Sunday 9 December 2012

When can this just be over??!‘ An athletes desperation around 25km into the marathon leg of the 2012 SunSmart Ironman Western Australia on the weekend. Their race had not gone to plan. They didn’t envisage walking on race day, they hadn’t trained to walk a marathon, but that’s how their race unfolded on the hottest day since landing in WA 5 days earlier. Ironman can be a lonely road at times. It is not a sport for the faint hearted, but it is where athletes are made, and it is where you find all your willpower, determination and search the bottom of your soul to do anything it takes to cross the finishing line and be called an Ironman. No one forces you, no one but yourself. Yet every athlete is prepared to put them self into a place that others can only imagine.

Ironman racing is always a tough day, whether it goes right or whether it goes terribly wrong. It is not meant to be easy. The training is long and hard and the race can throw anything at you on the day. But the journey will always be more that just ‘the result’. The experience, the soul searching, the places you put your body in will stay with you and help you find that result you are searching for. Because it will come. You just have to be patient….. Because Ironman will make you a stronger and more determined athlete.

Busso 2012 – Tri Alliance had numerous First Timers, Personal Bests and two Podium Finishers. Each athlete went through the same race, but each will have their own story to tell their friends, family and training partners over the coming weeks and months. They will question why they do this sport, they will wonder what went wrong, how can they go faster and there will be ‘what ifs’. But in the end most will all have the same question – when can I do this again? An athlete summed it up well when being interviewed at the Carb Loading dinner pre race. ‘This sport is an addiction‘. You go out and you want more. You get a hit, but then you need another hit. You just can’t get enough and you find yourself addicted. And our athletes are no different. After reflection of their races, they will be wanting more and ready to put their bodies through the training to get to that finish line again to find the limits of their bodies both mentally and physically.

A big thank you goes to all our supporters both in Busselton and back in Victoria and Queensland. And to our fantastic Major Partners GIANT Bicycles – a huge thanks for your support including our BUSSO 2012 tees which will be continued to be worn with pride by our athletes and supporters.

It was also fantastic to share the experience with our Tri Alliance Queensland Squad who had 26 of the 36 Tri Alliance athletes racing. With two girls securing a podium finish with Yas 4th 35-39F and Alicia 3rd 40-44F. Well done girls – amazing effort!

For a laugh, check out our very own Pre Race Pep talk by TA QLD athlete Tim Franklin to our athletes. Click here to view.

Click here to view our photo’s from the race.

Tri Alliance Victoria Athletes Results:

  • Renee Lane – #39 Pro Female
    Swim 58:16
    Laney had a great start to the race coming 6th out of the water just 4 minutes down from the lead pack including favourite Bek Keat. She settled into the bike and found a good rhythm holding pace. But the unthinkable happened at the 120km mark. A broken spoke meant she was stranded on the side of the road searching for mechanical assistance. But luck was not on her side and the wheel unfixable and her day was over. A devastating experience with the effort that had gone into her training.   Time now to reflect and refocus for the new year.
  • Brett Archbold -#81 30-34M
    Swim 57:08  |  Bike 4:54:58  | Run 3:54:51  | Overall 9:51:38  | Place 9th

    Leading in Brett was looking strong. The work had been done, the times posted, it all came down to race day. Getting off to a great start with a solid swim and top 10 out of the water. He had a super solid bike coming in sub 5hours and putting himself into contention coming into T2 6th. But as with any Ironman – it all comes down to the run. The first 10km going to plan at 4.30/km pace and holding his own. But as the day went on and the sun got hotter, the cramps started to kick in and the pace started to fade. At one point Brett was on the side of the run course with severe hamstring cramps when another competitor assisted with crampeze to get him going again. True Ironman spirit there. And to Bretts credit, he held strong with a very respectable 9th place in an age group that had the fastest age grouper overall. Next Up Ironman Melbourne
  • Marina Jurjevic – #678 30-34F
    Swim 1:11:15  |  Bike 5:19:46  | Run 3:58:30  | Overall 10:35:52  |  Place 7th
    Never underestimate this chick – full of true grit and determination. And she knows what it takes to get the job done after 4 Ironmans in 12 months in her first year of IM racing. Not many would be able to do that and have consistent races at every one of them. But she’s not done yet, with Melbourne (maybe) on the cards and then Ironman Cairns.
  • Nathan Sims – #1248 30-34M
    Swim 1:05:16  |  Bike 5:22:59  | Run 4:30:01  | Overall 11:04:58
    Also leading into this race with the right numbers, the only question mark was whether he had enough bike kms in the legs after a 7week stint in Europe for work and his honey moon. A great swim for Nathan and on target, his bike though did fade in the last 40km as he found himself in that ‘hole’ coming off the bike and into T2. Then the run just didn’t happen. (and Nath can run!) With a baby now on the way in January, he’ll be juggling a new born and having another crack at Ironman Melbourne.
  • Jody Biddle – #154 40-44M
    Swim 1:08:24  |  Bike 5:37:20  | Run 4:54:04  | Overall 11:50:24
    Our only first timer from Victoria – which can sometimes be a blessing in disguise  No expectations, no pressure, but at the same time – the unknown. Jody had a a great swim coming in on target, a consistant bike riding within himself and got through the run well – we don’t think we saw him walk once outside aid stations. So well done Jody. Some rest and he too will be backing up with IM Melbourne.
  • Greg Nugent – #998 50-54M
    Swim 1:12:17  |  Bike 5:57:48  | Run 4:45:04  | Overall 12:04:28

    Had his best lead in to a race yet. His fourth IM, including two of those in Busso. So he knew what this race can throw at you – including the wind and heat. A consistent swim, a big improvement on the bike and held strong on the run while his feet ‘burned’. And he came away with a 47min improvement on last years result in Busselton. If anyone wants a lesson in mental strength, look no further than Greg ‘Zoolander’ Nugent.  Well done Greg. Now for number 5 at Ironman Melbourne.
  • Peter Hinrichsen – #594 45-49M
    Swim 1:06:51  |  Bike 5:56:53  | Run 5:23:52  | Overall 12:38:36
    Peter had a great start to his race with a swim that shows his big improvement in the water, his ride consistent over the day and if you saw him on the run you could be mistaken that he was enjoying himself!  Shouting out to others and cheering for his fellow team mates. Well done Peter, a great race and Ironman Melbourne build awaits for when you return!
  • Jay Mueller #949 40-44M
    Swim 1:11:00  |  Bike 6:26:30  | Run 5:05:55  | Overall 12:54:03

    Heading into this race Jay was realistic on his expectations. He’d done (next to) no training due to work commitments, but decided to come across to participate and enjoy the week and have a ‘training’ day. We’d have to say he had a pretty good training day and came away an Ironman in a respectable time at that! Jay enjoyed himself on course and others loved having him out their for his support from within. Well done Jay. Another one now set for IM Melbourne.
  • Dale Beehre – 137 45-49M
    Swim 1:18:35  |  Bike 6:16:26  | Run 6:12:26  | Overall 13:47:37
    Taking on Busselton for the fourth time Dale knew the course, knew the conditions and knew it was going to be tough. But what he didn’t know was that his nutrition was going to be his undoing again. Dale was in all sorts on the run as his stomach again didn’t want to take his nutrition and was left on the side of the run course doubled over in pain and left wondering why.
    Well, my race didn’t go to plan. Plan A went to plan B and as the run (walk) progressed so did the change in plans, I ran out of the alphabet. I was left with the escape plan – just finish, and today I’m happy – 4 x Ironman. It is the journey that’s important. Ollie Allan thank you so much for your assistance at a time when I was in a deep hole, Ironman does this. We salvaged a finish.” It’s guys like this that show the true spirit of Ironman, well done Dale.
  • Paul O’Dowd – #1005 25-29M
    Swim 1:19:31  |  Bike 5:23:20
    A training day for Paul, and not a bad one at that. With no swimming in the lead up he swam within himself and then had a crack on the bike. He even admits to thinking half way through the bike that he could get off and ‘run a 4hour marathon’ only to find himself in that same hole Nath was in the later stages of the bike. And so stuck with his game plan of pulling out on the run to ensure he can race the back half of the season. Well done Paul – great to have you there. Next Up, Ironman New Zealand.

Well done everyone. Our next key Ironman race is Ironman Melbourne, with a contingent of around 50 athletes taking on the race it’s going to be a big few months of training ahead!

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