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If you ride with us on Saturday’s you MUST read the following.

Our long rides on the weekend form an important part of your winter training – particularily for those who are racing long course. These rides aim to improve your bike skills, endurance and strength. So if you want to improve – then make sure you come along.

Safety is paramount to us and due to large numbers this year we have fomulated a structured long ride program. Riders will be placed in specific groups based on their ability and goals. This will also take into consideration where your bike fitness is currently at – so do not do not be concerned about riding in a ‘lower’ group until you are bike fit, becuase as with any training you need to build up first.

Any questions regarding the cycling should be directed to Coach JC.


Heading out on the road

  • New to Triathlon
  • Not confident on the bike yet
  • Focusing on Fun/Sprint Tri’s
  • Just getting back into it


  • Confident on the bike
  • Focusing on Sprint distance Tri’s
  • Improving bike fitness
  • Longest ride isn’t over 70-80k


  • Olympic Distance Athletes
  • Stepping up to Half IM distance
  • 2nd-3rd season racing
  • Confident and good bike skills


  • Experienced riders
  • Half or Full IM only
  • Building up to 150+k
  • 3rd-4th season racing

MAY SATURDAY RIDES – Be ready at 6.55am for ride briefing!

For the next two weeks, the group rides will be at ‘Wild Wood’ a location at the back of the Tullamarine Airport. Ride LEAVES at 7am sharp, so you must be READY at 6.55am for ride briefing. The Wild Wood ride is a 35km undulating exposed loop, which on days can get quite windy. The road surface is granular and the loop challenging and will include for some riders the ‘infamous’ wall. Becuase the road is ‘rough’ you should run your tires with around 10psi less. (around 100psi).

There are NO shops or toilets so you need to come prepared. Every rider HAS to bring the following (no excuses!) and be able to carry on their bike/person while riding.

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What to bring:

  • Front and rear lights
  • 2 x spare tubes (no less!)
  • Air/cannisters
  • Sufficient food/nutition (you should eat every half hour)
  • 2 x water/hydration bottles
  • Phone and money
  • Dress according to the weather! So make sure you check the weather before leaving home

Meeting point and Route

Click here to view the meeting point and the 35km wild wood loop. Please familiarise yourself with this. Ensure you allow enough time to travel out to the meeting point (behind airport) and get your gear ready in time for our 6.55am briefing.


  • JUNE King Lake: Humevale, King Lake West, Main Climb (Lorne Camp)
  • JULY Dandenongs: Devils Elbow, 1:20, The Wall, Perrins Creek, Tourist Rd
  • AUGUST Various: Mt Macedon, Silven Dam, Emerald Loop, Anarchy Loop
  • SEPTEMBER Beach Rd: Mornington, Safety Beach, Rosebud, Sorrento

By attending any Tri Alliance Group ride, you agree to have read the following

Cycling Rules & Safety

When riding on roads involving traffic, other bikes and pedestrians, it is very important to have knowledge of the road rules and ways to decrease the chance of an accident. Even if you are following the law, it is still important to know what to look out for as others on the road might not be doing the right thing. Here are some tips to improve your safety on the road. Click here to read Road Cycling Rules.

Cycling Etiquette

Becoming a proficient bunch rider takes time and experience to achieve. The key to a safe ride is to always be aware of the conditions we find ourselves in, and to react accordingly. Most important is consideration of the riders around us: what they are doing at any given time, and their level of skill. And of course we need to be continually aware of the road and traffic conditions. Click here to read more….

Safe Riding!

Coach JC

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