Body Management Assessments

Keep your health, fitness and training on track over winter!

Winter is often the hardest time to stay on track with your training and over-indulging in comfort foods can easily occur if you don’t have goals and incentives to remain on track.

If any of your stepping stones to your goals include losing weight, reaching your ‘race weight’, eating better, improving your health and fitness and staying motivated, then our new Body Management Assessments are for you.

What is a Body Management Assessment?

Assessments aim to provide you with the knowledge, information and guidance to ensure your health (weight / body fat) and nutrition is on track to reaching your goals.

What is involved in an Assessment?

  • We calculate your body fat percentage through measurements including height, weight, girth and skinfolds. An explanation on how you compare to the average person, active person and an athlete.
  • We calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (calories consumed at rest) and Active Metabolic Rate (calories consumed when factoring in your activity levels). This assists you in working on a healthy eating plan.
  • Calculate and explain your training zones to assist in reaching your health, fitness and training goals. These zones will become important for you to understand and monitor according to your goals.

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Phone 1300 680 874 or email [email protected]


Book in before 31 May: $199 (4 assessments)

Tri Alliance Athlete Price (from June): $220 (4 assessments)

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