Leading into the last race of the Season and our athletes were pumped for a big days racing. Coming off the back of Ironman Melbourne two weeks earlier everyone was inspired and ready to draw strength and give their last race for the season everything. We had a number of athletes in search of another podium, aiming for a series podium, heading into their first triathlon, or simply ready to finish off the season on a great note! Gatorade Race 6 5

And what a day to finish on. Melbourne brought out it’s Autumn’s finest, although a little blowy on the bike it was a perfect day to be out in the sun and racing. And race they did!

We didn’t think it possible, but we cracked our highest number of athletes racing – 84 over the two distances, including 73 in the Gatorade Sprint Distance, and 11 in the Active Feet. And when there are that many athletes on course – it can only mean just as many on the sidelines cheering.

Our Ironman Athletes came out in force to re-pay the support to our Short Course athletes and they didn’t let the team down!

Big thank you to our long course buddies (and non-racing shorties) for your support at yesterday’s final Gatorade race for 2012-13. The cheers made a huge difference and the noise was awesome!” Belinda G

Gatorade Race 6 2

It was the loudest and most cheer I’ve ever had coming into the home straight. Thanks to the TA TEAM!” John G

It is great to be a part of such an amazing team of people. Thanks to the supporters who cheered me on and to the other athletes who gave me words of encouragement, a smile or a wave. It makes such a difference. As a new comer to the sport it’s so encouraging and uplifting.” Sharon S

We also had a number of athletes bring along thier kids to enjoy the first ever Jelly Belly Tri Kids event, so well done to the young ones in the family of Sonia Gregoul and Lance Willie’s youngster Zander. Was great to cheer you through the finishing chute! 🙂

Well done to everyone who raced and a big thanks to those who came down and cheered.

Coach Bernadette had 14 New Beginner Triathletes graduate from their TRY-the-TRI Course by racing in either the Active Feet or Gatorade Distances and all did super well in their efforts. The skills and fitness learnt during our 6 Week Beginner Triathlon Program are invaluable to those new to the sport of triathlon and everyone showed their best on Sunday. Well done everyone!
Gatorade Race 6 1

Rebecca Webster, Stephanie Cook, Jessica Shultz, Alice Barnett, Bronwyn Webster, Jess Lewis, Patty, Monique Kelsey, Kuppy Podeu, Robert Woodward, Bernhard Mueller, Martina Mueller, Anna Schreiber and Mark Davis.

Noteable mentions: 

  • Stephanie, Jess L, Bernhard and Mark, who all cracked top 20 spots in their categories – well done!
  • Our super fish of the day was Mark who finished the Gatorade swim in 14 minutes in 4th place
  • Bronny wins biker of the day, securing a top twenty spot with her ride – the Muellers also showed off their biking skills, both with top 20 spots
  • Transitions of the day go to Bernhard in T1 with 1:52 and Stephanie in T2 with 1:48
  • A big shout out to Jess L who flew in with a 21:53 5k run to secure 9th spot
  • Rob who was suffering with a nasty case of flu, but still dragged himself out of bed to support everyone!

ACTIVE FEET MINI TRI: 300m/10km/3km
The longest distance for the season for those in Active Feet, including a number of our Try-the-Tri’s. It’s always fantastic to watch athletes in this distance as they over come their fears, challenge themselves and enjoy their race. Well done to you all!

  • Ryan Byrnes – making up a couple of spots from his last race to finish 2nd!
  • Alison Faulkner – in town after recently moving to QLD, and managed to face on a recovering fractured foot. Not a bad effort!
  • Caitlin Syrett – finishing of her season strong. We think a distance increase next year. 😉
  • John Louis – another race under his belt for the season. And another we think will step up to Gatorade next year.
  • Julia Hebb – one who has faced her fears and conquered them. one done Julia!

The ‘true’ sprint distance to finish off the season. The longer swim always slightly favours the ‘swimmers’, but we all know that triathlon is all about being solid in each discipline, and with a solid off season everyone was confident in their training and ready to finish on top. Gatorade Race 6 7

We had 73 athletes race over this distance including 5 podium finishes and numerous first timers – either to the sport or to the distance. Well done everyone!

Podiums included:

  • Ryan Bourke – fastest TA athlete over the distance and mixing it in the Open Category to finish 2nd.
  • Geoff Taylor – 1st M55-59, never far away from a podium and finish with another 1st place to his name. As humble as ever though.
  • Natalie Methven – 3rd F25-29. Stepped up to our advanced squad and the hard work is paying off. More to come from this girl next season!
  • Belinda Griffiths – 2nd F35-39. Hasn’t missed a beat this season and has showed consistency and hard work do pay off!
  • Caroline Houston – 3rd F55-59. Don’t get in her way – meanest game face out there to get her across the line on the podium.

Noteable Mentions:Gatorade Race 6 4

  • Will Pullin – 4th M25-29. Some raw talent from this lad who has improved leaps and bounds. A big off season and he will be right up there.
  • Xavier Flynn & Mark Skilton – also part of our advanced Short Course Squad continuing to make improvements. Watch out for them as they continue to push for podium spots next season.
  • Dan Brueckner – great to see Dan back out there, along with his wife Elle and new born Angela on the sidelines.
  • Luca Montebelli – on completing his race after a mishap on the mounting line saw him to crash into three parked cars. We’re sure those people won’t be parking on a race course again!
  • Carly Marsh and Emma Oliver – both flying home on the run they were nearly too fast for the camera!
  • Kathryn Siddle, Brianna Laugher, Dale Robinson, Mary Leahy all just missing out on podium places finishing 4th and 5th placed.
  • Glen Smith and Jessie Waugh both stepping up to their first Gatorade Distance for the season – and loving it!
  • Tim Salt – had a superb race and finished with a solid swim, bike run – ON HIS BIRTHDAY!Gatorade Race 6 6
  • Allison O’Toole, Louisa Orta, Krystle Chua, Victoria Braithwaite, Avril Murray, Camille Ingold all recently finished our Try-the-Tri group and now hooked on triathlon!
  • Ironmen Andy Wood-rich, Martin Sammut, Greg Nugent, Glenn Barber, John Robinson and Andrew Livingstone – out there supporting from ‘within’ the race. We’re sure their bodies hated them for it though!

There were many other fantastic results and PB’s so well done to everyone again on a fantastic days racing! 

CLICK HERE to view full results from the Active Feet and Gatorade Distance Races.

We had a number of athletes pushing for Series places before this race and even more who finished within the top 10 of their age groups overall. So well done to you all on a great season of racing – we look forward to seeing you grow again over the coming winter season (after a nice break that is!) 🙂Gatorade Race 6 8

  • Kathryn Siddle – 3rd F20-24
  • Will Pullin – 3rd M25-29
  • Caroline Houston – 2nd F55-59
  • Geoff Taylor – 2nd M55-59
  • Brianna Laugher – 3rd Athenas

Click here to view over series podium place getters.

Our Short Course Sprint and Olympic Distance athletes along with our large group of beginners joining the sport had another fantastic season, finishing second place overall in the SuperSprint Tri Club Competition behind Endurance Team. A fantastic effort by everyone – and not a bad feat after holding the mantle for the past 3 seasons. So a big pat on the back to everyone who raced during the season!

CLICK HERE to view our facebook photo album from the race.

Team Tri Alliance….

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Gatorade Race 6 5


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