Word from the Coaches….
Well the last Weekly Transition for the 2011/2012 Season – and what a big one it is!! What an exciting time to be part of Tri Alliance and triathlon in general. The 2012/2013 Triathlon Season is going to be HUGE! So hold onto your hats people, have a great break during April and get ready for a massive season!! Again we cannot stress enough how important this recovery time is at the end of a season – just ask the seasoned athletes and they will tell you – so trust us on this one!!) To give you an idea, our top athletes will have 4-6 weeks off training. 2 weeks of that may be active recovery, and 2-4 weeks of doing NOTHING at all. This allows the body to really heal itself, and for you to be ‘chomping at the bit’ to be coming back to training. You don’t want to be dragging your butt to training during winter – you want to be hungry for it. So enjoy – Coaches Ollie & Sarah certainly will in Thailand….  See you when we get back in May!

Words cannot possibly describe the event that was Ironman Melbourne. Whether you raced, supported, volunteered or cheered. I’m sure you will agree this race will be remembered in many ways. You couldn’t but be moved by the amazing efforts from our Ironman athletes – leading from the front Coach Ollie in his massive achievement – 4th age grouper overall and earning himself a spot to Kona. Brett Archbold in pulling out a massive 30min PB and getting a sub 9.30hour. Mark, Dax and Jono on breaking the magical 10hour barrier, Marina getting on the podium for the 2nd time in as many Ironmans, Dan, Steve, Jay, Kev, Brett P, and Gordo clocking up another IM and Pommie Olly, Irish Paul, Anna, Morris and Dean all first time Ironmen. CLICK HERE to read about their expriences….

A huge shout out to our Mooloolaba athletes who took a back seat to our Ironman athletes on the weekend. But by no means were they forgotten! We had some great results by all that raced and landed 2 podiums. This race was one of the qualifying races for the World Championships and attracts some of the best Olympic Distance races around the country. Congratulations and well done to:
Emma Donati – 2:15.34 3rd F30-34 and securing herself a place on the Australian Olympic Distance team to round off a fantastic season.
Geoff Taylor – 2:17.13 3rd has come back to his near top form and ready to defend his title from last year.
Lisa Dominguez – 2:26.06 10th F30-34 in a solid race all round
Lidia Ursini – 3:08.44 10th Athenas put it all on the line and had her best Olympic Distance race to date.
Sandii Douglas – went into the race not knowing how her hip was going to hold up and unfortunately it didn’t. Started with a great swim, but unfortunately had to pull out on the run.
Anthony Churchwood – 2:46.41 to finish off a big season for Anthony.
Mark Skilton – 2:19.51 went in with a mixed preparation but came away with a great result.
Jayne Gaukroger – 3:08.08 the crew had great fun hanging out with Jayne again now that she resides in Sydney – well done Jayne! 🙂


April is the start of our Recovery and Transition Phase. This mean our timetable changes from our current format. Please ensure you are aware of session changes. CLICK HERE to read everything you need to know. Also if you are planning on attending our Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Mountain Biking or 1000 Steps, RSVP’s must be received. Full details are included in the above info.

The majority of athletes will be entering into this transition/recovery phase of training next week. We do however have a number of athletes who are still racing including the Dextro Energy Sydney Triathlon, Busselton Half Ironman and Port Macquarie Ironman. Whilst we support your decision to participate in events during our Recovery/Transition Phase, a line in the sand must be drawn to ensure we are delivering a high quality program to athletes which includes a recovery phase.

So How Do I Continue To Train During April?
For those of you on our short or long course program you will need to refer to your athlete toolkit for session details. The program available in your tool kit is specifically tailored for your race if you have advised us you are racing. During the month of April we recommend that you continue follow your usual routine and note slight programming changes to accommodate coached session changes.
Swimming: Will be held on Monday nights with a lane dedicated to those still racing and Wednesday Mornings with a lane for those still racing and a lane for our faster swimmers. You WILL NOT be able to attend Wednesday Night Swim at MSAC. Friday swims are in your program, however we will not be running a coached session as these are primarily aerobic volume based swims. For race specific preparation you may wish to get a group together and complete an open water swim (for safety reasons, do not complete open water swims on your own) or head to the pool.
Running & Riding: Sessions will be uncoached so you need to ensure you have your program and know what is planned. We recommend:
Tues 6.00AM meet at Port Melb Lifesaving Club for a run, or run from home.
Tues PM complete windtrainer at home.
Thurs 6am meet at MSAC for a road ride as per program.
Thurs 6.30pm meet at MSAC for interval run.
Sat am – facebook to get together for a group ride.
Sund am – complete wn run or facebook to get together for a group run.
Thos eracing Syndey will receive a full details summary and race overview. So keep an eye out for this as we have some very useful information for you for the race!


Our coaches work extremely hard throughout the winter season and during the racing season to ensure you have the best possible training, lead-up and racing all year round. But like you – they also need a break from training, racing and coaching. So please note the following times when our coaches are away:
Ollie & Sarah away – 3 April returning 7 May
Emma away – 16 April returning 30 April
Office Closure – Friday 6 April returning Monday 16 April
During the office closure time and while Emma is away, Coach Ryan will be our emergency contact. If you have an emergency, you can contact him on 0403 639 691. Please don’t message or ring him to ask when/where a session is – these details are found online here.
All communications during this time will be via our facebook page. If you are not on facebook – you should be! 😉 However the facebook feed also comes up on our Tri Alliance homepage. So stay tuned for any session details or important information during this time.

Best of luck to those in their last race/s and everyone else – enjoy your down time (and the sleep ins!!)

Chris Smith and wife Natallia
– waiting in anticipation for the safe arrival of their first baby in the coming weeks. Best of luck and we look forward to hearing the great news!
Brad Campbell and fiance Danielle
– on their wedding in late April and then a great honeymoon planned afterwards. Have a great day guys and see you when you return!!
Carly Laughton
– having major jaw surgey next week which will put her out of training for close to 2 months, and off eating solids for a good few weeks. Over the past weeks leading into her surgery she has been told to eat as much of anything she wants to put on as much weight as she could before surgery. Not often that will happen Carly – so hope you made the most of it! 🙂 Best of luck with the surgery and recovery.

As a THANK YOU to Tri Alliance from WTC and Ironman Melbourne we were given FREE entries into either Ironman WA 2012, Ironman Melbourne 2013 or Ironman Australia 2013 as a thanks for our assistance at Ironman Melbourne.
We decided to give TWO of these entries away PRIOR to Ironman Melbourne 2013 re-opening Friday (today!). There were 59 entries (wow!!) with 19 of those volunteers so 78 names were put in the draw not a bad chance for 2 athletes to WIN their eay into Ironman.
Congratulations to ALEX ANGELINI and ANDY WOOD-RICH on being drawn out! Both these guys are going to be first time Ironmen and in the process saved themselves $800+ in entry fees! CLICK HERE to watch the draw.

What another nerve racking time in an athletes life. Entering for Ironman Melbourne. Well done to everyone who secured themself a spot! Names we have so far include:
Coach Ollie, Coach Sarah, Steve Akins, Jody Biddle, John Grant, Peter Hinrichsen, Ariel Grana, Brianna Scarlett, Karyn Winterton, Kathryn Proctor, David Nealon, Paul Venner, Jeanette Linehan and of course Alex Angelini and Andy Wood-rich. That’s 15 so far, however we are sure there are more – so please email [email protected] to let us know so we can include you on our athlete list. WE ALSO WANT TO KNOW IF YOU MISSED OUT! Please also email Sarah if this is you…

Race 7 Gatorade/Active Feet Tri Series, StKilda.
The last race of the series and we are set for a big one!We’ll have a huge presence as always and at StKilda – we have our own ‘postcode’! Plenty of space to hang out, cheer from AND have a BBQ post race. We will also be doing a group photo in the tent IMMEDIATELY AFTER presentations. So make sure you hang around for a BBQ and photo. And why not bring along a drink or two and chill out for a bit before freshening up and celebrating at Hotel Nest, Port Melbourne from 3pm. CLICK HERE for details. We currently have 70+ athletes, friends and family coming along so make sure you wear your party shoes!!

StKilda Pre Race Session:7.30am start from StKilda, Catani Gardens. Meet at the Tri Alliance vehicle in the Gardens. Please ensure you arrive around 7.20am so you are ready to start at 7.30am. Session will include a light ride over course, 2-3km run over course and swim course brief and familiarisation. So bring all swim, bike and run gear. We will then follow the session by setting up the TA Taj, so if a few athletes can assist it would be greatly appreciated. (We’ll also need a few hands on Sunday post race so we can all get to the after party in time.)
PS – Don’t forget about the change in day light savings! Although if you do, worst can happen is you get up an hour early! 🙂

Tough Mudder, Phillip Island.
A 20km obstacle course requiring sheer determination, strength and mental toughness! CLICK HERE to see what they are in for!! We have a number of athletes participating including: Rachel Stonestreet, Magda Urbanek. Anyone else?? email us to let us know.

Run for the Kids
A 14km fun run through the City, Burnley Tunnel and over the Bole Bridge. We have quite a few people participating including:
Kate Bannister
Lance Willie
Evalin Ling
Lucas Rilley
Mark Hyoms and partner Jen (god help you Mark!) 😉
Magda Urbanek (backing up from Tough Mudder!!)
Dominic Keating (doing Run FROM the Kids as he has called it) 😉

We have a large collection of lost property from through the 2011/2012 Season. Including sunglasses, runners, bike shoes, swim paddles, jumpers, pool buoys, goggles, water bottles plus more! This property will be brought down on Sunday in a Lost Property Bin. If you have been wondering where something has gone throughout the year – maybe we have it!! Any property that is left unclaimed after this Sunday will be donated to the Salvo’s. So PLEASE check the Lost property bin at the race. This is your final warning and we won’t be held responsible for you seeing someone walking down the street in your favourite jumper 3 months from now…. 😉


We have a number of athletes who are in podium contention and in doing so, being placed the top 5 in their age group after race 6 qualifies for them for the Age Group Championship Wave on Sunday. The top 5 place getters in each age group go off in a male and female championship wave after the elites. A chance to race against the top age groupers in each category. Good luck to:
Male: Click here to read full top 10 placings
Ryan Bourke – 4th 25-29
Peter Rainey – 3rd 45-49
Geoff Taylor – 5th 55-59
Brad Campbell – 1st Clydesdale
Sean Fleming – 2nd Clydesdale
John Grant – 3rd Clydesdale
Andy Wood-rich – 4th Clydesdale
Female: Click here to read full top 10 placings
Sarah Grove – 1st Open
Emily Hosken – 3rd 15-19
Lisa Dominquez – 1st 30-34
Jill Sultan – 3rd 50-54
Lidia Ursini – 5th Athenas


Join us for an afternoon of fun at Hotel Nest on Sunday April 1st. This is a great opportunity to let your hair down, sit back and reflect on the season that was!!

Meet us at 3.30pm and enjoy live music from 5pm drinks and food available, $5 tequilla shots and $6 Coronas are sure to please. Water on tap for those training through ;)

Stay for the long haul or drop in for a quick drink, we hope to see you all there!


Brad Campbell, Brinn Tavener, Rachel Stonestreet, Brett Parker,  Morris Caleca, Mark Skilton, Stan Assimopoulos, Pam Tunas, Anthony Churchward, Lisa Dominguez, Shane Buntman, Geoff Taylor, Daniel Steadman, Michelle Grocock, Damien Phelan, Alex Angelini, Jonathan Carberry, John-Paul Collins, Xavier Flynn, Hendrick Zimmet, Chris Ormston.
Port Macquarie – 6 MAY
Peter Hinrichsen, Mark Jenkins, Jonathan Cahill
Busselton Half – 6 MAY
Lucas Riley, John Grant
Hawaii 70.3 – 2 JUNE
Stan Assimopoulos, Jono Tucker
Challenge Cairns – 3 JUNE
Michelle Grocock – Half


Sun 1 April – Race 7 Gatorade/Actve Feet Series, StKilda followed by post race celebrations
Sun 15 April – Sydney Olympic Distance
Sat 5 Mar – Port MacQuarie Ironman
Sun 6 May – Busselton Half Ironman & Puffing Billy Fun Run
Sat 12 May – Tri Alliance End of Season Presentation Night
Sun 20 May – Great Ocean Road Half/Full Marathon
7-11 June – Lorne Training Camp
Sun 15 July – Run Melbourne
*New calendar coming soon with all the dates you need to know for the 2012/2013 season – stay tuned!

7.00am Long Ride – for those training through. Meeting at StKilda Catani Gardens. Intermediate and advanced riders only. No run off the bike if you are racing on Sunday.

7.30am Pre Race Session at StKilda Catani Gardens. Meet at the race venue. Session will include a light ride over course, light run over run course and swim familiarisation. Please bring all swim bike and run gear and ensure you are ready to start at 7.30am. Question is – WHO is going to turn up at Elwood??? There’s always one! 😉
9.00am post training  will follow with a TA Taj Set-up – so if a few athletes can hang around and help it would be greatly appreciated – last time for the season!

12.30pm Pre race tips & tricks clinic for those new to racing learn all the tips and tricks you need for a smooth race.

No coached sessions due to the last race of the season. Make sure you come along and support!
PS – Don’t forget about the change in day light savings! Although if you do, worst can happen is you get up an hour early! 🙂
5.30am onwards – Race Day preparations. Get in early.
– Active Feet Race Start
– Gatorade Race Start
Post race –
enjoy a gourmet BBQ on us! And if you want to bring a beverage along, feel free!
10.30am Race Day Presentations
– ensure you attend to cheer on our athletes who land themselves on the podium! We are also gunning for a few series podium finishers as well!
11.00am group photo in the TA Taj, important one not to miss so make sure you hang around!
Post group photo a quick pack down on the TA Taj so we can all head home, have a rest and get ready to par-tay!
3pm onwards drinks at Hotel Nest, Port Melbourne. CLICK HERE for more.

During the racing season Tri Alliance has been working overtime to ensure our squad remains at the top of the game with exceptional offerings to our valued athletes and innovative new services – to continue to be the leaders in Triathlon Training and Triathlon Coaching. And we are excited to announce the signing of some exceptional new resources to our squad for the 2012/13 season!

We have obtained a major sponsorship deal with a big name bike brand and will be relocating to a ground breaking new location!
Exciting times ahead – click here to read more…

Happy Training & Racing!

Team Tri Alliance

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