Racing Form Guide By Greg ‘Zoolander’ Nugentimage003

Welcome to the pre race form guide for Tri alliance athletes racing the Asia Pacific Ironman Championship (Ironman Melbourne) on Sunday 24 March. A potential field of FIFTY ONE Tri Alliance Athletes will take the start line on the 24th; the following form guide should give you an insight into the performance and race favourites for this year’s event.  I will cover off this form guide in ‘racing’ parlance.

There have been many and varied preparations going into the race with some athletes being out for a spell , others coming back from the injury trail and of course first timers. Just who will find the right form on race day will be the big question.

2YO Fillies 


Hannah Makrides F25-29 QLD

As is the case with all 2YO fields it is very, very difficult to get a form line. Most astute punters would advise to just look on.

2YO Colts


Kenneth Lim M25-29 VIC

As above and talk about hard to get a form line, this is Kenny’s first triathlon, straight out of Bicycles Inc, will be very popular when he runs through the Giant support team at the Great Provider.

3YO Fillies


Sarah Grove F30-34 VIC


Evalin Ling F30-34 VIC


Kate Markey F30-34 QLD


Suzanne McCarthy F30-34 QLD


Kathryn Proctor F30-34 VIC


Brianna Scarlett F30-34 VIC


Phillippa Smith F30-34 QLD


Karyn Winterton F30-34 VIC

The three year old fillies (Female 30-34) a field of eight, extremely hard to get an assessment on the field here with the majority of starters being first timers. We can have a look at the shorter distance form to see if we can get a gauge on the performance. All of the fillies look to be well weighted.Sarah grove2

The short priced favourite and lightweight of the field is the Pocket Rocket Sarah Grove, the lead up to the event has been a bit topsy turvy as the Rocket was undecided on a start, one minute in, next minute out, perhaps we should nickname her Hokey Pokey. But on recent form, she will head in favourite and looking for a perfect run through to the finishing line.

Evalin Ling2


Evalin ‘perfectionist’ Ling has had a minor setback over the past few weeks with shin splints manifesting themselves, however, this hasn’t stopped Evalin as she has been pounding the black line at MSAC with a series of water running sessions, with all the hard work that Ev has put into her training a great result beckons.

Kate Markey2

Kate Markey is making her debut at the IM distance, a Doctor at Royal Brisbane Hospital has had to juggle training and a demanding work schedule. Is looking to finish with a smile on her face, however, deep down will be seeking to cross the finish line ahead of husband and fellow IM debutant Simon.

Queensland Coach and Ironman veteran Suzie McCarthy has pretty good form leading into this year’s race, following the disappointment of WA where a flat tyre put an end to Suzie’s aspirations, redemption could be just around the corner. Experience is on her side with this being Ironman number 5.  Is the likely challenger to the race favourite.

Kathryn Proctor2

The Doctor, Kathryn Proctor has also been putting in the hard yards and is really tearing up the run track, has been very consistent in the pool and has made huge gains on the bike, we believe the all vegetable diet is a secret weapon for jet propulsion on the bike. Track observers have indicated the Doctor may not make it to the barrier on time as the saddle (aka the wetsuit) is so tight it takes 3 people and a bucket of Vaseline to put it on. I would call her the dark horse of the field, however, with a complexion like Kathryn’s it’s pretty hard to make that stick.Brianna Scarlett2

Brianna ‘Jiminy Cricket” Scarlett, is always quite chirpy and has had a very strong preparation for this race, planning has been paramount and there have been some very solid training sessions across all three disciplines, has recently suffered a minor setback and although the treatment is consider quite awkward , it’s nothing a good squeeze cannot fix. Look for Bri to give a bold showing throughout the race.

Phillipa Smith2Phillipa Smith is another to debut at the IM distance. Has had a great preparation for the race with some very solid sessions.  Has a few Half IM events behind her and has not missed a beat in training. Track watchers have been very impressed with this filly’s preparation and the Trainer thinks she will give a very good account of herself.

Karyn ‘Rowdy’ Winterton, I’m not quite sure why they call her Rowdy, because you never hear a peep from her (Hmmm, the penny has just dropped), Rowdy has certainly trimmed down for this one and would be lucky to cast a shadow nowadays. Will come into her debut IM very well weighted.

3YO Colts and Geldings


Alan Chng M30-34 VIC


Martin Clucas M30-34 VIC


Simon Corrie M30-34 QLD


Jared Faulkner M30-34 VIC


David Garner M30-34 VIC


Calum Lazenby M30-34 QLD

In the three year old Colts and Geldings (Male 30-34), we have six starters, originally I was tipping that Marty (works for Giant)should have the best prepared bike on course, however, Calum (Brisbane Bike Shop) could be the stealthy challenger here.Alan Chng2

Keep an eye out for Alan Chng, has been training very well, has looked the goods on the trial runs and is somewhat of an unknown coming into the race.

Martin “Marty” Clucas, debuted at Shepparton Half Ironman in preparation for IM Melbourne, had a few ITB issues post Shepparton, (Don’t we all!!!!!) and has been seen hitting the road with some big bike hours and a few late kilometres of run training.

Simon Corrie makes his debut in IM Melbourne, having dropped over 30kg’s for the race, has had an ideal preparation leading in and has the support of Kate. May have to be swabbed at the finish line if the performance is over the top.

Dave Garner2Jared Faulkner

Jared Faulkner and David Garner (you will have to work out for yourself who is the Colt and who is the Gelding), again hard to get a form line here as Jared has been injured for quite some time and has had to nurse a front fetlock (read Achilles), whilst big Dave Garner has certainly trimmed down to race weight.

Callum Lazby2

Calum “The Water Baby” Lazenby aka George, (you might have to look that reference up, think 007) has had an injury interrupted preparation, the front hoof has been giving him trouble.  Restricted to a lot of water running, the boy from Queensland should swim and bike well, let’s hope the run will come together on the day.

4YO Mares


Yasmin Grigaliunas F35-39 QLD


After a fabulous race in Busselton, Yasmin, was buoyed with enthusiasm at the prospect of delivering a stellar result at Melbourne, an injury on the track may have set back her training schedule, however, following the WA form line I would expect a bold showing here. Breaking news from the Brisbane facility is that Yas is a late scratching.

4YO Entire and Geldings


Ollie Allan M35-39 VIC


Brett Archbold M35-39 VIC


Glenn Barber M35-39 VIC


Ariel Grana M35-39 VIC


Andrew Livingstone M35-39 VIC


John Robinson M35-39 VIC


Nathan Sims M35-39 VIC


Nicholas Sissons M35-39 VIC


Daniel Steadman M35-39 VIC


David Stokie M35-39 VIC

In one of the bigger fields of the day the 4 year old horses looks to be quite a competitive field. Last year’s winner Ollie Allan again looks to be travelling well, has been through intense rehabilitation and training schedules. The Head Coach looks to be back in near peak condition, but will be tough to replicate last years Sub-9hour.Brett Archbold

It was a disappointed Brett Archbold in the aftermath of Ironman WA, going into the race Brett was quietly confident, however, as with all forms of racing sometimes it just isn’t your day. Having said that, the recent spell and now lead in to Melbourne appears to have done Brett the world of good, he is flying, with all the hard work that has gone into Ironman over the past twelve months the result should be a good one.Glenn Barber

Glen “The Social Butterfly” Barber, we don’t get to see much of Glen’s form apart from his frequent visits to all the Tri alliance social events, a bit flighty would be the best way to describe his training form.



Andrew Livingstone2

Ariel Grana2

I mentioned before that Karyn “Rowdy” Winterton had faded away to a shadow, well you could say the same about Ariel Grana and Andrew Livingstone, both boys have lost a lot of weight and have been putting in the hard yards on the track, I’m expecting Ariel to turn in a very solid performance at IM

John Robinson2
John Robinson – Possibly one of the smokies in the field, is easily distracted and can lose focus very quickly, look to see if he is racing in blinkers for the first time, this will most likely straighten the lad up and he should have a solid race.number 3 and Andrew to cover himself in glory at his debut Ironman.


John Robinson2Nathan Sims2

Will fatherhood be kind to Nathan “The Stallion” Sims, entering Busselton, Nathan was eagerly awaiting the birth of his son (Congratulations Nathan and Narelle), whereas, leading into Melbourne the tension of the wait has all gone and the mind can focus on the day, I’m expecting Nathan to really shine in Melbourne and have the race he is planning.Nick Sissons2

Uber biker Nick Sissons has had a difficult preparation this time in and comes into the race under a significant injury cloud. With no running over the past few months, Nick has resigned himself to completing the run in a walk. Nick has been fantastic support to the Melbourne crew over the past month, driving the TA support vehicle on the long runs and providing well needed refreshments. Let’s hope that the last 42.2km is an enjoyable one. Word is out that it may be worthwhile seeing Nick at the finish line, you never know how many glow sticks will be on show.Daniel Steadman2

Another to fine down to a very good racing weight is the Farmer, Daniel Steadman. Word is out that he has been doing lots of secret strength training, lifting Hay bales, the odd chick pea plant and other pasture products. Has been growing his own sustenance, if he can get his timing right and actually be at the starting line when the gun goes off he may well have a stellar race.
David Stokie2

Not a lot is known about David Stokie and in racing circles these are always the horses to watch, has been completing his training in the Mountains as he prepares for his IM debut, keep an eye on the betting here.

The Mares


Michelle Grocock F40-44 VIC


Jeanette Linehan F40-44 VIC


Krista Page F40-44 QLD

In the mare’s race, it’s the veterans versus the newcomer an extremely hard one to pick.Jeanette Linehan2

Jeanette Linehan has been quietly going about her business training out of the Hampton Complex and with 12 Half Ironman races and two previous results at IM WA knows what is expected. Looks to be in the best condition of any of her races and may surprise.

Krista Page looks good in the parading yard as she heads into IM number 3, is looking to set a pb after a strong showing at Busso last December.  Going well at training having set pb’s over different distances in the last month of training.Michelle Grocock222

Michelle Grocock has certainly put in the hard yards, recently held back with a minor niggle however, that should top off her preparation. Is the newcomer to the field and the first race enthusiasm may just carry her to the front. Expect a bold showing.

5YO Horses and Geldings


Dean Hawkins M40-44 VIC


Michael Leskovec M40-44 VIC


Simon Madden M40-44 VIC


David Nealon M40-44 VIC


Andy Wood-Rich M40-44 VIC

I can’t pick this one, an old stager and four first timers.Dean Hawkins

Dean Hawkins looks to have trimmed down to his lowest racing weight in years, put in a good run at recent Sufferfest Long Course and Portarlington and looks set for a grand race.

Again not a lot is known about the import from Abu Dhabi (well someone told me Michael had recently returned from there), not sure whether this is his first start at the distance or he has several races under his belt, watch the betting ring to get an indication of his performance.

Simon “The Democrat” Madden has been very solid in training, could show even greater improvement on the track if he would just knuckle down and follow the instructions. I’m expecting a strong swim and bike leg here followed by a long run, if he can keep his form together over the distance should give a bold showing.Dave Nealon

David “Slim Protein” Nealon, has been picture perfect in the lead up to the event, worked on the coat and body image, if we can transfer this to the track could well be one of the leading candidates. Expect a slow start, followed by a very solid bike, there won’t be any coconuts on the journey here.

Andy Wood-rich2

Finally, the dark horse of the field, TA Vic Ambassador, Andy Wood-Rich, has worked tirelessly on every leg of the race over the past six months, raced every event that has been on offer, I think he would go to the opening of an envelope. Strong on the bike and the run I’m expecting big things here. Keep an eye on the run late.

The Stallions


Steve Akins M45-49 VIC


Dale Beehre M45-49 VIC


Jody Biddle M45-49 VIC


Anthony Leverington M45-49 VIC


Peter Rainey M45-49 VIC


Paul Venner M45-49 VIC

Steve Akins2
The clear favourite in this category would have to be Steve Akins, has had a stellar preparation, strong on the bike and the run, Steve is travelling very nicely and would be considered a nice Weight For Age special here.


Jody Biddle2

“The Flounder” – Dale Beehre backs up from Busselton, the king of the race day vomit will be looking for a better outcome in race number five, the veteran has been training solidly since Busselton and is due for a change of fortune.

There are several smokey’s here, Jody Biddle has also been training the house down and has had a solid preparation leading into Melbourne, has benefitted from his debut race in WA and looks to be stronger across all three disciplines.Anthony Leverington2

I don’t have much of a form line on Anthony Leverington, “Levo” has been quietly going about his business and looks to be peaking at the right time, track watchers claim there is a strong dependence on anti-inflammatories (might be cause for an ASADA investigation), expect a solid run throughout the race.

Peter Rainey2

Peter Rainey is a super fish and also strong on the bike, Peter is another to suffer what is believed to be a Suspensory Ligament Injury and has been nursing this over the past several weeks which may have an impact on his run, hoping to get to the line injury free, Pete may surprise.
Paul Venner2

In a similar vein, is Paul “Slim” Veneer, having dropped 10kgs heading into the race and training very solidly over the past few months, the boy from East Hampton looks to be finely tuned for race day, I’m expecting huge results here.

7YO Horses


Alex Angelini M50-54 VIC


Rohan Belmore M50-54 VIC


Steve Bridges M50-54 VIC


John Grant M50-54 VIC


Peter Hinrichsen M50-54 VIC


Mark Jenkins M50-54 VIC


Ian Renouf M50-54 VIC


Martin Sammut M50-54 VIC

How do you get a line on the form in this field? They say 50 is the new 40, is this the mid life crisis brigade? A couple of Ironman campaign veterans, one returning for a second crack over the distance and a few first timers. In recent years it has been the imports and older horses who have taken the younger horses and mares to task in the Melbourne Cup, unfortunately I just can’t seem to justify tipping that same scenario here at Ironman Melbourne.Alex Angelini

Alex Angelini – The Italian Stallion makes his debut at the distance, has been known to get a bit excited at the barriers and has had to be held back on several occasions. If he can control the temptation to race too fast too early may be worth an each way punt.

The Big Fella, Rohan Belmore makes an appearance for his second IM, has been struggling with injuries this preparation and looks to be struggling with the run. Has been slowly improving in the pool over the past months and is hoping to put those steel quads to good use on the bike. Look out for him on the run.Steve Bridges2

Some very quiet achievers here, Steve Bridges has been very solid in his training and should be set for a bold showing, recently promoted to the age group, Peter Hinrichsen has also been quietly going about his business and looks set for a solid race.

John “The Frankston Express” Grant looks to be a scratching for the event.Mark Jenkins2

Mark Jenkins has been prolific in his Facebook updates once again and seems to be travelling well, I am concerned that the past month has seen Mark training without his comfort pony Billie, I’m sure Billie has been missing the long runs as much as Mark has. Is fronting up for IM number 2, so the previous race experience should be a factor.
Ian Renouf

Long, Long time triathlete, Ian “Roofi” Renouf has been very solid on the training track, trimming right down and looking the best he has for years, has recently suffered a training set back and has injured his back also rated a 3/10 on his nutrition plan, here’s hoping that he will be in good condition come race day, otherwise keep an eye out for the screens and an ear out for the gun shot in case he has premature failure on the track.Martin Sammut2

I haven’t seen a lot of Martin Sammut, yet the little track work we have seen indicates he should be in for a very good race, strong on the bike and a diesel engine on the run, we just need Martin to get through the swim.

8YO+ The Veterans


Sue Brown F50-54 VIC

Haven’t seen a lot of Sue on the training track, although has been spending a lot of time on the bike, so not a lot of form to be guided by. Is saddling up for her first start.


Greg Nugent M55-59 VIC

Greg Nugent2

The “Zoolander” moves up an age group and for the first time in living memory has an uneven coat, that perfect tan has faded, he must be serious about this event, the aging warrior has been solid on the track and has left a few of his younger counterparts shaking their heads in disbelief. Never one to play up his chances the young fella looks to have had a solid preparation leading into the race and hopefully a good result will follow.

And there you have it, 52 athletes racing from the Tri alliance stable, they should all give a great showing on the day. Let’s hope that Ironman Melbourne provides them with the opportunity to put their best foot forward, one after the other.

CLICK HERE for a downloadable list of our athletes, race numbers and age groups.

Greg ‘Zoolander’ Nugent


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