SAT 20 – SAT 27 DEC 2014

The much anticipated Hell Week has been a tradition over Christmas for a number of years and this year is no different. With many new athletes, some new coaches and some big races ahead, we hope you are ready to take on our Hell Week Challenge!

What is this Hell Week you speak of?
Hell week is about completing as much training as you can during the week between Christmas and New Year. (Keeping in mind your current level of training, fitness, etc) Sessions are not compulsory but it is a chance to challenge yourself above and beyond what you normal do in a week.  It will add a great spike to your training (similar to our training camps) before you have a few days off over New Year and be ready and raring to go in 2015!

What’s the punishment?

There is a Ride, Run and Swim programmed every day for 7 days. It is expected all athletes that attend are competent to ride/run/swim by themselves – coaches will be in attendance at most sessions but they are not specifically coached sessions.  But remember Hell Week is based on VOLUME training – and not INTENSITY, so keep this in mind when starting out on Day 1 that there are 6 more days to go! Consistency is the key! Below is a GUIDELINE of distances athletes can try and complete during the week based on their training level.

Level Ride Run off bike      OR     Run lunch/arvo Swim
Fun/Beginner 30-40km



Sprint 50-60km



Beginner Olympic 50-60km



Intermediate Olympic 70-80km



First Time Half IM 70-80km



Intermediate Half IM 80-90km



First Time Ironman 70-90km



Intermediate Ironman 90km




Please seek coach’s advice where necessary – particularly if you are managing or coming back from injury, or new to training.

Other Information

  • Open to all Tri Alliance Athletes – including Annual and Social members.
  • If you have friends or family who would like to join in, ensure they become an Annual Member to be able to participate. They receive plenty of other benefits too!
  • Please keep an eye on our official Hell Week Challenge Facebook Page for any changes to session days/times due to weather or other. Details should only change due to any adverse weather conditions, but please ensure you keep up to date.
  • Please also note that TA HQ will be CLOSED from Friday 19th Dec, returning Monday 5th January 2015.
  • If in doubt – seek Coaches advice!

SESSION DETAILSHell Week Challange


  • Don’t be late – as the rides won’t wait for any late comers. Feel free to start earlier and meet at our times/locations on the way if you need to get away early.
  • Ensure you have 2 x tubes, levers, air/canisters and sufficient nutrition and hydration for the duration of the ride. There will be NO food stops.
  • All athletes are expected to wear Tri Alliance Cycling Gear. Make sure you get your hands on some if you don’t have any or need more. 🙂
  • Dress appropriately for the weather. Melbourne can produce anything – so make sure you always check the weather forecast and radar before you head out the door.
  • There will be various coaches joining in on the rides over the week however they are not specifically coached sessions. They are organised group rides only.
  • Athletes are encouraged to group with riders of similar levels/abilities to ensure a safe (and enjoyable) ride.
  • Familiarise yourself with our Bike Road Rules and Safety and Cycling Etiquette.
  • You are expected to know and obey all road rules. Any athlete not respecting these will face the wrath of the Hell Week Committee – be warned!


  • There are two alternatives, to either complete a shorter run off the bike (come prepared to the ride with your run gear) OR run at lunchtime or later in the day.
  • There are no scheduled run sessions, so be disciplined to try and fit them into your day.


  • Will alternate between Elwood Beach, StKilda Beach. This allows some variation in conditions/venues.
  • Some of the swims are during the day (public holidays/weekends) which will be after your ride/run, and work days we will have organised evening swims.
  • Please ensure you arrive PRIOR to the start time so you are in your wetsuit and ready to swim when we are due to start.
  • Feel free to bring post training food to share and earn big brownie points! ;)

Elwood Beach: 
Meet near the Elwood Lifesaving Club. Parking restrictions apply after 8am.  If you are a member of ELSC you can get a parking permit – so why wouldn’t you!
StKilda Beach: Meet out the front of West Beach Bathers Pavillion. Check parking restrictions. 

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP for full session details.

Hell Week Challenge

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