Altitude Training


Altitude Training

For those who are fortunate enough to have access to mountains, altitude training has been providing an ‘edge’ to athletes for decades.

The reduced oxygen availability at altitude has a huge number of benefits and that’s why the best athletes in the world are training using altitude – now you can too with Tri Alliance’s Mask based altitude traning system by Altitude Technology Solutions.

Major benefits from Altitude Training are:

  • Improved aerobic performance
  • Increased metabolic rate and calorie burn
  • Improved oxygen utilisation
  • Time efficient training
  • Improved physiological function

Tri Alliance has the latest Altitude Technology to help you gain the best results.

Altitude Starter Pack $125

To get started you will be provided with your own personal training mask and personalised program. We will book you in with one of our Altitude Technology trained coaches to complete a baseline test and devise a training plan tailored to your training goals.

10 Session Training Pack $250

Altitude sessions are available to purchase in packs of 10. Your Altitude trainer will discuss with you the appropriate number of sessions you need to climb Mount Everest or enhance your racing potential.

Additional Baseline Tests $77

For longer term training we recommend you re-test your Baseline and our Altitude trainer can complete a training consult with you to ensure you getting the best results.

*Please note that Altitude Training is currently only available in Melbourne, Victoria



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