Our partnership with Active Stride and in particular Robson Bond has been a mutually beneficial one.  Active Stride and Robson have been part of the BTS team from the very beginning.

Having the support of Robson especially as a coach on Thursday mornings has allowed our members to receive expert run coaching from someone who has been involved in the multi sport and running industry for over 30 years.

Everyone from beginner course participants to advanced athletes in the squad have benefitted from Robson’s advice not only running but also in how to get the best out of their training and racing.

Like all good things they sometimes come to an end.  People and businesses move in different directions and so we say goodbye to Active Stride as a formal sponsor of BTS/Tri Alliance.  Likewise Robson will be no longer coaching the Thursday morning run session.

So we can thank Robson for his efforts he will be at tomorrow morning’s run session from Active Stride.  He’ll be joining in the run session with us and then for coffee afterwards. We also have a small gift for him that we would like to present at the end of the session.

Join us tomorrow morning to help us thank Robson for his efforts and helping make the squad what it is today.



We understand that with any change it is natural for people to have concerns.  Obviously a change such as this where we have rebranded our name to merge with another groups is a significant one.

We have always encouraged feedback from the members and would like it to continue.  Naturally we have had some feedback over the last couple of months.  To alleviate people’s concerns and give some clarity on certain issues we’ll address different points over the next few weeks.

  • Some are worried that the BTS culture that existed will change because of the new brand and name. 
    The culture is set by the coaches and the members themselves.  Whilst we are in a different uniform and have a different name, the same culture that made BTS what it is will not change.
  • There is a change in some of the processes such as payments.
    Changes to the ways payments are done help us to streamline services so we can spend more time on things like coach development, training programs/sessions and beginner courses.  With a squad as large as ours and to cater for future growth we had to make some changes with the payment system so it could be better administered.
  • Will casual sessions still be available?
    Yes casual payments will still be available.  Our preference will be that people pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly through direct debit.  We are looking into a 10 session pass.
  • Why did we change to Tri Alliance?
    We  felt being part of larger group across two states will allows us long term to offer a better service to our members,  That service includes greater training options, greater support from sponsors and a bigger network for our members to be part of.

Membership for the 2012/2013 season is now due. This year all athletes that pay a monthly fee will need to pay the annual membership fee so that we can administer them with a card which will be needed to electronically ‘sign in’ to sessions. This will enable us to keep track of sessions everyone is attending and improve our services.
The annual membership fee is $35 for monthly members and $50 for casual members. Additional benefits are:
  • Saving of $80 off Triathlon Queensland Membership;
  • Access to race day massage and post-race BBQ;
  • Discounts on Tri Alliance uniforms and social events; and
  • Great discounts from our sponsors.


Our social committee are working hard behind the scenes to create a vibrant and enjoyable social calendar for our members.  Over the next few months we’ll be having different social events for members to get together and enjoy some time outside training.

The first one of those is this Saturday afternoon from 5.30pm at the Shafston Hotel to watch the women’s Olympic Triathlon.  For $20 per head you’ll receive 2 drinks and finger food and hopefully watch our girls take home the prize.  If you would like to come along RSVP on the Tri Alliance facebook page so we can finalise numbers.

Stay tuned to the facebook page as other events are posted up.


Another week down and we move a week closer to some major events.  In 2 weeks is the first race of the Qld Club Champs series, the Gatton Grunt Duathlon with Yepoon 70.3IM the week after.

Remember to be part of the club champ series you need to be a member of Triathlon Queensland.  Be part of something that is really going to change the face of Triathlon here in Queensland.

The Noosa/Worlds camp is 4 weeks away while the Moreton Bay Triathlon is 8 weeks , the week after our IM camp, 11 weeks the first Gatorade race, 12 weeks Worlds, 14 weeks Noosa and 19 weeks to Busso IM.

We still have some more strength/endurance work to get through before we start the more intense interval sessions that get you ready for race day.

As always the first week of the month is an easier week on the bike so River Loop and coffee on Wednesday and then back to Cootha next week.  We’ll also be doing some time trials across swim, bike and run in the coming weeks to test your fitness.

The Thursday morning run session will now be from the café at the top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs with Tim Franklin.  It will be a longer aerobic session with varying intervals on the way and is for all abilities. The Tuesday morning session will remain the more intense session however the Thursday morning is another great opportunity to get in another quality run.


This years Noosa/Worlds camp is proving to be our most popular yet and places are filling up fast. If you would like to come we need to know by the end of the week so that everyone is catered for with payments due by August 10th.

All the information about camp is on the website at . Please contact [email protected] to reserve your place.

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