Word from the coaches….
We have received overwhelming support for tomorrow’s Memorial Ride and Service for John Cornish. We are anticipating 150-200 riders in our ride procession, with the Tri Bal Van leading out the riders, and Tri Alliance following – representing the last months of John’s life that he spent coaching and training with our squad.
Tri Alliance athletes are asked to wear any Tri Alliance gear they may have, and are invited to ride from the TA Offices and head down as a group as a sign of unity. If you are meeting at our offices in Port Melbourne, please arrive around 8.30am and we will roll out at 9.00am towards Elwood. (Full details were sent on the email yesterday)
Tomorrow will be a tough day for all of us as it signifies a final farewell to JC, however we have a few things planned in the coming weeks to ensure John lives on with us – further details will be sent out about these plans. So tomorrow, don’t be afraid to show your emotions and lean on others for support – we are all their for each other.
Donations can be made in John’s memory to the Amy Gillet Foundation either at the service or via www.bikemovement.org.au.

We also appreciate your patience with emails, phone calls and programming/meetings over the last couple of weeks. We will endeavour to get back to any outstanding emails/calls/meetings within the next two weeks. If you have an urgent matter, please call us in the office from Monday.

This Weekends Training Ride – incorporating the
Will Walker Training Challenge
This year Tri Alliance has its largest number of athletes who have entered the Genovese Kinglake Ride on Sunday 11 September – 45 athletes and counting!  So this Saturday 6 August, in conjunction with SuperSprint and Video Splits, Tri Alliance is offering you the opportunity to give ‘Will Walker’ a run for his money and have your Kinglake climb timed and recorded! This is a fantastic way to check in on your training progress in preparation for the Kinglake Ride in only 6 weeks! For Tri Alliance athletes, this will form part of your training ride for the weekend, already scheduled for Kinglake.
The Challenge!
7.2km timed ride up Kinglake.
CLICK HERE for full details and to register for the ride
(NOTE all athletes MUST register so we can plan according to numbers)
– Note there is no training run on Sunday. We only have a session for our TRY-the-TRI group. So have a sleep in, take the day off and recover as we have a big two weeks ahead of training!

August Training Calendars & Programming
Traning calendars and programs are now are now posted. Make sure you check out our this months program, as we have a few things planned including our next round of swim, bike and run timetrials and some tough strentgh endurance sessions. You will also notice that half and full Ironman Programs will now split and distances will start to increase for the half and full marathoners. So make sure you are on the right program so you can keep on track with your goals!

Welcome to our Newest Athletes!

This week has a busy week in more ways than one, and so we welcome our newest athletes who have started training with us over the last week:
Athletes returning to training: Annie Clare, Berit Barton, Sandii Douglas & Jonathon Carberry
Winter TRY-the-TRI’s:Sonia Noakes, Siobhan Maccana, Alison Slater, Eloise James, Sonia Krokle, Angela Dickinson, Lincoln O’Hara, Issy Biddle, David Plush and Bella Plush.
Kinglake Training: Chris Petit, Elise Morris, Steven Hollingsworth, Brinn Tavener, Viola Nadj, John Wong, Jan Williamson, Julia Robson, Diego Del Rosso, Brendan Knight

Farewell: Farewell to Jayne Gaukroger who has recently relocated to Sydney with work. Jayne was a great athlete and motivated to improve herself. We wish her well with her new Club in Sydney, but we will see her over the summer as she competes in a few races in Melbourne.

16-18 September – Apollo Bay Training Camp. All athlete abilities and race distances.
Cost $250 for 2 nights, including training, accommodation and nutritional products. OR $150 excluding accommodation.
To reserve an early place please email [email protected]

3-8 Jan – Falls Creek Training Camp. Designed for Long Course athletes racing in Feb, March, April, Olympic Distance and high end athletes. 3 night and 6 night option will be available. Train at altitude to gain maximum benefits!

Stay tuned for some exciting developments next week!

Happy & safe training
Team tri Alliance


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