Port Macquarie ironmanWe had a small but solid group of athletes that raced at Ironman Australia – Port Macquarie on Sunday May 5 2013. This is a tough race for athletes, a course that keeps you honest on the bike, but a fantastic race to finish a marathon with as the support from locals is amazing.

Words by Jeremy Williamson:
We were greeted with some great conditions for this year’s Port Macquarie Ironman Triathlon. A light SW wind had no effect on the Hastings River, but the swim started 30 minutes after high tide, so it was much tougher swimming out than back in to transition.

About 1400 competitors swam amongst the boats before getting on their bikes for a very undulating ride on rough country roads. It was a challenge to swerve in and out of the way of potholes, but it was a beautiful, picturesque two-lap ride. The weather was fantastic, the 10-15km/h headwind on the way out of town was challenging, but very helpful on the way back into town.


After arriving back into town, we set off on a four-lap run course, the opposite direction to previous years, running past the finish chute and along the waterfront. The crowds were spread out along the course, the volunteers were amazing and the support from all helped us to focus on getting to that finish line.

The feeling of running down that finish chute was euphoric, thousands of people lining the way, cheering you on and calling out your name until you run up a little ramp at the end and hear those magic words, “you are an Ironman!”.

Tri Alliance Athlete Results:

  • Tim(othy) French #194, 30-34M
    Swim 1:10.51, Bike 5:30.44, Run 3:41.13,
    Total 10:33.33 Div Place: 35Tim

Tim had a great race for his first Ironman. For someone who had never done a triathlon before starting his training with us, had to travel 300km round trips to get to the nearest 25m swimming pool and did the majority of his training solo – his race result is an amazing effort. He had a great swim, said he felt the bike was ‘easy!’ and although the run was tough and slower than planned he toughed it out will to finish with a great result. (He does blame Ollie for his coming a cropper in transition though as Ollie told him pre race to put his bike shoes in transition and run out with them on his feet…) 😉
There is more come from this guy from the country town of Renmark in South Australia – so keep an eye out!

Stay tuned also for a full Race Report from Tim French – will be well worth the read! 🙂


  • Charlie Nathan #106, 25-29M
    Swim 56.57, Bike 5:31.25, Run 4:09.18,
    Total 10:43.16, Div Rank: 17

Charlie3 Charlie set himself up for a great race, easily swimming a sub-1hour swim – bringing him out of the water in 11th place. He had a solid bike but got into some trouble with a slight mechanical, but got himself sorted and prepared for the marathon ahead. from there he had a tough day, with his nutrition not quite right he suffered on the run and it became a good mental battle to the finish line – he did win the battle though, so well done Charlie. Another year of training and racing will pay big dividends.


  • Jeremey Williamson #318, 30-34M
    Swim 1:28.37, Bike 5:56.44, Run 3:54.16,
    Total 11:33.37, Div Place: 99

Jeremy With the swim being Jeremy’s weakest leg, it was a matter of getting through and getting on dry land. And once he did he set out for a conservative ride, with came a little more so when he spent some time on the side of the road also with a mechanical. But he didn’t let that phase him and continued through to finish with a sub-4hour marathon! Jeremy loved the experience of his first Ironman and smashed his race goals. We’re sure he’ll be back for more! 🙂

Click here for full results from Ironman Australia 2013

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