and we received many more messages of support from those who were unable to attend. It just shows how much JC meant to us all and it is comforting to know the impact John had on all our lives and that we can all lean on each other for support in a time of need. JC would be extremely proud of each one of you. Read more…..

John's Memorial site on Beach Rd, Brighton

John’s Funeral is being held this Friday 28 July, 3pm Turnbull Family Funerals, 71 Letitia Street, North Hobart. We understand that not everyone can attend (although they would like to), and we are currently finalising arrangements for a memorial ride and ceremony next Friday 5 August in Melbourne. This will include details on how you make a donation to a cause in JC’s honour. Full details will be available in the next couple of days, but please keep this morning free. Details will be released on our website, facebook and other media outlets.

‘Share’ to create awareness. Share the following memorial site to create awareness and campaign for better education for cyclists and road users.

Please Note: Coaches Ollie & Sarah will be inTasmania for JC’s funeral Thursday and Friday, and then heading straight to the Long Course Training Camp Saturday and Sunday. Coaches Emma, Darren, Stan and Bernadette will be looking after things in Melbourne while we are away. Emma will be the only one in the office responding to emails and phone calls, so please take this into consideration and if there are any questions/queries that can be held off until next week it would be greatly appreciated. Please also note that if you have not received a reply to an email directed to Sarah or Ollie and your query is urgent, please forward to [email protected]

August Training Calendars & ProgrammingAugust training calendars have been updated – please ensure you read so you are aware of any training timetable changes. Online Training Programs have been delayed, please check back in to your athlete toolkits over the weekend to view the new programs for August.

Welcome to our newests Athletes:

Adam Djakic & Cherie Beckingham – It’s going to be a great season ahead and we look forward to working with you both towards your triathlon and multi-sports goals!

Will Walker Training Challenge

With around 40 Tri Alliance athletes competing in this years Genovese Kinglake Ride and with just under 7 weeks to go until the Genovese Kinglake ride, the events official training partner Tri Alliance is excited to announce the ‘Will Walker Training Challenge’! Will Walker was a professional cyclist from Western Australia who powered up the Kinglake climb (7.2km) in a super-fast time of 15 minutes and16 seconds.

On Saturday 6 August, in conjunction with SuperSprint and Video Splits, Tri Alliance is offering you the opportunity to give Will a run for his money and have your Kinglake climb timed and recorded! For Tri Alliance athletes, this will form part of your training ride for the weekend, already schedualed for Kinglake.

Register here to participate in this coached ride incorporating the Will Walker challenge. Further details will be sent directly to you next week. (Note Tri Alliance athletes must also register so you can be timed) Full details will be released next week – but make sure you save this date as a ‘must attend’ training ride. Starting points will be Studley Park and Hurstbridge. Groups will be handicapped and prizes up for grabs!
Want to know what you are up against?
Will Walker Stats:
Total Time: 15min 16sec
Average Speed: 28.3km/h
Average Heart Rate: 178bpm
Average Cadence: 88rpm
Average Watts: 387.8

16-18 September – Apollo Bay Training Camp. All athlete abilities and race distances.
Cost $250 for 2 nights, including training, accommodation and nutritional products. OR $150 excluding accommodation.
To reserve an early place please email [email protected]

3-8 Jan – Falls Creek Training Camp. Designed for Long Course athletes racing in Feb, March, April, Olympic Distance and high end athletes. 3 night and 6 night option will be available. Train at altitude to gain maximum benefits!

Training this weekend

If you are riding with us on the weekends, make sure you have read important information about riding with the squad as well as what group you should be riding in. CLICK HERE to read all the July timetable and info.

Saturday Ride
This weekend we have groups 1 & 2 heading towards the Dandenongs together, and Groups 3&4 along Beach Road to Frankston and Humphries Rd. Please ensure you come prepared with all your gear and nutrition. Be ready to ride 5min BEFORE your nominated start times for your ride briefing. The ride does not wait for anyone – so make sure you are on time!
Meet: North Point Cafe, North Rd, Brighton. Parking along North Road is FREE and is non permit. Parking in the cafe parking is ticket parking. Some side streets are permit zones.
Group 1 & 2: 7.00am, Coach Emma. Long Course Athletes (stronger riders left in Melb) and more experienced Olympic/Sprint distance Athletes (strong riders)
Group 3
: 7.15am, Coach Darren. Some new Long Course Athletes and the rest of Olympic/Sprint distance Athletes
Group 4
: 7.30am, Coach Stan All beginner athletes / riders and new to the squad.

Maps and ride details:
Please ensure you are all aware of the ride maps for this weekend. Groups will stay together as best as possible, however groups will still break into smaller groups based on rider ability. So you should always be aware of where you are heading and how to get back!
As 3 coaches will be on the Long Course Training Camp, please note the following changes for this weekends ride in Melbourne:

Group 1 – 110km Brighton, Devils Elbow, 1in20 (x2) Return
Group 2 – 95km Brighton, Devils Elbow, 1in20 Return
Group 3 – 85km Brighton, Mordialloc, Frankston, Olivers Hill, Humphries Rd Return
Group 4 – 50-70km Brighton, Mordialloc, Station St Frankston (optional) Return
Post Ride Coffee & feed, North Point Cafe, Brighton. :)

Sunday Run
Sunday’s long run this weekend is at Studley Park (no run at the West).
8.00am meet at Studley Park, Kew. All levels of runners.
Upcoming races:
(not an entire list)
14 Aug – Yeppoon 70.3 Half Ironman – 2 weeks
10-11 Sept – ITU world Championships Bejing – 6 weeks
11 Sept – Genovese Kinglake Ride – 6 weeks
9 Oct – Melbourne Marathon – 10 weeks
16 Oct – Around the Bay in a Day – 11 weeks
30 Oct – Noosa MultiSports Festival – 13 weeks
6 Nov – Port Macquarie 70.3 Half Ironman – 14 weeks
13 Nov – Shepparton 70.3 Half Ironman – 15 weeks
20 Nov – Gatorade Race 1 – 16 weeks
4 Dec – Busselton Ironman – 18 weeks
12 Feb – Falls Creak Triathlon / Geelong MultiSports Festival – 28 weeks
4 Mar – New Zealand Ironman – 31 weeks
25 Mar – Mooloolaba MultiSports Festival – 34 weeks
6 May – Port MacQuarie Ironman – 40 weeks

Post Run Dinner @ The Palmerston.

Our Thursday Night dinners are proving to be popular (as are the parma’s!) Palmerston Hotel, 51 Palmerston Cresent South Melbourne. They have fantastic specials includeing $13 pie, roast or pasta of the day, their famous parma and cheap pub drinks, you don’t have any reason NOT to come! See you there!

Notices from Tri Vic / Tri Australia
Time to renew your Tri Vic Membership !

For benefits and why you should join view here.
Update to race competition rules
Updates to race competition rule
s – make sure you are aware of them.
Full race competition rules can also be found here

Happy & Safe Training,
Team Tri Alliance

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