Sunday 9 December 2012

When can this just be over??!‘ An athletes desperation around 25km into the marathon leg of the 2012 SunSmart Ironman Western Australia on the weekend. Their race had not gone to plan. They didn’t envisage walking on race day, they hadn’t trained to walk a marathon, but that’s how their race unfolded on the hottest day since landing in WA 5 days earlier. Ironman can be a lonely road at times. It is not a sport for the faint hearted, but it is where athletes are made, and it is where you find all your willpower, determination and search the bottom of your soul to do anything it takes to cross the finishing line and be called an Ironman. No one forces you, no one but yourself. Yet every athlete is prepared to put them self into a place that others can only imagine.

Ironman racing is always a tough day, whether it goes right or whether it goes terribly wrong. It is not meant to be easy. The training is long and hard and the race can throw anything at you on the day. But the journey will always be more that just ‘the result’. The experience, the soul searching, the places you put your body in will stay with you and help you find that result you are searching for. Because it will come. You just have to be patient….. Because Ironman will make you a stronger and more determined athlete.

Busso 2012 – Tri Alliance had numerous First Timers, Personal Bests and two Podium Finishers. Each athlete went through the same race, but each will have their own story to tell their friends, family and training partners over the coming weeks and months. They will question why they do this sport, they will wonder what went wrong, how can they go faster and there will be ‘what ifs’. But in the end most will all have the same question – when can I do this again? An athlete summed it up well when being interviewed at the Carb Loading dinner pre race. ‘This sport is an addiction‘. You go out and you want more. You get a hit, but then you need another hit. You just can’t get enough and you find yourself addicted. And our athletes are no different. After reflection of their races, they will be wanting more and ready to put their bodies through the training to get to that finish line again to find the limits of their bodies both mentally and physically.

A big thank you goes to all our supporters both in Busselton and back in Queensland and Victoria. And to our fantastic Major Partners GIANT Bicycles – a huge thanks for your support including our BUSSO 2012 tees which will be continued to be worn with pride by our athletes and supporters.

It was also fantastic to share the experience with our Tri Alliance Victoria Squad who had 10 of the 36 Tri Alliance athletes racing.

For a laugh, check out our very own Pre Race Pep talk by Qld Coach Tim Franklin to our athletes. Click here to view.

Click here to view our photo’s from the race.

Tri Alliance Queensland Athletes Results:

  • Brad Jones – #668 30-34M
    Swim 52:48  |  Bike 5:17:18  | Run 3:41:48  | Overall 9:58:46
    Brad had a great start to the day with a huge swim PB in choppy conditions coming out of the water in 5th place. To finish with a 30 second PB on the Busso course during a challenging day plus with the extra demands of baby April on his training time, his race was a true credit to his development as an athlete. Next up his the other half of the Jones couple Sarah competing at the 70.3 in Cairns.
  • Kevin Alexander – #63 35-39M
    Swim 57:59  |  Bike 5:10:07  | Run 4:04:16  | Overall 10:18:58

    A long time squad member this was Kev’s first IM race and what a cracker! Balancing a young family with work and training has always been the challenge for Kev but his training certainly paid off with a great result on the day. Next up for Kev is IM Cairns in June.
  • Tim Osborne -#165 40-44M
    Swim 58:12  |  Bike 5:13:48  | Run 4:01:57  | Overall 10:22:10

    With a bout of gastro that landed him in hospital weeks out from the race, Tim O was looking the leanest we have ever seen him and that showed on race day. A fantastic result and another PB in the hot conditions we look forward to seeing Tim race again at Cairns IM in June.
  • Andrew Callow – #222 30-34M
    Swim 1:12:00  |  Bike 5:22:31  | Run 3:44:53  | Overall 10:25:42  
    A man that loves the heat and that showed with his run on Sunday. Andrew looked in control the whole race and Tri Alliance coach Stephen Gage would certainly have been proud of his young prodigy .
  • Mark Pierce – #1074 30-34M
    Swim 1:03:18 | Bike 5:14:22 | Run 4:10:54 | Overall 10:33:33
    After a great result at the Forster long course race Mark was feeling pretty pumped for his hit-out at Busso however work committments made his last 6 weeks harder than expected. The challenges of being an age grouper! Regardless Mark had a great first time race and was cheered throughout by wife Beth and baby Elsie.
  • Leigh Grigaliunas – #535 35-39M
    Swim 1:04:38  |  Bike 5:07:11  | Run 4:21:02  | Overall 10:40:22
    An impressive first IM result for Leigh! Battling a calf injury throughout the entire lead-up to Busso Leigh had done very little running and was expecting to walk large chunks of the marathon. However, come race day this was not the result! Smashing the 180km bike leg with a blistering time Leigh posted a very credible run split in the hot conditions and can be very happy with his IM result for years to come.
  • Paul Thistleton– #1353 35-39M
    Swim 56:09  |  Bike 5:12:25  | Run 4:36:12  | Overall 10:52:43
    With decades of triathlon experience behind him this was Paul’s first Ironman and he’s looking to go around again at Cairns.  Enjoying a great swim/bike leg Paul suffered from cramps on the run and put in a a big effort to get across the finish line in the heat.
  • Yas Grigaliunas – #536 35-39F
    Swim 1:04:38  |  Bike 5:32:50  | Run 4:22:38  | Overall 11:05:11 | Place 4th

    Looking fit and ready to race, Yas had a good day out on course to finish 4th in her category. As someone that loves the long distance training and events we look forward to watching Yas back up for Melbourne.
  • Mark Turner – #1384 40-44M
    Swim 1:01:28  |  Bike 6:01:59  | Run 3:59:28 | Overall 11:09:16
    The Triathlon Gods were certainly against Mark on this day! Firstly getting kicked in the face at the turnaround on the swim, Mark lost his goggles and had to swim without them for the final 1.9km. Not to be deterred so easily he started with a strong looking bike leg before being struck with a puncture which pulled him up twice as he waited for the mechanic to arrive with a spare tyre. Sometimes though that is Ironman and it ends up being about battling through to the end despite what gets thrown at you.
  • Tom Michalak #914 40-44M
    Swim 1:06:51  |  Bike 5:37:50  | Run 4:19:1  | Overall 11:18:53

    Tom’s smile had to be one of the biggest on race day and even the heat didn’t seem to knock it from his face. Thoroughly enjoying his first IM Tom is well and truly hooked and we can be sure to be seeing him running around again in the near future.
  • Blair Venn – #1408 35-39M
    Swim 1:02:25 | Bike 5:56:34 | Run 4:17:27 | Overall 11:20:27
    Backing up for his 2nd Ironman and with the race day support of wife Lisa and his 4 kids; Blair looked relaxed (not to mention stylish) out on course.  Finding the heat making the experience not quite as enjoyable as his first IM we look forward to finding out how soon until Blair laces up his shoes again. Will it be IM Cairns?
  • Dave Doyle – #387 35-39M
    Swim 1:03:39  | Bike 5:18:01 | Run 4:51:09 | Overall 11:21:38
    Sitting in as the hot favourite pre-race Dave looked primed and ready for a great day out in Busso. Ironman can throw up anything though and the day proved to not be the best day out for Dave. Happy with getting to the finish line in the end Dave at least had Faye and Archie cheering him through the whole day.
  • Suzanne McCarthy– #873 30-34F
    Swim 1:02:59  |  Bike 5:57:31  | Run 4:16:51  | Overall 11:22:39
    The triathlon Gods struck again with a gust of wind blowing Suz off the road and resulting in a busted tyre that had her waiting for the mechanics. Not to be undone so early in the race she was eventually back on the road again and will now back up for IM Cairns.
  • Tim Franklin – #465 25-29M
    Swim 58:34 | Bike 5:27:50 | Run 4:57:01 | Overall 11:31:25
    The heat has never been kind to Tim and race day was no exception. Tim had an excellent start to the race and paced himself well over the bike leg to set himself up for the run. However when you sweat as much as Tim you are always going to struggle to keep up the hydration on such a hot day and he struggled on the back end. Fingers crossed for a cooler day at Cairns in June!
  • Claire Schneider – #1208, 25-29F
    Swim 1:07:14 | Bike 5:57:50 | Run 4:30:50 | Overall 11:43:54
    Claire’s day got off to the best possible start with a 5 minute lead over her boyfriend out of the water. A strong cyclist she managed to nip under the magic 6 hour mark despite the strong headwinds to finish with an impressive 11:43 in her first Ironman.
  • Alicia Newman – #968, 40-44F
    Swim 1:05:20 | Bike 6:03:36 | Run 4:37:24 | Overall 11:58:18
    One of the highlights of the weekend was seeing Tri Alliance life member Alicia Newman up on stage receiving her trophy for 3rd place in her category.  Busso was Alicia’s 2nd Ironman and was reflective of all the hard training she had put in leading up to the event. Congratulations Alicia on a fantastic result and your podium finish!
  • Ben Hargreaves – #564 35-39M
    Swim 1:19:08 | Bike 5:58:35 |  Run 4:29:21 | Overall 12:04:06
    Another first timer, Ben would be one of the first to admit he was happy once the hard yards of the training were over and it was time to race. A solid day all around Ben never seemed to falter on the day and is a well deserved Ironman.
  • Ben Anderssen – #71 40-44M
    Swim 1:04:38 | Bike 6:07:36 | Run 4:45:50 | Overall 12:11:58
    This race was Ben’s 2nd time out at Busso and is another IM under his belt. Ben took the race in his stride and showed his determination to cross the finish line as an Ironman.
  • Kerry Ireland – #638 45-49F 10th place
    Swim 1:08:01 | Bike 6:01:48 | Run 5:15:38 | Overall 12:35:20
    With a build-up surrounded in injury that limited her run training Kerry had a great day on course to finish in the top ten of her age group. A seasoned veteran of Ironman it was a PB for Kerry and a race she can certainly be proud of.
  • Alan Kepper – #698 45-49M
    Swim 1:19:07 | Bike 5:55:42 | Run 5:09:47 | Overall 12:41:03
    A first time Ironman Alan paced himself well through the swim and bike to set himself up for his run. With a great support crew of Mel and Jack behind him Alan was stoked to cross that finish line and call himself an Ironman.
  • Krista Page – #1037 40-44F
    Swim 1:20:27 | Bike  6:11:10 | Run 5:07:56 | Overall 12:53:14
    Pre-race Krista’s goal was sub-13 hours and she acheived this with time to spare. Krista had a consistent day out on course with her daughter Eve providing a significant amount of cheering for the Tri Alliance crew. No doubt Krista will be back on the IM track soon enough after now having racked up 3 Ironman events.
  • Mark Gleeson – #499 40-44F
    Swim 1:02:46 | Bike 5:54:40 | Run 5:48:41 | Overall 12:59:06
    In what many viewed as the most inspiring performances of the day, Gleeso lined up on race day having spent the past few days with a stomach virus. Making it through the swim okay Gleeso got about 20km through the bike when the realisation hit him that it was going to be a very long day. Not one to quit he battled through the winds and got off the bike with a very long marathon ahead of him. Full credit to Gleeso for finishing the event. We look forward to seeing him race again at Cairns IM, hopefully with some better luck.
  • Kerri Spanner – #1277 40-44F
    Swim  1:27:46 | Bike 6:29:50 | Run 4:56:33 | Overall 13:09:24
    Kerri has been itching to do her first IM for years and finally got to live this dream at Busso. There was no stopping Kerri on the day and she can be proud to now call herself an Ironman. A glutton for punishment next up for Kerri is a 100km ultramarathon.
  •  Natasha Alford – #64 25-29F
    Swim 1:12:16 | Bike 6:41:22 | Run 5:12:55 | Overall 13:22:29 
    Questioning whether to toe the start line 8 weeks out from the race due to a bad shoulder injury, Tash had a great day out on course and was always seen to be smiling and cheering her fellow competitors. A first time Ironman her race seemed to go according to plan with boyfriend Paul Moore providing plenty of support out on course.
  • Darrell Giles – #495 50-54M
    Swim 1:21:31 | Bike 6:18:35 | Run 5:28:26 | Overall 13:27:45
    At Noosa Triathlon 2011 Darrell completed the 1.5km swim in over an hour. To see him now swim 1:21 for 3.8km in choppy conditions is a true testament to this mans determination and persistence. With the support of Taryn, Darrell can now proudly add Ironman to his growing list of accomplishments and will be backing up again at Cairns 2013.
  • Stephen Anderson  – #68 40-44M
    Swim 1:50:03 | Bike 7:02:50 | Run 6:55:49 | Overall 16:22:46
    With a love of setting himself big challenges Ando lined up to race Busso for the 2nd year running and again on limited training and preparation (not recommended). As one of the last finishers of the night Ando had a bit more company at the finish line this year with many of the Tri Alliance crew sticking around to see the big man finish.

Well done everyone. Our next key Ironman race is Ironman Cairns, with a contingent of around 50 athletes taking on IM and 70.3 events it’s going to be a big few months of training ahead!

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