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Recently we trained two fantastic people Sue and John leading into their trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Mt Kili is no mean feat, with it’s highest summit just shy of 20,000 feet – a whopping 5,895 metres above sea level. The highest mountain in Africa. This high elevation, low temperatures, and occasional high winds make this a difficult and dangerous trek even for the well prepared. Acclimatisation is essential and even then, the most experienced of trekkers can suffer some degree of altitude sickness. And this is where Sue and John contacted Tri Alliance to undertake an Altitude Acclimatisation training program.

On meeting the couple we were taken back by their enthusiasm for life and adventure. They enjoyed life and didn’t intend for their age to stop them doing what they loved – and that was experiencing the world.

After completing an Altitude Baseline test, we set out a structured 8 week Altitude Training Program to help prepare Sue and John for their African Adventure and quest to reach the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, have a read below how their trek went….

“It was a fantastic holiday and the Mt Killi part was amazing! After a bit of a scare early 
in the 8-day walk when the sudden change in the weather saw our walking track turn into a stream and freezing hail and sleet fell from the sky for a couple of hours, I decided not to make an attempt on the summit. I know I am a woose but I really did start to scare myself re the big night treck in freezing conditions.

I didn’t suffer any altitude sickness at all and neither did John who now goes by the name of Babu Simba ” grandfather strong as a lion” he was the oldest of the walkers in our group by a good 10 years, but as it turned out the strongest. 

He of course made it although he had legs of jelly and felt quite destroyed after getting back to the camp at 15000 ft 12 hours after setting off. I just froze in the tent without him  the temperature dropped dramatically in the tent after he left at 11 pm.

His other new name  “bushwhacker eagle” was given by the flying instructor after he clipped a tree on approach to a road landing!
(John has a pilot license and enjoyed a fly while in Africa, wonder if the flying instructor let him back up?!) 🙂

Thanks so much for helping us get to these great heights. Who knows what our next adventure will be and what training we will need to do.

Susie and John xx

From everyone at Tri Alliance, congratulations to you both. What an amazing effort!
And Sue – we don’t think you are a ‘woose’, you are one brave lady and have done more than most people would even dream of, so well done to you both!

Team Tri Alliance

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