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Recovery week sometimes feel like they couldn’t come soon enough. We’ve had a very solid past couple of weeks so this week has been perfect to refresh the legs and body and to adapt to the training you have been throwing at it.  This week also serves as taper week for those racing in Sunday’s Melbourne Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km or 5km events. We look forward to seeing some great results, while others are using the race as a training run – with bigger goals not too far away. Make sure you get your info on Race Week HERE. The all important after party celebrations will be held at West Beach Pavillion, Corner of Beaconsfield Parade and Pier Road, StKilda West from 4pm. Please RSVP so we know rough numbers.

Along with the Melbourne Marathon, this weekend is the Ironman World Championships – the ultimate race in the world of Ironman Racing in Hawaii. All eyes will not only be on the male and female elites, but there are hundreds of other amazing athletes and stories and
Tri Alliance has an athlete they will be watching closely this year. Sarah Brown (aka Canada) trained with Tri Alliance in 2009 before heading back to Canada to live and work (we still hope she comes back soon!). In August she competed in her first Ironman – Ironman Canada and raced an amazing race to finish 3rd in her age group in 10:57 and qualify for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii this weekend. A tough ask to back up for another Ironman in only 2 months. But Sarah has done that and is now ready to race this weekend. ‘Canada’ we will have our eyes on you and wish you a great race. ENJOY the experience as there are not many athlete’s who get to race this amazing race. Go girl!
Track Sarah Brown and all the other competitors Live on Ironman Live.

Last Sunday we had some great results at the Victorian Duathlon Championships  and we now have a number of Victorian Duathlon Champions in our squad including:

  • Ryan Bourke 2nd, 25-29M and clocking the fastest Tri Alliance time of 1:00.55
  • Sarah Grove 1st 25-29F and coming 2nd female overall in 1:04.27
  • John Paul Collins 3rd 35-29M in 1:09
  • Lisa Domniquez 3rd 30-34F 1:14.02 for another podium finish
  • Michelle Grockock 2nd, 35-39F in her first duathlon!
  • Lidia Ursini 3rd 40-44F in her first duathlon also!
  • Other noteable mentions:
    Nathan Simms, 8th 30-34 and 2nd fatests Tri Alliance athlete in 1:02.44
    Mark Skilton, 12th 30-24 in 1:05.31
    Anthony Churchard 7th 45-49 in 1:11.10 and hitting out a PB
    Kerensa Sneyd 5th 25-29F including a 5km run PB
    Viola Nadj 4th 30-34F not bad for your first race!
    Jon Knox 15th 30-34M
    Jody Biddle 10th 40-44M
    Margaret Mielczarek 6th 25-29F
    Sheridan Brown 5th 30-34F
    Pam Tunas 4th 45-49F
  • CLICK HERE for full results

We also had a number of athletes compete in the dash – including our Winter Try-the-Tri’s. Well done to Meg Takiguchi who was first female, and Alison Slater 2nd female overall! Well done also to: Lincoln O’Hara, Bella Plush, Sonuia Noakes, Astrid Roetzel, Simon Gronow, David Plush, Siobhan MacCana and Eloise James.

Tonight in the first session of our Summer training timetable – being at Elwood Lifesaving Club, Elwood Beach. Session starts at 6.00pm, but if you can’t get there on time – don’t stress! You do not need to let coaches know, simply get there when you can and join in the session. Please ensure though that you approach your relevant coach when you arrive to have your ID card scanned and they can let you know what to do to get started.

Beginners / Short Course: You will need all your swim, bike and run gear. Session will involve an overview of what to expect for ‘combo’ sessions. Followed by bike/run combo and an open water swim familiarisation.

Long Course: Bring all swim, bike and run gear. Session will involve an overview of what to expect from your Thursday night sessions, followed by a windtrainer session (easy session if competing in the Half/Full Marathon) and an open water swim familiarisation.


Combo Session – Elwood Lifesaving Club. Starting at 7.00am, but there at 6.50am for briefing. Leave all gear in your cars, we will do a run to begin with.
Bring: All swim, bike and run gear.
If you are competing in the Melbourne Half or Full Marathon, it is recommended that you complete at easy 30min run followed by 20-30min of stretching.
*Please note there will be NO 9.30am session this Saturday

Long ride – Elwood Lifesaving Club. Starting at 7.00am, be ready at 6.50am for briefing.
Half Ironman – 70-90km easy ride
Ironman – 90km easy to moderate ride

Melbourne Marathon. No coached sessions. Please read details here if you would like to come along and support!
If you are not running, follow your program as prescribed. Feel free to post on our facebook page if you would like to organise a group ride or run.
All our training and racing gear orders have arrived and will be available for pick-up the following days/times:

  • Thursday post training session at Elwood Beach (approx 7.45pm)
  • Saturday post training session at Elwood Beach (approx 9.00am)
  • In the TA Office – call us to confirm we will be in the office when you want to come in. 3/20-26 Sabre Drive Port Melbourne

Our partners CBD Cycles have some fantastic specials at the moment on wetsuits AND Giant bikes (or if you are keen Cervelo!)

So if you are in the market for a new wetsuit or new bike CLICK HERE to find out more!!!

Shops have already started subtly introducing Xmas into their displays, which means it’s that time of the year when we start thinking about Christmas Celebration plans! Tri Alliance is looking for IDEAS for this year’s Christmas Party AND anyone who may be willing to help with the organisation. So if you have any IDEAS or are able to HELP OUT with planning and organising we’d love to hear from you. [email protected]


When harnessed, the mind is an extremely powerful tool and the power it can have over the body can be extrodinary. We have all watched clips of althetes continuing in a race when their body has just about shut down. Of athletes going above and beyond what their bodies are capable of simply by focussing their mind. The ‘never give up’ is not giving up when your body has had enough, but never giving up when your mind wants to.

Questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Do you have trouble getting over your mistakes?
  2. Are you experiencing a drop in performance that hasn’t resolved itself?
  3. Do you often lose to opponents who are weaker than you?
  4. Is your training-self better than your competition-self?
  5. Is ‘choking under pressure’ a problem for you?
  6. Is there something blocking your path to success?
  7. Have you recently had an injury that has affected your self-confidence?

Tri Alliance is excited to align with The Performance and Sport Psychology Clinic (PSPC) to assist athletes inmprove their performance and help achive their goals. “We have met personally with Daniel and Dane from PSPC and we believe they are the right fit for our squad and athletes, bringnig a professional and different approach to Sports Psychology” Head Coach Ollie Allan said of the relationship formed between Tri Allaince and PSPC.
Click here to read more…

Who should I contact in the office? What coach should I speak to?

As we get closer and closer to the start of the season we are receiving plenty of questions and queries from all our athletes – which is great! Those athletes that ask questions are the ones that will learn more and get more out of their training. To ensure your questions are resonded to in a timely manner and by the most relevant coach/staff member, please read the details below. Sarah & Emma are in the office mostly from 10am-4pm Monday – Friday (Emma not in on Friday’s) to answer any of your queries over the phone. If your query is urgent after 4pm, please contact your coach on the mobile. Please also note that mobile contact should be reserved for emergencies or out of hours only unless you are a personalised athlete. So please keep this in mind.
So to ensure questions are resonded to promptly, please direct your particular queries to the following coaches/staff members.
Sarah Grove – Administration & Assistant Coach- looks after everything admin based including organising training camps, accommodation, travel, communication, facebook, booking consults, retul etc. Any questions in these areas please direct to Sarah.
Emma-Lise Donati – Athlete Liason & Assistant Coach – looks after everything member based. If you want to change your training program, update credit card details, have a friend who is keen to try out etc contact Emma.
Ollie Allan – Head Coach – focuses on Personalised and Long Course Programs, writing training programs and general running of the squad.

If you have any general queries in regards to training and general training advice, the best way to contact us is actually on the phone. So we encourage you to call us in the office and ask questions. This is the quickest way to get a response and also more thorough in answering your questions. So call us on 9645 2223 anytime – we love a chat! :)
Please ensure you update your personal contact details via the athlete log in by COB Friday 7th October. It is important for Tri Alliance to have access to your correct personal details for your safety. We are also investigating the need for new training venues!!! So make sure you don’t miss out on the potential for training closer to home by updating your address!!!! CLICK HERE to login and edit details. When logged in click on ‘edit details’ on the left hand side.
If you don’t know your username and password please email Emma – [email protected]

Ensure you are prepared for your Long Course | Ironman racing with our Race Simulation & Long Course Racing Work Shop!

With a large number of Tri Alliance athletes racing Long Course | Ironman Distance races this year, Tri Alliance is providing our Long Course Athletes with the tools and information you need to ensure you are prepared! This day will cover areas of Long Course / Ironman Racing including race preparation, nutrition and hydration, race simulation plus more!

So if you are racing Long Course / Ironman this year you DO NOT want to miss this day! CLICK HERE to read more


We are currently investigating the option of a Beginner Triathlon TRaining Camp from Friday 6-Sunday8 January 2012 (sae weekend as Falls Creek Altitude Training Camp) to cater for our beginner athletes and those new to triathlon.

The focus of the camp will be fun/social training while learning HEAPS about triathlon! You will swim, bike and run over the weekend, while training with other similar athletes and having fun while doing so! Location will be approx 1 hour from Melbourne – so you could head down after work on the Friday and easily drive back Sunday.
If you are interested in this weekend – please express your interest to [email protected] so further details can be confirmed and provided.


It is that time of the year when our athletes bring out their time trial biks or put time trial bars on their bikes and start to do some FAST FLAT work on the bike. In doing so, there are a few things that athletes need to be aware of though when riding time trial bikes in a group ride.

  • When riding in a pack you must NEVER go down on your time trial bars – unless you are at the front of the group or are the last rider in the group.
  • When on the front of the pack, ONLY go down on TT bars WHEN SAFE TO DO SO. IE – do not go down on bars when in a high traffic/volume area or an area with traffic lights etc
  • If you are at the front of the pack and on your TT bars, you still need to point out obstructions/ obstacles on the road. So if you are not confident in doing this, then it is safer not to be on your bars at the front.
  • You have less control of your bike when on TT bars – so any rider (particularily if you are new to riding in TT position) should be mindful of this and ride to their own ability.
  • Be careful when on your TT bars on windy days – particularily cross winds and winds that can channel down streets as you pass them.
  • Only experienced riders should stay on TT bars when riding down hill. Remember you have less control of your bike.
  • Remember anytime when out riding to obey Road Rules
  • Refresh your knowledge on general rules and safety of riding in groups
  • Refresh your knowledge on cycling ettiquette

Follow the above tips and we all should have a safe and enjoyable ride!

New Tri Alliance Running Cap!
Our newest item in the Tri Alliance clothing range is our Running Cap.
A light weight breathable mesh run cap, perfect to keep the sun off, keep the head cool or for bad hair days! Ideal for training and racing. Adjustable strap. One size fits all.
Order yours online today! Members Price: $20

Special Race Discount for Tri Alliance Athletes

As part of our Major Sponsorship with SuperSprint, all Tri Alliance athletes can receive $30 off the Gatorade & Active Feet Triathlon Series Entry, or $5 off individal entries! This is a benefit offered exclusively to Tri Alliance athletes and we are excited to be able to pass this onto our athletes.
So if you have been holding off entering, make sure you get onto it now! Email [email protected] for your unique discount code. When requesting, we need to know if you are a Tri Vic member and what race/s you are entering. Please request the discount code only when you are ready to enter!

Nooas Multi-Sports Festival
We are gathering a list of names and phone numbers of athletes who are attending the Noosa Multi-Sports Festival. So if you are heading up, please email your mobile number, and the days you are in Noosa to: [email protected].  We will be holding training sessions and race reconnaissance from Wednesday before the race PLUS we will have an after party on Sunday, and Melbourne Cup Day celebrations for those still up there on Tuesday. So mak sure you send through your mobile, what days you are in Noosa, and whether you are attending the after party and/or Melbourne Cup Day celebrations so we can ensure we know who and how many are racing and we can contact you while in Noosa.


Time to look at getting your TT bike ‘Retuled’!
(3 week wait – so book in now in time for the racing season!)
If you have checked out October’s training timetable you will notice we are heading back out onto the flat (Beach Road). So that means the TT bike can come out of hibernation! If you use your roadie to race, then it’s time to get that into TT position next month, drag the tri bars back out and get your position set up. So over the next 2 weeks it’s time to book in for your bike to be RETULED. Retul bike fit can help you Improve pedal efficiency, power output and avoid injuries. Contact us to make an appointment

Coles School Sports Vouchers

To All our friends at Tri Alliance as part of the Port Melbourne Community we would like to collect the unwanted Coles Vouchers you are being offered when doing your shopping at Coles Supermarkets.

Port Phillip Specialist School (PPSS) caters for children aged 5 to 18 with a wide range of disabilities and has many students who love to be engaged through sport. Last year we had great success and had donated to us 17000 vouchers. With this we were able to purchase $1000 worth of sporting gear. This year we aim to count 25000 vouchers and it’s our students who are learning numeracy through counting your vouchers.

With your help we can be a part of this great opportunity assist us in meeting the physical needs of our students if you would like further information about our school. Please contact our Assistant Principal Juliet Cooper via email [email protected]

Bring your vouchers along to training and give them to a coach who will pass them onto me at training (Yes I am back!!!) or come and visit us at school corner of Nott St and Pool St Port Melbourne and ask for me.

Also watch out for our mini triathlon on Friday November the 25th at Port Melbourne Life Saving Club!

Thanks in advance – Juliet (and Monty!) Cooper

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