When harnessed, the mind is an extremely powerful tool and the power it can have over the body can be extrodinary. We have all watched clips of althetes continuing in a race when their body has just about shut down. Of athletes going above and beyond what their bodies are capable of simply by focussing their mind. The ‘never give up’ is not giving up when your body has had enough, but never giving up when your mind wants to.

Questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Do you have trouble getting over your mistakes?
  2. Are you experiencing a drop in performance that hasn’t resolved itself?
  3. Do you often lose to opponents who are weaker than you?
  4. Is your training-self better than your competition-self?
  5. Is ‘choking under pressure’ a problem for you?
  6. Is there something blocking your path to success?
  7. Have you recently had an injury that has affected your self-confidence?

Tri Alliance is excited to align with The Performance and Sport Psychology Clinic (PSPC) to assist athletes inmprove their performance and help achive their goals. “We have met personally with Daniel and Dane from PSPC and we believe they are the right fit for our squad and athletes, bringnig a professional and different approach to Sports Psychology” Head Coach Ollie Allan said of the relationship formed between Tri Allaince and PSPC.

PSPC will first be introduced to the Tri Alliance squad through a workshop being held on Saturady 15 October for our Long Course athletes. This workshop will include mental toughness – preparing for the ups and downs of Ironman racing.

Their programs are designed to empower you, leading to consistent peak performance. So whether you are an elite, amateur or aspiring athlete, they can help you achieve your goals.

“We at PSPC are delighted to have forged an affiliation with Tri Alliance and believe our philosophies on the importance of a holistic approach to triathlon performance will help the athletes at Tri Alliance achieve their goals. Over the coming months we shall be writing sections on different psychological factors such as pain, performance anxiety and focus. I hope you find them both useful and mentally stimulating. Please feel free to contact us for more information as to how psychology can help your consistent performance.”

The Performance and Sports Psychology Clinic
Daniel Dymond: 0406 016 552
Dane Barclar: 0422 633 154

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