Normally trips down the coast to Lorne involve activities such as sun-baking, shopping, surfing and plenty of lattes. Our Lorne Training Camp could not have been more different (well apart from the lattes!) The first camp for the year is always a big one and this year Tri Alliance and had 60 athletes who were ready to take on the long weekend challenge.

The camp kicked off with a light roll over on the bike 1pm on Friday. A small group who had already made their way down the coast joined coaches Jarrod Evans, Ollie Allan, John Cornish and Sarah Grove. Also coming along for the ride was Daryl Griffiths from Shotz Sports Nutrition. (More on Shotz later…)

The majority of athletes arrived Friday arvo in time for the 4pm trail run along the ‘mountain-to-surf’ course. An hour later and 10kms down – including a nice ‘little’ climb to get the legs kick started for the weekend. Athletes were then subjected to their first icing of the legs in the beach. Oh yeah! By evening just about everyone had arrived and out went the giveaways and camp tees.

Saturday kicked off with a buffet style breakfast at the Surf Club. For those who are early risers the 5.45am wake up calls were no problems, for others….. let’s just stay keep away until they are fully awake!

The first ride for the day left at 7.00am sharp (no we don’t wait for anyone – not even a coach!) with groups riding to Apollo Bay (90km) and 60km. A good little hit out for the first session of the day allowing athletes and coaches to see where everyone is at.

As part of recovery after each session it was compulsory to head into the water waist depth as cold water therapy (or cryotherapy). Any colder, and we would’ve been walking on ice! Nether less in we went for the second time.

Over lunch and into the afternoon we had a number of guest speakers provide informative presentations and work shops including: Saucony – minimalist running, The Running Company – how to choose the right running shoe, Shotz Sports Nutrition – Hydration & Energy requirements and Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre – Injuries & Tendinopathy and core strength. The focus of this years camp was on training AND education and we received great feedback on each of the guest speakers.

In the afternoon another run, with distances ranging from 5km-12km. For those in the long group, be careful when Jarrod says there are some hills. Just when you think your legs had had enough we rounded a bend to climb THE steepest run climb. We secretly chuckled to ourselves though knowing Jarrod was going to have to ride his mountain bike up it. 🙂

Most athletes tried to get an early night after dinner at the Lorne Hotel as the plan for Sunday included a similar timetable, just with more kilometres!

Ride groups on Sunday kicked off at the spritely hour of 6.40am riding anywhere from 70km to 130km including the gruelling Skenes Creek loop (tough on unconditioned legs!). Athletes also challenged themselves with ‘Benny’s’ climb a great climb similar to king lake only longer. Rides were followed by 20-30min run off the bike – ahh got to love the feeling of still having your bike legs on when you run!

There were some fantastic efforts on the ride as a lot of athletes rode further than they had ever done before; a fantastic effort on the undulating Great Ocean Road. Coaches were very impressed!

Sunday afternoon we got to chill out while AIS Coach Jarrod Evans spoke about training and racing at an elite level. A real eye opener for many athletes with the realisation on what it takes to get to the top of this sport.

If you were lucky enough to get 5min shut eye before our next session you were doing well as we headed out for another long trail run from 3.30pm. Groups ran anywhere from 5km – 16km of hills. The legs were starting to get weary now.

Another visit to the Lorne Hotel – there is nothing like a parma after a long tough day’s training! Most athletes had hit the bed by 9pm, while others decided it was a great idea to kick on for a couple of beers. The next day it was easy to see who these boys were! 🙂

Monday was the last day of the camp. With a choice of a ride or run in the morning – with the traditional ‘timetrial home’ and concluding with the ‘Aquathon Championships of the World’ 20 athletes suited up in their wetties to brave the cold winter water, while a brave 3 boys battled it out for the ‘Ironjock’ award – competing in nothing but their cosies. Well done to everyone who competed – a fun event to finish the weekend with.

Other notable mentions:

  • The Lorne Hotel Parma’s – definately worth a mention!
  • Sonia Gregul keeping the punctures to herself (4 in total!) and no one else having even one.
  • Geoff talking Coach Ollie into a coffee at Forest (is that allowed?)
  • The chilly winter temp at top of Skenes Creek (must have been -20deg!)
  • The Surf Club lounge room turning into a bedroom for light sleepers
  • Navigating Jarrod’s mountain bike down a cliff – top work Adam & Mick
  • Mick Gray & Dan Brueckner braving the cold water in nothing but budgie smugglers to take out the ‘Ironjock’ award. Poor Chappo did it one day early.
  • Spotting JC fly down Benny’s as we were heading home to Melbourne (don’t try that at home kids!)

Tri Alliance annual Lorne Training Camp 2011, 200 – 400km of riding, 20 to 50km of running and 4 awesome workshops to educate the masses. Well done everyone – see you again next year!

Check out our photo’s from the weekend here

Thanks again to supporters of the weekend: Shotz Sports Nutrition, Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre, CBD Cycles, Saucony & The Running Company,

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