The team has a busy few weeks ahead with racing and events most weekends. This is where it can be hard finding the balance between training, tapering, racing and recovering and where it becomes important to listen to YOUR body and what it is telling you. Remember that recovery (adaption) is actually part of your training – it’s not separate, forced or put in when you get too tired, it IS training and goes hand in hand with the ‘hard stuff’. Getting the balance between each principle of your training will ensure you are at your optimal for race day.
Training – building a strong (and fast) body to prepare it for racing
Tapering – allows the body to freshen up and hit it’s ‘peak’ on race day
Racing – you have prepared your body to the best of your ability and willing to  give your everything on race day, both physically and mentally.
Recovery – allowing the body to recover from racing and/or adapt to training and prepare it for the next phase of training.

So before you head into your next training session, know what your goal and purpose is for that session. Is it a Recovery Session? Taper? Endurance? Speed? Technique? Because if you do not know the purpose of the session you may not be making the most of your training. And as always – if you are unsure – ask.

The team from Running Fit and Mizuno will be at tonight’s session at Elwood. Our Ironman Team will also get the chance to have a Q&A with one of the best Ironman Age Group Athletes – Sam Hume. So make sure you get along tonight – some valuable Ironman tips will be handed out!
6.00pm Elwood Beach. Bring all swim, bike and run gear.


Have you entered our Mystery Prize Competition yet? Simply guess the time that “Team Tri Alliance” will finish in on Sunday in the Olympic Distance and closest to the time wins!!
CLICK HERE to post your time and go in the draw to WIN!


We now have a full range of our Entry Level Race Gear and Running Gear in stock, our Cycling gear is currently in transit so will now distribute to athletes next week. If you have yet ot pick up your running gear, Sarah will have it to pick up AFTER tonight’s session at Elwood, so make sure you come and grab.
Our next batch of Rocket Science Gear is due to arrive next week also and we will notify athletes who have purchased as soon as they arrive. If needed, we can take to Geelong for you.

So if you haven’t got yourself some of our training or racing gear, make sure you check out our NEW ONLINE SHOP for all your triathlon needs.


tri Alliance Queensland are running their last training camp for the season in Noosa in April for Long Course athletes training for Port MacQuarie and Cairns. If you have entered this event you may be interested in joining their camp (Tri Alliance Victoria will not be holding one). Only a couple of places remain, so make sure you contact us to secure a place. Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 April. CLICK HERE to read more.

This weekend is Race 4 of the Gatorade/Active Feet Series – including the Olympic Distance and is being held at Sandringham. We have our latest group of TRY-the-TRI athletes racing this event – with most of them completing a triathlon for the first time, so we wish them all the best in their race!


  • We are planning on putting up the TA TAJ later on Friday afternoon so it is ready to go on Saturday. If you are able to assist (ideally need 6 people) please email [email protected] and include the best contact number to get you on Friday so we can confirm a meeting time.

SATURDAY – Pre Race Session & Breakfast, Sandringham

  • Pre race session will be held 7.30AM on Saturday at Sandringham so make sure you get along to re-familiarise yourself with the Course. Coach Darren will be providing you with all the tips you need to race this course and the distance.
  • Post Training Breakfast/coffee will be at Brown Cow Cafe, 383 Hampton St Hampton. So bring a change of clothes with you and join us after training.

SUNDAY – Race Day

  • Pre & Post Race Massages – The team from Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre will again be at the race providing pre and race race massages, so make sure you see the guys for a loosen up. 🙂
  • The Performance & Sports Psychology Clinic – Dane from PSPC will be at the race on Sunday. So make sure you say hi and have a chat with him about your race and training.
  • Post Race BBQ – We will again be putting on our famous post race BBQ, so make sure you hang around after the race to enjoy a feed. We are looking for a couple of chef’s though – so if you are coming along to support and can give a hand with the BBQ please email Sarah. (Thanks in advance!)


Next weekend is the much anticipated Geelong Multi-sports festival including the Olymcpi Distance and Long Course. Tri Alliance will have the TA Taj at the race and will hold a pre-race session on the Saturday – including a longer ride for IM Melbourne athletes. It is totally up to you if you join us in Geelong on the Saturday morning, or complete your own session in Melbourne and then make sure way down. Full details will be in next weeks newsletter. It will be a great day as always and we look forward to seeing everyone racing.


IRONMAN MELBOURNE ‘GROUP’Ironman western australia busselton
Our Ironman Melbourne Team this year is the largest Tri Alliance Ironman Team to date, including our largest group of First Time Ironman Athletes.

And it is for this purpose that we have created a ‘group’ so fellow athletes can chat, discuss, share thoughts, ask questions etc. As many questions we have from athletes are similar or along the same lines, so if you ask – you can guarantee that someone else is probably wondering the same thing! For our athletes who have done Ironman before, you may be able to share your experiences, just as you would have asked LOADS of questions before your first IM. 🙂 Tri Alliance will also provide information in the next week regarding our final 6 weeks training post Geelong including Race Simulation sessions in/around Frankston, an IM Melbourne dinner and more. So stay tuned.

CLICK HERE to join the Tri Alliance Ironman Melbourne Facebook Group


smiling for smiddy


Tri Alliance Victoria has had a great start to our fundraising campaign thanks to Brianna Scarlett who has done a fantastic effort in raising over $3,500 and helping to put Tri Alliance in the top 5 Fundraisers so far this year.

Smiling for smiddy

We are also pleased to announce that this takes us in front in our ‘fundraising race’ against Tri Alliance Queensland – but not by much! So make sure you get involved!

You can donate to Brianna’s fundraising campaign (her goal $5k before IM Melbourne!) or Tri Alliance Victoria in general HERE.
To find out more and to register to start your own fundraising (and have your training fees paid for!) CLICK HERE.





  • Pre-Race Session: 7.30am from TA TAJ at Sandringham Oval(read above for full details) Coach Darren
  • Advanced Short Course Ride: (these athletes have been contacted – invite only) Meet at Cafe Racer. 6.15am for a caffeine hit, 6.30am roll out. Coach Ryan


  • Endurance Ride: 6.00am for a 6.15am start Elwood Beach, Elwood.
    Follow your program for distances, and full details will be provided at briefing. Geelong will start their taper into next weekends event.
  • Geelong Half IM & Portarlington LC – 100-120km (Mornington/Mount Martha)
  • IM Melb First Timers and Intermediate – 160km (rosebud/Rye)
  • IM Melb Advanced – will be contacted seperately



  • Gatorade Race 4, Sandringham


  • Endurance Run
    6.00am start from TA TAJ at Sandringham Oval (for those who want to cheer on our short course athletes) Coach Greg OR
    8.00am start from TA TAJ at Sandringham Oval (for those who would rather the sleep in) Coach Ollie
    Remember: If you are coming down for the 8.00am run, allow time for parking and road closures will already be in place. Please ensure you are ready to RUN at 8.00am.
    Run nutrition compulsory.


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