Well that’s a wrap. Our Long Course Camp for 2012 was our hardest to date and our athletes stepped up to the plate. The physical and mental gains from this weekend will be taken away with each of you. Some athletes went well above where they have taken themselves before, fighting against their mind and body to do so. It’s on tough days like these that you can learn a lot about yourself and that’s what Long Course training and racing is all about. Continually learning, pushing the boundaries, you have good days, and bad ones but you will always win if you are prepared to fight. Well done Team. Our Coaches are super stoked with everyone’s efforts. CLICK HERE to read and see what our athletes got up to and what lessons they learnt along the way! 😉

Round three of time trials this week and it’s been a great week so far! With the majority of our swim time trials done, our Swim Coaches Ryan, Lisa and Mick and pleased with results and can’t wait to get stuck into the pointy end of the swim program over the next 6-8 weeks. Our run time trials tomorrow night (Thursday) will be held at both MSAC and Maribyrnong River. So make sure you head to your regular run location for your time trial.
Saturday our bike time trials will be combined with a bike/run combo so bring along your runners and Coaches will provide full details on Saturday.

Athletes please note that we are currently completing a number of changes on our website as we develop our new landing page and Queensland site. The first initial change you will be able to see is our new Victorian website http://vic.tri-alliance.com.au/. Save this in your favourites as this is where information/details for Victoria will now be found. Our website http://tri-alliance.com.au/ will now form a ‘landing page’ for Victoria and Queensland. If you go to this site, it will show you general information for Australia and direct you to Victorian/Queensland sites. These sites are still being developed so we appreciate your patience during this time. If you are unsure of any information, please email [email protected] or contact us in the office on 9645 2223.

CycleOps are releasing a brand new product called PowerCal. This is a world first power metre calculated from heart rate and is an introductory into power training. These devices are fully compatable with your Garmin and will allow athletes to break into the market of training with Power. Priced at only $100-130, you will not be able to find another power meter in this price range.  Tri Alliance already has a number of it’s best athletes training with Power Metres and we cannot recommend how valuable power can become in your training and racing. More details will be out soon about how you can get your hands on these great new Power devices direct through Tri Alliance! Read more here…

Giant Bicycles Australia are getting ready to launch their 2013 Performance range and we can’t wait to get our hands on some of these beauties! If you are in the market for a new bike – whether it be a roadbike, time trial or mountain bike just wait for this new range as their is some exciting new looks and a new TT model for females! Their website will be updated with the entire 2013 range over the next fortnight, so keep your eyes peeled!

Our athletes gearing up for the World Championships this year are looking in fine form to date. Their builds are different to those on our program training for the domestic season purely because they are racing earlier and want to to at the top of their game.
Half Ironman World Championships, Las Vegas – 9 Sept: In what has been described as a brutal course – both for the hills and the heat (currently 40+ degrees in Vegas) it’s going to be tough going for all athletes racing. Coaches/athletes Ollie Allan and Sarah Grove both head off to the states in less than 4 weeks and are looking in good shape for their races. Ollie using Vegas as a lead up to Kona and Sarah attending her first World Championships, so anything could be possible.
Ironman World Championships,  Kona – 14 Oct: Stand out long Course athletes from last year Marina Jurjevic and Ollie Allan both secured their spots to Kona this year by having their best races to date. Marina doing the unheard of and qualifying in her first Ironman in Busselton and Ollie having the race of races in Melbourne in front of a home crowd (and our whole squad!) and clocking a Sub 9hour to boot. There was also a recent article on ironman.com on Kona-bound men, including Ollie. Check it out for a read. (No pressure Coach!) 😉
Olympic Distance World Championships, NZ – 22 Oct: Our top Olymcpic Distance athletes Geoff Taylor and Emma-Lise Donati and now starting to ramp up the training in time for their World Champ Race in Oct. In between solving the worlds problems, Geoff has been keeping his training up in every country of the world and is looking to better his result from last year and Emma is training the house down and looking for a great performance in her first World Champs.
Sprint Distance World Championships, NZ – 21 Oct: Michael Grau-Veliz has been putting in the hard yards and you will often see him out there training on his own to get the kilometres in the bank. The race will be a great experience for Michael in what will be tough competition. We look forward to seeing a big PB from Michael who is only releately new to the sport.
So keep up the great work team, we look forward to continully monitoring your progress and seeing you shine on race day.

Sydney City To Surf – 12 Aug
We have a few athletes heading up to Sydney this weekend for the Sydney City to Surf. For those who have done this race it is a great event to be a part of with literally thousands of runners winding through Syndey streets including the famous ‘Heart Break Hill’. Good luck to Evalin Ling, Paul Rafferty, Doug & Wendy Wates, Dale Robinson and Clare Manley who are heading up there this weekend!

Yeppoon Half Ironman – 19 Aug
Located in Queensland, the Yeppoon Half Ironman can be a great lead-in race for anyone racing Ironman early in the season or simply just to escape the Melbourne Weather during winter! Goodluck to Marina Jurjevic, Nick Sissons, Paul O’Dowd who are racing as preparation into later Ironman races.

Sandy Point Half Marathon – 19 Aug
The Sandy Point Half is a good practice race for those doing Melbourne Marathon, and times better than Run Melbourne as it’s a little later in the season. It’s also a great chance to get out and have a nice run along the beach – as long as it’s not windy that is! ;)
Good luck to Brianna Scarlett, Mark Skilton, Sarah Grove and Chris Ormston for are all running.
(If you are racing in these events or any others coming up in the next month, email [email protected] to let us know!)

*Please note our next Athlete Team Meeting has been postposed and moved to Tuesday 28 August. We have some exciting announcements we have been working on and look forward to sharing them with you! So lock this date in your diary and further details will be communicated.

Planning is already starting for our Pre Season Camp scheduled for the weekend of 21-23 September. We are just finalising details including location and costing but it will be similar to last year – around $250 for 2 nights, training and accommodation. This is our second biggest camp for the year and is perfect timing leading into the start of the triathlon season. Expressions of interest to be sent to [email protected] with the email subject line ‘Pre Season Camp’.

We have a few athletes raising money for some great causes, so have a read and if you can support in any way we are sure they would greatly appreciate it!

Mel Collins – Ride to Conquer Cancer
I have just reached the halfway point in my fundraising for The Ride to Conquer Cancer which takes place in just 2 months! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!
If you haven’t yet donated please click on the following link to go to my page and donate!
Thank you so much! Your support is greatly appreciated.
Mel Collins – TA Athlete

Kate Griffiths – 40 Hour Famine
Hello, This year I am doing the 40 Hour Famine to stop world hunger. I will be giving up food!! It would be really appreciated if you could donate some money for the kids in Ethiopia, Just $40 can help feed a family of five for a month!
Feel free to click the link here if you are able to donate some money.
Kate Griffiths x
(Kate is the young daughter of Darryl Griffiths – commonly known as ‘Mr Shotz’. Well done Kate!)

The much anticipated dates for the Gatorade & Active Feet Tri Series were launched last week. This year it is a 6 race series, and SuperSprint have also announced that the Falls Creek Long Course will only be held every 2 years – so a break this year before it comes back in 2014. SuperSprint have some great initiatives being launched this year and we can’t wait to be a part of their events again. Tri Alliance athletes will also be lucky enough to receive exclusive discounts into supported races including the Gatorade Series, so stay tuned for details. CLICK HERE to view the event calendar and start locking dates into your racing calendar!

One for the ladies!! Tri Alliance will again be supporting this fantastic event and we’d love to see as many of our female athletes eneter this race for some fun! With 5 and 10km run distances available, and we’ll have a ‘girls only’catch up after the event, so keep an eye out for this one! (Boys if your lucky you might be invited).
6 female Tri Alliance athletes will also be ‘pace runners’ for the event – so keep an eye out in the next couple of weeks as we give you a sneak peak who might be doning the bright Brooks gear and runners to help you around the course.
So check out the event here and put it in your diary!

We have a number of athletes who have already locked themselves in for this years genovese Kinglake Ride on SATURDAY 6 OCTOBER. As partners of the event, Tri Alliance has again been able to secure a great discount for all Tri Alliance Athletes – 10% off either the 70km or 115km events. So if you are keen to enter, simply email [email protected] and we will provide you with a unique code to enter.

Please read the following details for training this weekend:

Our next round of bike time trials are on this weekend at Studley Park. Please ensure you read full details here so you know what time and when you should be attending. Athletes will then complete a ride/run or bike/run combo. Make sure you come along to know whats planned. A great chance for a good fun session post time trials. So make sure you bring along your runners!

  • Long Course athletes will finish their time trials with a few laps of the Boulevard anda short moderate run off the bike. Coaches will provide full details post time trial.
  • Short Course athletes will finish their time trials with a bike/run combo. Coaches will provide full details post time trial.

8.00am Trail Run
Fairfield Boathouse. View the training timetable for full details (no MSAC run)
Post run coffee at Fairfield Boathouse. And we hear they do a good post run feed too! So bring along some warm close and some money and enjoy a hot drink/meal with the crew.

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