With swim sessions we generally have 3 levels. Beginner, intermediate and advanced (based on swim pace/ability) and these are separately into seperate lanes and days.

To improve your swimming you need to work on your swim technique and strength – two components everyone will be developing over the next 6-8 weeks. As well as this you need to be challenging yourself and swimming with others of similar pace and ability. (same with the bike and run). In order to do this, you need to ensure you are swimming on the right days and in the correct lanes to maximise your time in the pool.

To clarify sessions at MSAC:
Monday AM – beginner swimmers
Monday PM – intermediate & advanced swimmers
Wednesday AM – top intermediate & advanced swimmers
Wednesday PM – lower intermediate & beginner swimmers
Friday AM – will commence in June

If you are swimming in the beginner session (Monday am) OR the first lane on Monday night (lower intermediate) you should be attending Wednesday PM Session.

If you swim in the middle lane on a Monday Night (top intermediate) or the top lane (advanced) on Monday Night you SHOULD be attending our Wednesday Morning Swim Session. THIS IS FOR YOUR BENEFIT. This ensures you are swimming with others of similar ability and allow you to improve YOUR swimming!

So don’t see Wednesday Morning as a chore to get up to swim, see it as a challenge and a way to improve your swimming. The more athletes we have swimming on a Wednesday Morning, means our athletes are swimming faster! 🙂 So if you aren’t currently swimming Wednesday Mornings, use it as a challenge to become a swimmer who is fast enough to swim Wednesday Mornings. And as an added bonus you have Wednesday Night free to do as you please – and to fit in your strength training!

Remember also time trials are coming up next week – so this will assist us in ensuring athletes are attending the right session to maximise their training.

Are you aware of our pool swimming ettiquette? Refresh yourself here – this ensures everyone has an enjoyable swim.

If you have any queries please let us know.

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