After the success of our latest beginner course another 15 people have started this week for a 6 week program that will have them finish at the Luke Harrop Triathlon on April 14th.

If you see them at training say hello and make them feel welcome.  At one point in time we were all beginners, even those at the pointy end of their age group.

Whilst this will be our last beginner course until later in the year we are currently planning  6 week specific swim and run technique courses to be held over Autumn and Winter.  Stay tuned as we’ll be releasing the details very soon.

TRI 101

We have a new part of the Tri Alliance Australia website called Tri 101.  This is where you’ll be able to find articles and information relating to all things triathlon.  Our goal is to provide more content and information to our members.

The articles are all be written by coaches within the Tri Alliance coaching team across Victoria and Queensland.  The Tri 101 section already has some great articles in there and we’ll continue to add more information in the future.

Go to and click on the Tri 101 link for some great articles. One of the latest ones is from Coach Mark relating to cadence running.  Go to


Triathlon Queensland  have released the latest points after round 3 of the series.  Red Dog have overtaken us after their strong showing at the aquathlon but with the Sprint race at Redcliffe to go we’re still in with a chance.

Remember win lose or draw we have some fantastic prizes to give away to Tri Alliance members so it would be great to have another strong showing at Redcliffe on the 7th of April.

After Mooloolaba there only a couple of races left for the season especially if you’re not racing in Cairns so a hit out over the sprint distance would be a great way to finish the season.


Well done to Nush Venerwilt and Emily Myers on their race at IM New Zealand last weekend.  Taupo turned on great conditions for a change and both Nush and Emily had a great day to finish and cross the line together in just over 13hrs.

Next up on the IM calendar we have Simon Corrie, Kate Markey, Calum Lazenby, Phillipa Smith and Yas Grigaluinas heading to IM Melbourne in 2 weeks.


Shane from Mizuno will be the run session next Tuesday morning with the Mizuno test and wear shoes for our members to try out.  This has been well received in the past so if you’re looking at some new shoes come along and test out some Mizuno’s for the session.


The training over the last few weeks has been quite challenging.  It has been very impressive to see some of the performances at training/racing and the improvements many people have made over the last few months.  This weeks time trial showed some of these improvements

Next week is a recovery week at training with the overall volume and intensity of sessions at a lower level so everyone can freshen up going into Mooloolaba.  Even for those not racing Mooloolaba it is still important to have an easier week.

In the recovery weeks try and place a little more focus on quality sleep, some extra stretching and actually embracing a few easy days of training.  Maybe it has something to do with type A personalities but some triathletes do have trouble enjoying a rest week for fear of losing fitness.

Our fitness gains are actually made when we recover.  If our recovery is compromised from the work we put into it then we end up delaying our improvement, increase the risk of burnout and injury and not get the results we want. Stress the body through training, recover properly, do it consistently and you will improve.


Congratulations to Jenny Goodwin for winning the February facebook photo of the month.  Thanks again to Peter and the team from Shoes Feet Gear at Paddington for providing the $50 voucher as a prize.

This month’s competition is all about the Mothers.  March is the month for Mothers and we have so many great Mother’s in Tri Alliance who set such a wonderful example for their kids.  Triathlon is a male dominated sport so the more women and Mothers involved the better the sport will be.

Whether it is you and your kids or you and your Mum send in a photo to [email protected]



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