Melbourne is an amazing city, you can get all four seasons in one day and you never really know what the day will serve up to you. As Melbournians we love an event, particularly a sporting event and Sunday 14th October was no exception, over 30,000 people, 30,663 to be exact competed in one of the Marathon (7,127), Half Marathon (10,991), 10km run (9,018) or the 5km run (4,427) and what a day Melbourne turned on for the event. You could say that the conditions were perfect, the Sun was shining and there was a very slight breeze that confronted competitors across all the events, very conducive to putting your best foot forward and that’s just what Tri Alliance did.

We were out there in force with several first timers and many PB’s across all events; overall I have results for 50 athletes. My apologies if I have missed anyone.

Nathan Sims unleashed a sensational run to finish the Marathon in 2.53.41, 128th overall, now that’s “smokin”, closely followed by Jonathan Cahill in 3.00.43. Jono – You have to ask yourself, what were you doing for those 44 seconds. By any standards two great runs, well done boys. For that matter anyone who competed has had a great run.

It was good to see our coaches out there flying the flag with Amy and Greg both posting solid results. Was it not a romantic moment when wife and husband to be, Eleesha and Chris crossed the finish line together wearing their bride and groom run singlets, almost brought a tear to my eye, or was that the pain shooting through my quads and hamstrings at the time.

Of course all those first timer’s now have a PB to aspire to and for those who have raced before the challenge is there to better your best in future events.

Quote of the day – Dean Hawkins “Well marathon number 8 didn’t go as I had planned, legs had no speed!!!, but another tick in the box, another medal and another can of Tuna and Beans

I’m not up to speed with everyone’s time; however, I believe the following people ran PB’s across the half marathon, Paddy Fitzgerald, Andrew Chapman, Anthony Churchward, Juliet Vermeulen and coach Evalin, again my apologies to any I have missed.

Good to see the Professor tuning up for the NZ World Championships, with a lazy 38 minute 10km, not bad for a bloke closing in on 60. I also know Lisa MacFarlane ran a PB for her 10km, however, I couldn’t find the official result.

I must say it is inspiring to see those first time runners who have achieved beyond expectations and in some cases had never even considered competing in this type of event.

One of the great things about being a part of Tri Alliance is the awesome support you get out on the course and once again our friends and athletes were out in full force and at all parts of the course, including our newest supporters, Archie Grummit and Carys Fountain. Finally, speaking of support, every now and then you hear those great words” Go Tri Alliance”, “Looking Good” when you know you’re not, it does help you on your way and bring a smile to your face.

A special mention also goes to our athletes who kindly donated their time, support and encouragement as Lead/Tail cyclists for the event. These guys were out on course riding fabulous new Giant MTB’s courtesey of Giant and our friends at Bicycles Inc leading the super fast and helping the last competitors make it to the finishing line.

“Today I didn’t race but helped runners over the line so that they can continue the tradition of Spartans – truly inspirational and determine individuals who have contributed to the sport we love- running. Olga and John you are both determined individuals after 30 plus marathons.” – Lidia Ursini, tail cyclist for the Marathon.

So thanks to each of you for your help!
Nick Sissons  |  Lisa Dominguez  |  Caleche Watson  |  Lidia Ursini  |  Claire Manley  |  Steve Hollinsgworth


Melbourne Marathon

Nathan Sims                       2.53.41
Jonathan Cahill                  3.00.43
Steve Akins                        3.16.20
Amy Hibert                         3.23.55
Andy Rogers                       3:26:00
Kev Fountain                     3.28.29
Greg Nugent                      3.37.47
Anthony Leverington*  3.49.45
Jodi Biddle*                        3.50.17
David Garner*                   3.51.36
Michell Grocock                3.53.17
Dominic Keating*             3.54.31
Ian Renouf*                       4.02.28
Brianna Scarlett*              4.06.50
Andy Wood-Rich*           4.06.53
Eleesha Nesci*                  4.07.00
Chris Dixon*                       4.07.00
Brad Riddington*             4.07.52
Alex Angelini*                   4.16.40
Dave Nealon*                   4.19.20
Karyn Winterton*            4.32.26
Michael Fearne*              4.41.51
Dean Hawkins                   4.59.17

Half Marathon

Patrick Fitzgerald              1.33.35
Chris Ormston                   1.39.31
Peter Hinrichsen              1.40.44
Magda Urbanek               1.40.49
Kerry Whitney                   1.41.19
Brinn Tavener                    1.41.51
Andrew Chapman           1.42.37
Viet Pham                        1.42.38
Anthony Churchward     1.44.34
Juliet Vermeulen             1.46.28
Lucas Riley                          1.46.29
Kristine Hopkins               1.51.18
Sean Helmot                    1.51.51
Evalin Ling                           1.58.37
Tom Rushby*                    1.58.46
Jeanette Linehan             2.03.23
Dale Beehre                       2.03.23
Catherine Capan*            2.09.36
Greg Sullivan*                   2.11.18
Tania Darvell*                    2.12.06
Anne Charlesworth*      2.13.37
Tracey Linguey                  2.16.12
Kate Bannister*                2.17.14
Lisa Grove*                        2.19.14
David Inglis*                       2.30.07
Nicky Scheltus*                2.44.26

10km Coffee Club Run
Geoffrey Taylor                0.38.37
Lance Willie                        0.51.44
Lisa MacFarlane**           0.52.20
Simon Gronow                  0.56.49
Pam Tunas                          1.02.14
Aaron Gaudron                 1.09.04

*      First Timer


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