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Tri Alliance strives on aligning with reputable partners who provide the best product or service in their industry.  The partners associated with Tri Alliance assist in providing support, advice, discounted product or service to assist you as a Tri Alliance athlete.




stratton has over 15 years experience providing finance and insurance solutions for cars, commercial vehicles, boats, property, equipment and more.

stratton helps you finance what you need a little differently. They find out what you want and they help you do it smarter. Simply Smarter Finance. Visit today for an instant finance quote.

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles is one of the most respected brands in the Industry and Tri Alliance is excited to partner with Giant. Giant Bicycles is a dominant force in the bicycle industry, with quality bikes ranging from entry level to the latest technology in time trial bikes. Keep an eye out for fantastic offers for Tri Alliance Athletes. Tri Alliance QLD members can purchase Giant Bicycles at discounted prices from Cyc’d For Bikes . Check out the Latest Giant Technology advancements below



Rocket Science Sports

Rocket Science SportsTri Alliance is proud to be partnered with Rocket Science Sports whom are innovators in the world of triathlon apparel. Rocket Science supply Tri Alliance athletes with a large range of wetsuits which cater for all performance needs and abilities. Rocket Science also manufacture the Tri Alliance elite race wear range for those looking for cutting edge design and performance technologies. Simply through being a Tri Alliance athlete, athletes will receive a 25% discount on the full wetsuit range and exclusive access to other fantastic products.

Mizuno Running


Tri Alliance is proud to have Mizuno on board as our running shoes partner. The footwear brand brings a wealth of knowledge and value to the squad and is a great addition to our fantastic array of partners. Mizuno footwear is at the cutting edge of technology and performance and their philosophy; “If it’s not the best, we will not sell it” And this is a belief we share with our partners at Tri alliance. Mizuno is a family- managed company, with a unique focus on research, design and development. They create highly sophisticated shoes that fit with remarkable precision. Mizuno is therefore the shoe brand Tri Alliance is proud to recommend to all of our athletes. Mizuno shoes at discounted prices can be purchased at Shoes Feet Gear



Fusion Health FH-logo-1

Fusion Health products represent the ancient wisdom of Chinese  herbal medicine, transformed by modern scientific methods of extraction and dose delivery. All ingredients are energetically balanced and synergistically combined to provide therapeutic benefits consistent with 3,000 years of recorded tradition. Tri Alliance are proud to be partnered with Fusion whom are innovators within in the  industry and offer a fantastic range of products to assist with sports performance and recovery. Such products include Cold and Flu for treatment of sickness and increasing immunity, Magnesium Advanced for muscle recovery and Energy to reduce fatigue and increase training capacity.  Tri Alliance members recieve exclusive discounts on Fusion products through Prahran Health Foods (VIC) and To view the full range of Fusion Health products click here


Shotz Sports Nutrition</h3)


Australian owned and run, Shotz are the nutrition and hydration partners of Tri Alliance, providing athletes with quality nutritional products such as gels and energy bars and electrolyte hydration in the form of Shotz ‘tablets’. Many of our athletes now use Shotz in both training and racing to ensure they can train and race to their maximum. Shotz provide Tri Alliance athletes with hydration fluid pre and post races, samples, giveaways and prizes. So if you are after nutrition or hydration look no further than Shotz. Shotz products can be purchased through Cyc’d for Bikes or the TA online shop


ASSOCIATE PARTNERS is your one stop online shop to purchase all your vitamins and supplements. As an athlete you need to ensure you look after your body and stock only the best selectively handpicked range of products and include Ascend and Shotz products. The founders of have over 25 years of collective experience in varying fields of natural health. Their familiarity with the industry has allowed them to eliminate products and theories with false and misleading claims, stocking only ingredient-rich solutions which achieve the best results for you. As a Tri Alliance athlete, receive FREE shipping and special discounts. Contact the office for discount codes.



Cyc’d for Bikes

CYC’d – one little word, so many meanings. Excitement, enthusiasm, energy, positivity. Passion. “We want to share our passion for riding with our customers, to empower them on their journey to a fitter and healthier lifestyle, and to encourage and promote the great sport of cycling”. Located 5 minutes from the Brisbane CBD, CYC’d provides TA members with exclusive discounts on Giant Bicycles and all your servicing needs


If your company/organisation would like to partner with Tri Alliance please contact:
Ryan Bourke – Sponsorship Manager
[email protected]
1300 680 874

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