What to expect from our sessions

When you join Tri Alliance, you will receive a call from one of our coaches to help you get started with your training straight away. We’ll talk to you about your training and fitness background, your goals and what to expect from our training sessions.

At Tri Alliance we strive on providing professional coaching sessions, with the majority of our sessions catering for beginners through to elite athletes.At each session you will have at least one qualified and experienced coach, and often up to 5 coaches at a session depending on the session and athlete numbers.

Swim training

In the pool

We have 2-4 lanes at each of our swim training venues. Each lane will have a specific program and will be designated on either race distance or swim ability. Athletes will receive technique cues during the session, however our ‘technique specific’ phase of our swim program is between May-July each year. We also offer Learn to Swim Programs at intervals during the year for the beginner swimmer.

Open water
Tri Alliance open water sessions are heald at Elwood Beach. These sessions are held between October-March only. These sessions assist athletes in open water skills and gaining confidence in the open water. Wetsuits are not compulsory, but recommended.

Windtrainer Session at Elwood Beach

On the windtrainer
Our windtrainer sessions are a great way to improve your cycling fitness and technique. You will be shown how to use a windtrainer if you have not used one before, and the group will receive technique cues throughout the session to help improve your performance on the bike. However these sessions are designed for strength, endurance and fitness.

Heading out on the road

On the Road
Learn how to competantly ride in a ‘pack’ on the open road, including safety rules and signals while improving your strength and endurance on the bike. Technique instruction is minimal on the open road, however a coach will point out any obvious technique corrections. Riders will ride with similar riding abilities.

Our Run Technique Specific Phase is between May-July, where sessions are based on improving run technique and base fitness. August-September you will move into strength specific and October-November is speed orientated and race specific. Run Programs are offered for 5km, 10km, half and full marathon distance if you are after run specific training.

Tri Alliance Athletes in training

Combo Sessions
Combo Sessions (also known as brick sessions) are race specific and are held between October – March. These are high intensity race specific sessions  working on your triathlon skills such as fast transitions, mounting and dismounting your bike, open water skills, and running off the bike. We also offer beginner training at these sessions to get you ready for your first race. These sessions are extremely popular!

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