Triathlon Training Camps

Being the leaders in Triathlon Training, Tri Alliance run highly successful triathlon training camps throughout the year to compliment your training and push yourself to a new level.

Camps on our calendar:

JAN: Falls Creek Altitude Training Camp
JAN: Summer Training Camp

FEB: Falls Creek Altitude Training Camp
JUNE: Winter Season Triathlon Training Camp
JULY: Long Course Training Camp
SEPT: Otways Training Camp

These camps provide athletes the opportunity to train in environments different to their normal training grounds, giving you the opportunity to live, eat and sleep triathlon while challengnig yourself against other like minded and enthusiastic athletes.

Our camps are renowned for being challenging as you push not only your body but your mind to it’s limits and beyond. The support, inspiration and motivation from coaches and fellow athletes will allow you to reach limits you never thought possible!

Taking part in a training camp is not only fun, but they also ensure you gain a competitive edge for your racing season.

5 top reasons for attending a training camp:

1. Camaraderie: There is nothing sweeter than surviving tough training days with friends and fellow athletes. You share the highs and the lows and learn loads from your fellow athletes.
2. Be a full-time athlete: There is no way to improve faster than to focus solely on training and recovery. Most of us can’t do this every week, so why not make the most of it!
3. Challenge yourself: Camps such as this push you both mentally and physically.  Athletes who attend our camps always walk away saying ‘I never would have trained like that by myself!’
4. Focused training without distractions: A training camp is like a get-a-way for athletes. You get to leave our regular lives behind for a few days and simply focus on nothing but triathlon. No meetings, no kids, no obligations. You just train and recover for the next day of training.
5. To draw on experiences: To draw on your experiences from a training camp is invaluable.  When you race you can draw back on these tough challenges and push your mind and body further and harder during your racing.

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