Sunday 9 December 2012

Tri Alliance will take over it’s biggest contingent to Ironman Western Australia (better know as Ironman Busso as the race is held in the beautiful sea side town of Busselton)

From Victoria, Tri Alliance has 10 athletes racing – including a ‘first time Ironman’, a Pro Triathlete, a defending champion and Kona hopefuls.  And between them, there are years and years of training and Ironman racing combined.

From Queensland, Tri Alliance has a huge contingent of 26 athletes and even more supporters. Between the two states, Busso is going to be crawling with Tri Alliance athletes and supporters. You won’t be able to hide anywhere!

Keep reading to find out who we have racing, how to track them live and leave your messages of support for the race this Sunday 9 December 2012.

Click here to read our race report from last years Ironman

Race Start:
Pro’s 5.30am, Age Group 5.45am
Time difference – 3hours, so race will kick off 8.30am Melbourne time.

Tracking Online:
Visit for Athlete tracking and live event coverage
Download the iPhone App IronTrac. This is a great app as it pulls directly from Ironman Live and you can easily track one or more competitors. (can be used for any Half/Full Ironman event)
More details: Visit the official website
On the ground: Stay tuned to our Facebook Page as we have roving reporters all over the course who will keep you up to date from the ground. 🙂

Tri Alliance Victoria Athletes:

  • Renee Lane – #39 Pro Female
    Tri Alliance has it’s first Pro triathlete racing Ironman, with ‘Laney’ racing her first key race under the guidance of new Coach Ollie Allan. “Laney has been training the house down and I can’t wait to see her have a great race.” Coach Ollie said leading into the event.
  • Greg Nugent – #998 50-54M
    Looking in his best shape yet heading into an Ironman. Changing up his preparation this year, and it has paid dividends.
  • Jody Biddle – #154 40-44M
    Reading to take on his first Ironman after a solid race at Shepparton and looking for a consistent race all round. His girls on the sidelines will ensure he has plenty of support out there!
  • Dale Beehre – 137 45-49M
    Taking on Busselton for the fourth time and is ready for a good race. Always smiling, so watch him enjoy himself across the finishing line and hopefully come away with a PB at the same time!
  • Nathan Sims – #1248 30-34M
    After a 5 year hiatus from Ironman racing Nath is back in a big way with a 5th in the recent Shepparton Half IM, and if all goes to plan see him high up the rankings.
  • Brett Archbold -#81 30-34M
    Also backing up from a 4th at Shep, Brett been on song with his preparation and ready to race. We haven’t seen him fitter or hungrier. So watch out.
  • Peter Hinrichsen – #594 45-49M
    Building through Busso and as quested by Peter ‘a little underdone’, but will have a great race with Sharon and the rest of the team on his side and Ironman Melbourne waiting for when he returns.
  • Marina Jurjevic – #678 30-34F
    Never underestimate this chick – full of true grit and determination. Although not in the same form as this time last year when she won her age group, she’ll give her best nonetheless!
  • Jay Mueller #949 40-44M
    With limited training opportunity due to holidays and work, Jay may just enjoy a leisurely swim around the jetty and pull out on the bike and/or run, so don’t be surprised.
  • Paul O’Dowd – #1005 25-29M
    Even though Paul has moved on, the support from Tri Alliance will be as big as ever. With hammy issues which have restricted his running, don’t be surprised if you see Paul pull up stumps on the run and enjoying a beer on the sidelines cheering the rest of the crew home.
    *Please note that Ollie & Sarah are no longer racing 
Click here for the full participant listing

As quoted by an athlete back in Melbourne “I would wish you luck…….however people who strive for the best from themselves don’t need it, they just deliver.

So to each of you – have an amazing race. You will have huge support at the race, and don’t forget all those back home who will be glued to their computers on Sunday, patiently waiting for updates and willing you to dig deep when the going gets tough. It is they who will help lift you when the going gets tough, but it is YOU who has gotten yourself here and YOU who will cross that finishing line an IRONMAN.

Best of luck Team…

Team Tri Alliance

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