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Do you love Triathlon as much as we do? 
In 2012 Tri Alliance launched our Ambassador Program – a chance for a male and female athlete to become a Tri Alliance Ambassador for the Triathlon Season and share their experience, support and encouragement with fellow team mates.

To be an ambassador for Tri Alliance, you don’t have to be the best athlete with the best results, you just have to be dedicated, consistent and openly support the TA Way. Tri Alliance Ambassadors will display characteristics such as positive and motivational attitude, consistently train and attend Tri Alliance Coached sessions, encourage and support fellow athletes and have a genuine and strong passion for Tri Alliance and the sport of Triathlon. In return, Tri Alliance and our Partners Mizuno Running, Rocket Science Sports will support YOU and your training through apparel and product support valued at over $800!

Read about our past and present Ambassadors here.

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What you receive:
As a Tri Alliance Ambassador you would receive the following benefits valued at over $800!

  • $300 worth of Tri Alliance Team Clothing of your choice!
  • 2 x FREE Pairs of Mizuno Runners with additional running shoes at wholesale cost!
  • Wholesale price on the purchase of a new Rocket Wetsuit!

What we are looking for:
Successful applicants will show the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrate a strong willingness to become an Ambassador and actively support Tri Alliance and the products/brands supplied as part of this program and those brands affiliated as Tri Alliance Partners
  • Demonstrate a genuine and strong passion for Tri Alliance and the sport of Triathlon
  • Display positive and motivational attitude and encourage and support fellow athletes
  • Be a supporter of Tri Alliance in other ways such as social events
  • Openly support and uphold the TA Way

What’s involved:
As a Tri Alliance Ambassador you agree to:

  • Consistently attend squad training sessions
  • Consistently race during the Triathlon Season
  • Train and race in Tri Alliance and supported brand products including those provided in this program
  • Write a regular race/training/camp blog for publication on Tri Alliance websites and other media outlets (4-6 annually)
  • Must have been an athlete with Tri Alliance for at least 12 months
  • Actively promote Tri Alliance and triathlon through social media

Do you have what we are looking for?


Applications close:
2014/2015 Season – 5pm Friday 17 October
Ambassadors announced TBC

Words from previous ambassadors: 

“How quickly a year can pass, as we approach a new season and many long course races it also comes time to pass on the role of Tri-Alliance Male Ambassador. It was such an honor to be named and, over the past 12 months I have worked hard to make theTri alliance team proud. I have spent time with the newbies and given advice, spent time not only racing but also cheering my fellow team members on (not to mention a running squad photo shoot). A lot of these things I would never have had the confidence to do without being given this important role. I feel it has not only made me a better athlete but has made me grow as a person. I will always fly the Tri Alliance flag unofficially but for that short time it was nice to be recognized.” Andy Wood-rich 

“It was a tremendous honour to be chosen as the inaugural female ambassador for Tri Alliance Victoria. I was always happy to wear the TA colours and represent the squad at various sporting events, but being ambassador just made it that little bit more special. Of course it was great to get the free uniforms and the discounts – who wouldn’t want that!! – but it also made me a little more conscious that I was representing the TA brand.”  Lisa MacFarlane


The finer details:
The Tri Alliance Ambassador Program runs from October 2014 – September 2015
The Ambassadors will be chosen by a panel of Tri Alliance Coaches based on the above criteria

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