It’s been a few months since I introduced myself to everyone and  thought it was time to give you all an update on what I has been happening in my Tri Alliance.

Well July was a month of sleep ins , no training and plenty of socializing, catching up with friends , family and just  recovering from a very long world championships campaign. I for one never feel guilty taking time off, sleeping in and just relaxing. I love that down time and when its time to dust off the bike, find the goggles and runners again I am excited, fresh and ready to train. We all need that little break mentally and physically to be fresh for the next season and race goals. Don’t be afraid to take a few weeks off, as always listen to your coach and if they suggest you have a break its all for the right reasons.

Since my last blog there have been two new additions to the squad, Nick Avery and Jess O’Sullivan. For those that don’t know they are my little brood! It’s been great to  see them both embrace the sport, Nick being focused on getting fit for the future and Jess training and racing. Now there’s no hiding the fact that like all parents, I am a very proud mum. Nick has made fantastic progress, particularly with his running, seeing a huge improvement in his times over a relatively short period.  As for Jess, she found herself in June unable to run due to a knee injury. After a great deal of coaxing and encouragement, I managed to get her to try a few sessions, firstly just swim and bike then finally back to running and low and behold, last weekend saw her complete her first race. I am enjoying training with both my kids and I can laugh now as we sit around the dinner table and the endless training banter that goes on.  It’s fantastic to see them both so animated and excited, what more could I ask for? Their motivation and enthusiasm is infectious, and I love training with them. The old dog maybe still able to teach them a few tricks?!

Now to continue with the more important aspects of the blog , my training diary so far !

July ended quickly and I found myself back into training, set a few goals and ear marked some races to participate in. For me this season is all about trying new races and places. I decided to give myself a break from Noosa this year. A change of venue and course is always refreshing. I have not raced the Moreton Bay Olympic distance triathlon before, or Kingscliff. So these are now two new races for me to try this season. So if like me you’re a little tired of the same old, same old races freshen up . Try something different in either distance, or venue, have fun ! That’s why we do this wonderful sport.

Its August and I’m back into the swing of training and ready for my first race of the season, the  TQ Duathlon  time to get serious with the training! Well I had entered Kawana Waters, Redcliffe and Kingscliff, with that in mind  I signed up for the Tri Alliance Noosa training camp.– venue RACV club Noosa. Three days of training/laughs and great memories. I was lucky enough to have the fun roomies; the newbie Bird sisters Taylor and Miranda, Mike O’Connor and mentor Gleeso. Yes we had a pretty awesome bunch of athletes, the old dogs and the new pups.

Trail running, swimming , riding or as its now know as the 53/12 sessions was followed by eating and taking the much needed nap. The highlight of the camp for most of us was the open water swim . Apparently we were told we didn’t really need to wear a wetsuit, only to see ALL the Tri Alliance coaches in full wetties ????. Needless to say, most of us ended up lice bitten popsicles! Now the little down time we had in our tri cabin saw Gleeso teaching us all about our bikes! Truly invaluable Gleeso, not to mention our stretching and nutrition tips.

If you do get the opportunity to attend any of the Tri Alliance camps please be part of it, invaluable, takes you to that next level with your training.  Its also a chance to meet other club members. How fast time fly’s , August becomes September and we see our super long course athletes racing at the inaugural Sunshine coast half ironman. Once again the Tri Alliance squad produced amazing results and PB’s. Following this we had our first short course race of the Gatorade series at Kawana waters.  Great location and I would recommend putting this on your race calendar. Once again the Tri Alliance squad members showed everyone how strong we are, podiums and PB’s  . Finally I would just like to wish everyone all the best for the race season, remember to still have fun, and that every race is an exciting adventure!.  Thankyou to our coaches, and sponsors , train hard and stay safe!.



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