MAY Winter Base Training – Timetables now available

May is the start of the first phase of our 5 training phases in our Yearly Planner. It is the time of the year when the majority of our athletes start back training for our ‘Winter Base Training Program’ after some rest and recovery from the previous season of training and racing. This phase of training is based around slow km’s in the pool, on the bike and running as we start to build/work on improving your base fitness and technique.

If you are new to triathlon OR new to training with a group/squad then this is the perfect time to get your training started! For those of our athletes who are still in training for events leading into June, sessions will cater for you also, so make sure you come along to maintain momentum and motivation – however you should always have your specific program with you.

Technique and base endurance fitness early in the season is extremely important and will have a direct impact on your training and more importantly—racing, over the next season. So NOW is the time to start your training for the coming 2011/2012 season.

If you want to know more about our ‘Technique Phase’ in your training program login to your athlete login and view the document “Technique Phase – May June 2011”.

View our MAY Training Timetable HERE

Also stay tuned for our first timetrials of the Winter Season – a perfect way to compare this time to last year and give you an understanding and plan on where/how you can improve over the coming months. Plus give you good motivation going into the Winter Season!

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