Personalised Swimming Program

Our personalised swimming program is an intensive 8 week program is offered to athletes of all swimming levels and abilities.  Athletes will have their swimming stroke analysed and will then be presented with tools and concepts to better improve their swim times.

The 8 week program includes:

  • 2 x video analysis of your stroke above and below the water
  • 2 x 1 hour one on one coached swim sessions at MSAC in a private lane
  • 6 week personalised swim program for the athlete to follow (weeks 3-8)

The program will begin with a one on one sessions (weeks 1) which will allow the coach to gain an insight of where the athlete needs improvement. From here, a 6 week personalised program will then be developed which will be made up of 3 sessions per week. This program will include specific technique drills and activities which will aim at correcting weaknesses in the athletes swimming stroke.

After 4 weeks of the personalised program commencing (week 6) the 2nd one on one session will be carried out. This session will be aimed at assessing the athletes progress and provide any changes to the final 2 weeks of the program accordingly

The athlete is recommended to complete the designated 3 swim sessions per week in order to gain greatest improvements. Being a personal program the 6 weeks is designed to progressively overload the athlete and therefore each session guides the following session. The 6 week program is yours to keep and can be repeated to enhance your development.

Cost: $399, for 2 one-on-one sessions and a 6 week personalised swim program.
*Please note that one-on-one sessions are held at Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre and can only be arranged for Friday or Saturdays.

CLICK HERE to book your Personalised Swim Specific Program and improve your swimming today!

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