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Tri Alliance offers a wide range of services to our Athletes and the general public. With brand new facilities located in Port Melbourne we have all your training needs and services covered.

Our in house testing lab has a wide range of state of the art programs to take your training to the next level.

So whether you are after a training program, one-on-one coaching consultation, health assessment, the perfect bike fit or body maintenance services – we have it all!

Altitude Training

For those who are fortunate enough to have access to mountains, Altitude Training has been providing an ‘edge’ to athletes for decades. The reduced oxygen availability at altitude has a huge number of benefits and that’s why the best athletes in the world are training using altitude – now you can too! Ideal for: fitness and performance enhancement, weight loss, rehabilitation and pre-acclimatisation.

Retul Bike Fit

Retul is the most advanced bicycle fitting system available. The Retul system incorporates a precise 3D motion capture image, immediate report capability, and millimeter-specific digitising tool (the Zin) to provide the most accurate dynamic fitting solution in the industry!

Coaching Consultations

One-on-one coaching consultations with one of our experienced coaches is a priority to keep your training in check. Receive personal advice on race and training planning, goal setting/evaluation, race strategy advice, plus more!

Body Management

Tri Alliance works very closely with Lakeside Sports Medicine Centre. Their services include:  physiotherapy, myotherapy, podiatry, sports medicine, dietetics and nutrition. Located at MSAC in Albert Park, they will cater for all your body management needs.

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